Half On A Baby, Perhaps? The Benefits Of Having Children

June 14, 2013  |  
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Made up your mind about not having kids in the future? You might want to think again. Although there are some benefits to not having children (as we featured previously on Madame Noire here), having children also has its variety of benefits, from physical to emotional.

Although having children is a major life change and responsibility, a family might do more good than harm. Check out a few life benefits of being a parent.

Being A Parent Can Help You Live Longer

Statistics show that being a parent could improve your chances of living just a little longer. According to a report from The Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, having children is good for your health, in turn helping you live longer and healthier. Reports from The LA Times also states that couples with children were at the lowest risk of premature death, living longer then their childless counterparts.

You Get To Be A Kid Again

Children are not only good for your health and mortality, but also your vitality. Having children around allows you to be a kid again,  tapping into another important part of your health: being more physically active.

You Are Leaving Behind A Legacy

Having kids allows you to ensure your legacy is left behind with them. From memories to family heirlooms, your children will be the “torch-bearers” of your family for the next few generations to come, as you gain grandkids and great-grand kids to share your family legacy with along the years.

Strengthens Your Bond In Other Relationships

Having children, or even maybe just one child, helps your emotional health as well by strengthening your bonds in your other relationships and friendships. A child opens your heart to compassion, generosity and other emotions that will carry on into other relationships, whether it’s romantic, friendships or professional.  Having a child could also help you relate on a new level with your friends and co-workers who have families as well.

Better Emotional and Mental Well-Being

As reported by Deseret News, having children actually benefits your emotional and mental life. Women who are unable to bear children were “four times more likely to die prematurely than women who had children.”  This particular issue can put a strain on your emotional health. Fathers also have a better psychological well-being when they are parents, according to Families.com. Another observation made by Families.com is that being a parent boosts self-esteem by seeing the positive effect you have on another life.

Being A Parent Helps You Settle Down

After running the streets for so long, being a parent (hopefully!) slows you down just a bit and tame your social life. When single, you probably stayed out all night with the girls, partying until the wee hours of the morning. Having children will most likely cut out all of that (at least for most of your free time, when you would spend more time sleeping than partying!).

You Become More Responsible

Children are a big responsibility. You might have to slow down your time at work to be there for your children’s important events (on time!), and having kids will teach you the art of responsibility and not procrastinating when it comes to important tasks.

You Become More Conscious of your Time and Money

When you have kids to be responsible for, your awareness of time and money becomes more evident. You realize how much time you spend at work versus at home with the kids, or you realize new shoes will threaten the livelihood of putting a meal on your family’s table every night. Whatever life changes may happen, having kids will teach you more financial discipline.

Children Turn Couples Into A Family

A “family” in today’s society consists of a variety of people and relationships, but a child at times completes the family unit. Once your education is finished, you have the corner office, you and your husband are financially stable, it may be a great time to welcome a new bundle of joy into the mix!

Children Can Help You Financially

Financially, having kids sometimes can do more good than harm. During tax season, parents get a variety of tax breaks for having kids, including the popular dependent exemption and the child tax credit (We’ve all heard of the loopholes many take during tax season to get a dependent to file to receive more money!).


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