This Is Why Black Women Stay Mad At Kevin Hart

June 3, 2014  |  
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Kevin Hart’s recent Playboy interview has many women wondering: Is the comedian one of the biggest misogynists in Hollywood? We can’t say for sure but we know there are more than a few reasons Black women stay mad at Kevin Hart.

He Said He’d Never Make Fun of Gay People

Kevin gave the gay community a comedy pass in a recent Playboy interview, saying:

“And I don’t talk about the gay community, be it male or female. No thank you! It’s such a sensitive subject. I’ve seen comics get into serious trouble by joking about gay people. It’s too dangerous. Whatever you say, any joke you make about the gay community, it’s going to be misconstrued. It’s not worth it.”

Which made a lot of black women wonder, then why are we fair game?

This Tweet About Dark-Skinned Black Women

Which he says he’s not apologizing for:

“That was just me being silly on Twitter, playing on a trending topic. Some people were offended by it, but that’s always a risk with comedy. Nobody’s going to find everything funny. I didn’t feel I had to apologize for something that was misconstrued and taken out of context. I have no ill will toward women, not dark-skinned women, not light-skinned women. I was just being silly. I’m a comedian. Being silly is my job; it’s how I pay my bills.”

This Tweet About Black Women In General

This 2012 Tweet made a lot of women wonder, does Kevin Hart hate black women?

He Throws A Lot of Shade Black Women’s Way

He told Madame Noire:

“The funniest thing about black women is they assume they know your life.” I got into an argument the other day — and it doesn’t matter your race, whether its black or white but it was a black girl — and the girl was like ‘you’re a piece of s**t. It’s funny you just got divorced and you’ve been with this girl for four years.’”

He Publicly Complains About Child Support

It’s never a classy move, especially when you bring it up to shame your ex into shutting up about your new relationship (with the woman you maybe cheated on her with). That goes double when the kids are old enough to hear.

He Left The Woman Who Held Him Down

Torrei Hart told Entertainment Tonight:

“I was with [Kevin] when he was selling sneakers for five dollars an hour. I was at every show. I was at his first show where he ever did standup … I was his muse. I was there from the beginning.”

Kevin cheated almost as soon as he blew up. It’s hard to believe that he respects women when his last relationship was right out of Waiting to Exhale.

He Says Things Like This

When his wife talks about the woman she says he cheated on her with.

He Says Things Like This In His Stand Up

He’s not afraid to call a woman a b—-, long after a lot of comics gave that up.

He Dragged His Ex In Let Me Explain

And joked about how he cheated on her, right after their publicly messy divorce.

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Kevin’s new show is funny. It’s also poking fun at one of television’s biggest female-dominated franchise.

He Called His Girlfriend His Rib

To which Torrei Hart responded, “It’s easy to be somebody’s rib when he’s a millionaire.”

He Hates On Women for Calling Eniko A Gold Digger

In the public eye they all: ‘”Oh my God. He walked out on his wife and got with this woman.. I can’t believe he got with this girl. She ain’t there for you. You don’t even know that girl. His wife was faithful to him.’

But to a lot of women, that’s how it looks.

And Defends Her More Than The Mother Of His Kids

“I read so much stuff that Black women say, especially about my relationship. “Oh, he left his Black wife to go be with some ‘exotic’ chick.” First of all, my girl is Black. She’s Jamaican.”

He’s Mad At Torrei for Being Mad At Him for Cheating

“I stepped away because I didn’t want it to get any worse. You’re the mother of my kids, I don’t want to hate you. And the only way that’s gonna happen, is if I’m the bigger man and I leave. When you can do that, it should make you a better person. But for some people it’s a different effect.”

Does he want a thank you?

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