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Controversial comedian Charleston White took to Instagram to roast T.I.’s 19-year-old son, King Harris, after the father and son duo were filmed having a heated argument inside their suite at the Atlanta Falcons game Nov. 26. 

In a lengthy video uploaded to Instagram Nov. 27, White told fans that T.I. should have “kicked” his son’s “ass” for disrespecting him and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, in public. 

“I told T.I.,” the Texas native said. “God damn it, I told T.I. he should’ve kicked that boy’s ass last year. If T.I. would have kicked that boy’s ass last year, that boy wouldn’t have had to jack him up today. You had that boy showing out at the Falcons game and embarrassing the family.”

On Sunday, a video of King and T.I. scuffling inside their suite at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta went viral.

At first, the father and son duo seemed like they were engaging in a playful argument during the Atlanta Falcons game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. 

In the short clip obtained by LiveBitez, King claimed that he knew what it was like to grow up in the hood financially disadvantaged, but his father and mother quickly reminded him of his privilege. T.I. and Tiny claimed that they raised King with a “silver spoon” in his mouth inside a “gated” neighborhood. The celebrity parents also claimed that King was quick to run to his grandmother’s house in the “hood” because he could suck on a pacifier when he was with her. Tiny quipped that the teen sucked on a pacifier until he was 12.

Eventually, the trio’s seemingly playful argument turned nasty, with King shouting that he wasn’t afraid to “stand on business.” 

“What’s wrong with y’all? Why y’all doing that to me?! Y’all know me — you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?” he yelled as Tiny and other family members in the room begged the outspoken teen to “calm down.”

“You are embarrassing yourself and your family, nigga. You are embarrassing yourself,” T.I. added. At one point in the video, King could be heard shouting, “Get off me, nigga!” as his father appeared to place him in a headlock. 

“Boy, you can’t do nothing with me,” the 43-year-old rapper shouted as he allegedly subdued his son. “There ain’t shit you can do with me.”

In White’s Instagram video Monday, the comedian called out King for having a “big mouth on him.

“He talk loud with them big old red-yellow lips. That boy louder than a muthaf—ka,” the influencer joked. “Yeah, yeah, he f–king with the Atlanta Falcons. Up there disrespecting them people…Boy you bruise too easily to stand on business… Boy, everywhere you get touched, you turn red, purple and blue. Man, please, boy. Nigga be walking around like Edward Scissorhands in skin complexion if that boy try to stand on business. See, that’s what happens when you don’t let them yellow kids play with them Black nigga cousins.”

White, who has poked fun at stars like Pilar Sanders and Lizzo over the last few months, implored the 19-year-old aspiring rapper to “settle down.”

“You’ve been over there with your white Grandmama… so you’re a little unruly mulatto baby,” he added. “Settle down, boy. You don’t know what’s in store if you keep acting up.” 

This isn’t the first time that White has criticized King.

In 2022, the social media jokester made fun of King’s viral arrest. He also talked smack about Boosie BadAzz’s son, Tootie Raw, who also had a run-in with law enforcement last year.

That little T.I. little boy. That little yellow sum b–h think he playing tough. You going to jail, nigga,” White said. “Dawg, your little boy going to jail just like your daddy. Going to jail just like your daddy went. I’m talkin’ bout that goddamn Lil Boosie boy and that T.I. boy. They ain’t gone be s–t. Matter of fact, them little boys gon’ grow up and be strung out on drugs the way they going.”

After King caught wind of the comedian’s video, the teen threatened to “whoop” his “ass.”

“Charleston White, you’s a bitch, boy,” the then 18-year-old problem child fired back. “We was ’bout to whoop yo ass when you come back down here… I can see you had a soft upbringing.”

In a subsequent video, White threatened to call the Atlanta Police Department on the rowdy teen.

“I just tagged the Atlanta Police Department since T.I.’s son threatened to kick my ass. I’m a senior citizen. That’s a threat,” he said, according to XXL.

T.I. wasn’t going to let the comedian talk down on his son. The rap veteran urged White to back off his seed. 

“I know niggas who want attention. I know niggas who ain’t got shit else going on, ain’t got no real talent, can’t do nothin’ but kick up dust and wait on shit to fall down so they can get dirty and some muthafuckin’ clout get to ’em. I know that’s how niggas get paid,” the hip-hop star said, XXL noted. “I understand that you a bottom feeder and a parasite. I understand when that’s your business. But, boy, I’ll spare no expense on your ass ’bout mine. Give a f–k about no police. I’ll do all my time, nigga.”

T.I. added, “I got family who are willing to risk their lives and freedom to die ’bout me and mine. Don’t fucking play with me, man. Don’t fucking play with my muthaf–kin’ child ever, nigga.”

What do you think? Was King trippin’ at the Falcons game?


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