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It’s been said that there are some things that people in a relationship just shouldn’t share with each other; you know, the idea that a little secret here and there won’t hurt anybody. There are also some things – and they come far and few between – that have to be done on a fly and you can’t tell your partner until the ball is already rolling.  In all likelihood, that might be true. But those things don’t come up often so before you do something crazy, here are a few things we think you should share with your husband before you act on it.  What do you think?


Go Out With An Ex

Some of us have an ex or two that for whatever reason, we’re still cool with.  But being cool with an ex and still spending time with them are two different things. If you’re thinking of having a “catch up” lunch with said ex, you might want to mention it to the hubby first, and who knows, it might not hurt to bring him along in case he’s not too sure if he’s okay with the idea.

Move In A Friend or Family Member

We know that friends and family run into hard times, but what you can’t do is welcome them with open arms into your home without talking to your man.  The bills increase, the food runs out quicker, the amount of space and alone time depletes, etc. Next thing you know it’s a pretty big argument. You don’t want your relationship to take a hit just because you were trying to do some good for someone else, so share your idea first before you wind up catching hell for it.

Take an impromptu girls trip

That may have been cool when you were single, but when you’re married, and especially if you have children, that won’t fly as easily.  Women have said that they definitely plan out these extravagant “Sex in the City” type trips months in advance, so you might want to pass this information on to your mate, because quite frankly, family duties trump friendship time.

Get Pregnant

Yes, I’m well aware that no woman can get pregnant on her own but rock with me for a second. If you’re on the pill and you both decide that you’re not ready for children just yet, it is assumed that hasn’t changed until someone speaks on it.  So if you get off the pill without saying anything and there were never any other precautionary measures taken, you may have effectively changed your mind without saying anything and it might result in a pregnancy.  The consequences of that could be either be embraced or disastrous.

Hide The Credit Card Bills

The love of shopping has made many a woman do some crazy things to conceal our damage.  But if you let that shopping get out of hand – whether you’re shopping for yourself or for you and your man – and can’t keep up the payments on your own, you’ll have to tell your honey and he probably won’t be happy.  (That’s not to say we shouldn’t splurge a bit – just do it in moderation.)

Go Through a Major Job Change

Whether you’re quitting your job or taking a new job that will result in relocation or a lot more responsibility (aka, a LOT more hours), a major job change seriously affects a couple.  If you quit, can you survive on one income? If you take a job that involves relocation, does your husband want to go to that city? Can he even transfer his job or get a new one?  Will he be willing to pick up more of the chores and work around the house if you have to be at work longer? These are the types of things that have to be talked about, thought about and talked about again.


Take Joint Money and Invest

Sure, there might be a deal that looks so good that you don’t want to take too long to think about it.  But if you withdraw that money and tell your man after the fact, you are headed for war.  Some couples choose not to have joint accounts because it seems easier to be able to do what you want with “your” money (even though you should talk about it even if you do have separate accounts).  If something goes bad with that investment, you’ll need help from your hubby – emotionally and financially – to get you through it.  You might as walk through it together from the jump than deal with the aftermath once he finds out you took the money without both of you agreeing on where it was going to.r

Huge Changes In Your Hair

Crazy, right? But it makes sense. Your man may have met you one way, so chances are, he might not be too stoked if you go from long curly hair to a Caesar cut in the span of a few hours because you were feeling bored. While you should be free to do what you want with your hair, it wouldn’t hurt to let him know beforehand that you are thinking about doing a big chop, throwing on a wig, or whatever the case may be. That way he can get prepared or you all can have a conversation on why the change will or won’t work for the both of you. But then again, you can go out and buzz cut your hair off without telling him if you want…but do that ish and watch what happens…


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