Did You Know They Dated? 11 Even MORE Surprising Celeb Relationships You Might Have Forgotten About!

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MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It never ends, right? Well, we can’t help ourselves when every other day we find out some new little tidbit about somebody dating somebody else when they thought no one was looking. From rebound boos and co-stars whose working relationships sparked actual relationships, these celebrities have dated some very interesting people over the years. Some on the list you might have never known about, others you might be getting a refresher course on, but either way, I’m sure you’ll walk away and be able to shock the hell out of a few friends with this info (as I was able to do with my co-workers). Enjoy! And be ready to click…

Lark Voorhies and Mark-Paul Gosselar

While it’s known by most that these kids got it in with each other (probably not Screech though) on the regular and tried their hands at relationships with one another that probably weren’t anything but short little innocent flings, Lark (who played Lisa) and Mark (who of course played Zach) actually dated the longest. They were an item for three years, all while working on the show together. Hmmm, a sad breakup might explain why we didn’t get to see Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell: The College Years…? What a fly couple they would have been had they made it out of “high school” and the ’90s. Ahhhh well! Mark is now married and on the show Franklin and Bash, and Lark is…uh, she’s doing all right.

Tami Roman and Marlon Wayans

This was before he got on and she was known for the ratchet. While both attending Howard University around the same time, the two weren’t in a serious relationship, but dated for a short while (aka, nothing serious). For some reason, there were even rumors that spread in later years that Tami had become pregnant by the Wayans brother and that the baby she became pregnant with while on the Real World in Los Angeles was his. WHOA! Very false according to a former mutual friend who was asked about such a rumor by Urbanbellemag.com:

“Tami and Marlon did date. That part is true. But she was never pregnant by Marlon. In fact, Tami dated a few men while she was on the show. The person who got her pregnant is just some random man she kicked it with while she was on The Real World…She was still talking to Marlon while she was on The Real World, but it wasn’t his baby. And although they dated, they weren’t close to marriage or anything because the relationship wasn’t that serious to either one of them.”

And there you have it!

Tamera Mowry-Housley and Hosea Chanchez

While probably “off” from her relationship with now-husband Adam Housley in 2009, Tamera Mowry decided to go out with Tia’s former The Game co-star, Hosea Chanchez. If you forgot or don’t know the cast members by name like that, Chanchez plays the very trifling yet troubled quarterback, Malik, on the show. There were photos snapped of the two going out for dinner together, smooching it up, looking all happy and what not. But little did he know that he was truly just her rebound opportunity. While they were definitely a cute pair, she found herself back with Housley, and he was sure to put a ring on it this time to keep her gorgeous self around. The rest is history…and can be seen on Tia and Tamera’s reality show of course.

Robert DeNiro and Naomi Campbell

I know what you’re thinking: Yes, Robert DeNiro loves him some black women. But I know that my eyes popped a little wider when I did some snooping and found out that these two were booed up in the ’90s. Naomi was one of the “It” models and DeNiro was just…Robert Freaking DeNiro, so nothing else mattered. The two could be seen moving about together often, and at one point, once their relationship fizzled out in ’93, years later, she was saying that he was the love of her life. There were even rumors that she had wanted to settle down with him and have children, but of course, that didn’t happen. DeNiro has been with wife Grace Hightower for years now and Campbell is dating Russian baller Vladislav Doronin.

Michael Fassbender and Zoe Kravitz

The daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet was at one time dating German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender from movies like Inglourious Basterds and  X-Men: First Class, which the two starred in together (by the way, if you haven’t seen Shame by now, which Fassbender stars in, I’m so done with you). Like DeNiro, Fassbender is fond of black women as well, but with this particular black woman, things didn’t work out. They split in 2011. I wonder if the 12 year age difference had something to do with it?

Kim Basinger and Prince

Blame it on the Bat. While working on the music for Batman, which she starred in, actress Kim Basinger and Prince had a very interesting connection with one another. Allegedly it was a very passionate affair that didn’t lost very long, but the two managed to work on some music together (“Scandalous Sex Suite” anyone?). There are rumors about some friggy sniggy mess happening in a studio with a pot of honey, as well as a story that her concerned brother came to Prince’s crib to whisk her away from him one night. Whether those rumors are true or not, we all know that Basinger was feeling him something crazy. Who wouldn’t? It’s Prince!

Diana Ross and Warren Beatty

Beatty was once known in Hollywood as the ultimate playboy and womanizer. With his good looks, he dated so many prominent women in Hollywood, you’d be shocked (or come to the conclusion that he might have been just a bit of a h*e…). I’m talking Diane Sawyer, Natalie Wood, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, Goldie Hawn and many, many, many more. But the one that definitely stuck out for us was his brief time with Diana Ross in the late ’70s. Seeing as I was nowhere near alive when they were getting “acquainted,” I don’t know the specific details about how they met and how they ended their time together, but it has been confirmed by different publications repeatedly, and there’s photo evidence of the two’s time together.

Allen Iverson and Da Brat

Despite what you might assume about Da Brat because of her fashion sense, not only is she a truly gorgeous woman, but she’s dated some hot dudes! Being from Chicago (Da Brat is from Chicago) it was pretty old information for me about the two getting cozy together in the ’90s, before he was a beloved force in the NBA. But when I told my coworkers, most hit me with the “WHAT!?” The two didn’t last into anything serious, but they obviously still get along because Iverson has been seen in the studio with the female spitter.

Tyga and Chanel Iman

Yikes! Well, closer to the beginning of Chanel Iman’s now very successful modeling career, she was claiming rapper Tyga as her lover. This was before he was all “Rack City” crazy and was actually when he was rhyming more about fun stuff with songs like “Coconut Juice.” Obviously this was before Lil Wayne got his hands on him. The couple was even shot in the May 2009 issue of Vogue, which displayed supermodels with their boyfriends and husbands. While they were an…interesting pair I’ll say, she realized he wasn’t the one and ran for her life. She’s now killing runways everywhere and magazine shoots as well, and he’s a rapper with a very different image and a very different woman on his arm (Hey Blac Chyna…).

Travis McCoy and Katy Perry

Before she was rolling with very interesting characters like John Mayer and Russell Brand, and really before we knew much about her, Katy Perry was in an off-again, on-again relationship with Gym Class Heroes frontman and sometimes solo star Travis McCoy (aka, Travie). They broke up in early 2009 after dating for nearly a year and sharing promise rings, and while it’s not 100 percent clear why things fell apart, his past drug use seems to have played a big part. Perry went on to allegedly write the song “Circle The Drain” from Teenage Dream about McCoy, which ranted about homeboy preferring to take pills, rather than be with her. Ouch…

Gordon Parks And Gloria Vanderbilt

Last but not least, photographer and director Gordon Parks and jean maker and mother of Anderson Cooper, Gloria Vanderbilt, were an item for many years. While they started off romantically involved, according to reports, what the two had between them also developed into more of a very strong friendship. This bond stayed in tact until Parks passed in 2006. During their time together, Vanderbilt and Parks once spoke to the New York Timesabout their interracial relationship, and the anger it brought her family and confusion it created amongst people who knew Parks. Despite all that, they were down for one another no matter what. Awwwwwww.

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