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With football season on the brink and the baseball season being nearly over, it’s no surprise to see and hear women talking about and watching sports. Surely we all have our favorite teams that we like to root for each year and we proudly rock our jerseys and other fan gear. However, sometimes women aren’t taken seriously when it comes to enjoying sports. Here are 14 reasons it sucks to be a woman who likes sports, but who really cares what men think, right?

People think you’re only in it for the good looking men

Some sports athletes are just smoking hot and there is nothing wrong with realizing and acknowledging that. However, as women, we are bound to catch all sorts of slack from people, especially men, who think that we are just watching the game to stare at the players. So while you may think that Mike Vic and Derek Rose are definitely good looking, let it be known that you’re really watching the game because you enjoy the sport, not the men on the field.

People think you only watch because your man does

A lot of people also tend to think a woman who likes sports only watches because their men watch. Your man likes to watch the NFL season from start to finish so a lot of people assume that you only watch it because one, you have no choice, or two, you decided that you needed more things in common. And God forbid if you started enjoying sports because of your man, prepare for the judgement train.

You get too excited at all the wrong times

Hooting, hollering, fist pumping, and all sorts of other body language is definitely common while watching a game. When you’re watching with a group of people, you’ll tend to be shouting and excited at the same time. Have you ever gotten really excited about a play when everyone else didn’t and you got that glaring look from everyone? Completely awkward.

Your girlfriends don’t always want to watch with you

While you want to talk about the game the day after, most of your female friends are too busy talking about the Kardashians and other reality television shows. This can make it really hard to stay connected with your girls, especially if a majority of them don’t like watching sports. And then it becomes an even tougher tasks trying to convince them to watch just one game.

Men are condescending to you

Men like to think that they are sport experts and that while they know everything, you know nothing about the game. So when you have a minor question about a play or a penalty call, you get an explanation that is extremely condescending and usually pretty unhelpful. This isn’t only annoying, but it makes you feel sport-dumb, even when you’re really not.

Lady-like tendencies go out the window

When you’re watching the game with your man, his boys, and your girls, there’s bound to be some lines crossed. Beer is flying, pizza is in hand, and you’re screaming your lungs out. Surely some curse words are tossed around and, in general, the more masculine side of you comes out and looking back, you definitely were a bit unlady like. So after a game night, prepare for someone to call you out on being a bit unladylike, but who cares? Sports are a big deal!

You’re quizzed to prove you’re a real fan

When you tell someone that you like watching football or basketball, you’re subject to a quiz to really prove that you are a true fan. You’ll be asked about the most recent game, about players, and other useless questions that don’t necessarily prove a thing. In the end, before a female can be a true sports fan, prepare to be tested.

You catch slack for not watching female sports

Since you’re a woman who likes sports, men and other women alike expect you to be a huge fan of WNBA, the lingerie football league, women’s tennis, and so on. And once you admit that you’re just simply not a fan of female sports, you’re ridiculed and guilt tripped because “you’re not supporting other women.” For some people, female sports just aren’t as exciting.

No one listens to what you have to say

We all know how men tend to go back and forth about the game or specific players of the team — maybe talking stats or how a player came to be where he is now. If you ever have anything to contribute to the conversation that is actually factual and true, good luck trying to get them to listen to you, let alone believe you. Even if it’s extremely insightful, a lot of men don’t want to hear a woman talking about sports.

You get left out of fantasy football

Aside from watching the real game, once football season starts, everyone flocks to the Internet to create their own fantasy football team. Usually friends compete amongst each other as well as coworkers to make the process even more fun. However, most of the time you are left out of the fun and no one really wants to compare teams with you.

Fan gear for women is over the top

Creating jerseys designed especially for women wasn’t a bad idea, but fan gear designers have definitely pushed things to the edge. Nowadays you can’t find any normal looking fan gear for women. Instead, all of the shirts and jerseys are either pink, full of sequins, or sparkle in some way or another. With these clothes, you just aren’t taken seriously.

You sometimes have to cancel plans for the game

So the game was due to end at 10PM and you made plans to meet with your girls at 10:30 that same night. But, the game has ran into overtime and you’re now stuck either missing the last deciding minutes of the game or going out with your girls. Admittedly you’ve canceled your plans a couple of times just to watch the game, and you got grilled for it.

Holidays mean no game watching for you

The Thanksgiving NFL football game is one of the most widely watched games of the season. But, when your parents are around along with the rest of your family, the women are always expected to be in the kitchen cooking together while the men are watching the game with beer in hand. This often means that you don’t get to join them and you miss some pretty good stuff.

You receive weird fan gear

When the season rolls around, everyone stocks up on some of the best fan gear. While you may buy yourself a shirt and maybe a jersey, you can’t always count on your man to do the same. Instead, you’re left having to choose between the two options of panties with the team’s logo or a keychain. Women are subjected to some really awkward fan gear these days.

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