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While Remy Ma was serving her six-year prison bid, many wondered what would become of her relationship with her love, Papoose. Thankfully, their relationship was able to survive that drama-filled time in their lives, but Pap says that it definitely wasn’t easy.

“It wasn’t easy,” he honestly told Mara The Hip Hop Socialite. “It was an uphill battle the whole time. It felt like the storm wasn’t going to stop at times. Those were some very hard times, but we made it through just by having each other, and staying true to each other. But it definitely wasn’t easy – it’s something you never want to forget. You don’t want to take the good things for granted because those were some hard times day-by-day. Mainly in the beginning, it was the hardest because it was like she just blew trial, and we were hoping for an appeal, but reality was setting in that she was going to be there for some long amount of years. It was tough.”

Unsurprisingly, Pap says that some people suggested that he move on during Remy’s prison stint.

“Yeah I had a lot of people who felt like that, but people know how dedicated I am, so it really wasn’t a large amount of people who was willing to say that to my face because they know knew how I felt about Remy,” he explained. “But I would hear it was being said behind my back. ‘I was a fool, I was stupid, I should go on with my life ’cause she would do it to me’. Things like that people were saying, and if you ever went through any hard times, you know that everybody leaves ’cause it wasn’t fun to be around me. I had responsibilities – I had to get up in the morning, drive up north, drive back, I had to shop for packages so she could have food to eat. It’s like, basically, Rem occupied a space in my life, but she wasn’t physically there, so I had to live according to that.”

“You know, everybody abandons when the going gets tough, you know what I’m saying? It was hard man, it was hard,” he continued. “Just seeing her go through it. You gotta realize, Rem was having her appeals put in, and we would go maybe a year-and-a- half waiting for the results of an appeal, planning our lives on her walking out, and then we would get the results, and we’d just get let down. So I had to watch her go through that, you know what I’m saying? It was hard…I can’t even sit here and front and say it was easy, you know what I’m saying?”

As for what their relationship was like before her legal trouble, Pap says that they were inseparable.

“Rem was just a good person. When the situation happened, me and Rem was in love with each other, before it even happened. Like we were inseparable – we would be together every day, all day. And when we wasn’t together, we would be on the phone.”

Just before the incident, he says that Remy was trying to decide whether or not she should stay overseas with him.

“I was actually overseas and she was overseas with me. We both was touring, but her tour ended before mine, and she was deciding if she should stay with me or go back home. And that was the f-cking worst decision ever because she decided to go home. And we was counting down the days for me to come back off of my tour, and the last day, the last maybe couple days before I was finally coming home was when she caught the case. And when it happened, I actually left off my tour early to come back when it happened, but just to answer your question, I say all that to say that we was already in love with each other. Sometimes in life when things happen, people change towards the individual because the individual is in a hard, tough situation, but I’m not that type of person, you know what I’m saying?

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