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Your outfit is on point, you just got your hair done and drink specials run until 1 a.m. Your night out at the club had all the signs of being the best night ever — until this happened. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone.

You Fall

And right up until the point where you hit the floor, you thought you could save yourself. But now you’re on your butt hoping no one saw.

You’re Alone

You told those heifers to meet you at midnight and they’re all late. Now you’re stuck nursing your drink and pretending you’re on your phone.

You Throw Up

You knew you shouldn’t have had that last drink.

Your Credit Card Gets Declined

Now the bar maid is giving you judgmental looks. Time to rebalance those books and reevaluate your priorities.

You Turn All The Way Up

This one is never embarrassing until the morning after. The only thing worse than your hangover is those flashbacks of the night before.

Your Fake ID Gets Rejected

We all remember those days.

Everyone In Your Crew Gets Carded But You

What exactly is that bouncer trying to say?

Your Pants Split

Sometimes you drop it like it’s too hot. Time to look for a sweater you can tie around your waist.

You Get Into A Fight

It seemed justified at the time, but now you have a hearing scheduled for next month.

You See A Church Member

It’s going to be awkward in those pews tomorrow…

You Realize Your Makeup Was Messed Up All Night

You’re on the way home and finally pull out your compact mirror — and is that what you looked like all night? No wonder the bar tender was looking at you funny.

When You See Someone You Know…

And they’re way too young to be there. But then you realize that you’re too old to be there.

You See Your Boyfriend

But you told him you were spending a “low key night at home.”

You Hook Up With Someone Questionable

And your girls thought it was funny enough to tease you about it forever but not funny enough to stop you from swapping spit by the bar.

You Track A Toilet Paper Trail On Your Shoe

And that guy you’ve been clocking spots you right when you get out of the bathroom.

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