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The Event
Season 1, Episode 2

Only Bad Things Happen In Arizona

Okay, so “The Event” is way too complicated for me to do a weekly re-cap any justice.  But what I will do is summarize the important new info we get (as opposed to a blow by blow description), posit some theories and ask that you add your theories and questions in the comments section.

The Aliens

The aliens crash landed (from who knows where) in Alaska in 1944.  There were over 70 survivors.  The US government has been detaining them all these years because the aliens won’t talk about who they are or why they came. The aliens look human, but their DNA is slightly different and they age veeeeery slowly.  CIA operative Simon Lee is an undercover alien who gives info to his fellow alien brethren in clandestine meetings.

The Plane

The day that the plane barreled toward President Martinez, he was going to announce that the aliens would be freed.  When the plane disappeared into some cloudy vortex, it ended up crash landing in Arizona.  Looks like all of the passengers, except Sean, are dead. Alien leader Sophia, who has been re-detained, claims it was her people who saved the president.


Sean wakes up in an Arizona hospital and is immediately framed for the murder of Greg, the surfer dude he met on the cruise. Sean of course did not kill Greg. Someone dressed as a security guard killed Greg and kidnapped Leila.  Vicky, Greg’s “girlfriend” who Sean also met on the cruise ship as well, is one of Leila’s kidnappers. Both of Leila’s parents are dead. Her little sister might still be alive somewhere. Sean is in the backseat of a cop car on his way to being locked up for murder and he’s still not upset enough for me.  Sean used to have some brass ones. He put a gun to the head of a flight attendant on the plane.  Now he’s crying and mumbling in handcuffs? Hmph.


1.     How did Sean survive whatever happened to the other plane passengers? Sure he ran off, but he couldn’t have gone that far. Who saved him and why?

2.     There must be good and bad aliens. Seems like all the aliens aren’t on the same page.

3.     What do you think about President Martinez? A sitting president questioning a detainee? Interesting.

4.     What do the aliens want?

5.  Is this going to be a numbers thing? Should I have been paying attention to precisely how many alien survivors crashed in Alaska?

6.  What do you think of the show so far?

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