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Fannita Leggett, the face of the Bottoms Up with Fannita podcast, spoke her weight loss into existence, and it happened!

Fannita shared it took two years for her body to look snatched. And to her, it was well worth it.

The influencer took to TikTok on Jan. 8 with an older video of her calling her face “a Black card Amex,” but didn’t include her body because it wasn’t up to standards yet. The clip cut to a skinny Fannita with a white blouse accentuating her cleavage, slim figure and blue jeans.

“Well, it appears that the body is officially off of layaway,” she said. “Come on! I am a prophet…you guys don’t listen to me. Y’all hear me, but y’all don’t listen. I told y’all two years ago. I told y’all the prophecy would become. I knew I always had the face. The face was always giving, and now the body is too. Y’all can’t fuck with me!”


The podcaster revealed in an Oct. 6, 2023 video that she dropped over a hundred pounds thanks to her weight loss surgery. In the video, she discussed society’s fatphobia and how people altered how they treated her after losing weight.

As an example, she mentioned how people would hype her up over anything she’d say when she was fat. Now that she has lost much weight, individuals labeled her a “mean girl.” 

“Back in the day, when I was fat as shit, I could say anything to y’all, and y’all would get in the comments and gas it,” she explained. “Now, mind you, if you’ve been following me from the beginning to now, you see my personality has not changed at all. This is how I’ve always acted. But, for the people that are coming in now, they think I’m mean. Everybody that’s watching my content now, think I’m mean as fuck.”

She’s not lying. In October 2023, Fannita guest appeared on the Allegedly Speaking podcast and spewed her controversial opinion about how not everyone was beautiful to her.

“Some people are ugly and that’s fine…that’s ok! Not everybody’s meant to be attractive. Some people aren’t aesthetically pleasing to look at,” she said. “I think everybody’s beautiful on the inside or has the potential to be beautiful on the inside, but I feel like not everybody’s beautiful on the outside.”

People in the comments agreed with her, calling her “self-aware,” but the podcaster says her new viewers believe her opinionated side makes her a mean girl, and Fannita thinks her slim figure contributes to that.

Fannita shared in another video posted Aug. 16, 2023, how her weight loss led to her receiving an influx of attention on social media.

“I could be talking about something completely unrelated to how I look (on any video), but y’all would result into talking about how I look. But that just tells me that y’all thought I was ugly when I was fat.”

She added, “As soon as I started losing weight, all of a sudden, I was pretty when I’ve had the same face. I just find that little tidbit interesting.”

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