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The viral “Cheesecake Factory lady” finally explained her uncouth first date behavior in a video where she insinuated to her date that her “beauty” was nonpareil to chain restaurants.

In an interview with Kevin Wesley on The Truth Factory, Alicia, and her date from the video, Jay, discussed their individual perspectives on the matter, with the “Cheesecake Factory lady” giving background to where she adopted her entitled mindset.

Alicia first admitted that she became receptive to Jay’s standpoints and could see her role in the conflict. She then blamed her upbringing for her views on courting.

“To be fair, I was always raised that the man is supposed to cater to you,” she said. “You’re courting me, so court me. That means wherever I want to go, you take me. Whatever I want, you buy me. That’s courting. I’m looking for a provider.”

She continued, “But after the conversation, I could see how there was a lot of ‘I’ in that exchange. I was definitely very self-centered.”

Alicia eventually concluded that she needed to be nicer to find a nice man to provide for her.

Wesley asked Alicia if her friends agreed with her, and she confirmed that her peers supported her standards.

“I have an image to protect,” Alicia said. “That was my circle, though. That’s how we roll.” 

According to Alicia, hypergamy is a big thing in her friend circle: dating or marrying someone of a higher caste. She refuses to settle for anyone who doesn’t meet or exceed her standards.

“As a Black woman…we’re tired of settling. We want to be treated well. We want that soft life, so that’s what I thought I was going after,” she explained.

Since the video went viral, Jay said he paused his dating life, worried that women may have predetermined thoughts about him based on the footage.

After Alicia and Jay met at a bar and decided to go on their first date, he told her the date spot would be a surprise.

When asked how they met, Jay explained that although he barely had time to go out with friends, he went to a bar and spotted “this beautiful woman,” Alicia. He approached her, and they introduced themselves before conversing deeply.

After exchanging numbers, the two eventually decided to go on a date, but Jay decided to surprise her.

“I told her it would be a surprise, and maybe that might be a problem on my part. Might’ve raised the expectations a little bit,” he said. “I guess the surprise ended up being the Cheesecake Factory.”

As Jay explained in the viral video, the Cheesecake Factory wasn’t his planned restaurant. He initially reserved a table at Aria, a posh eatery near Buckhead Village. But because Alicia made her date wait for an hour, they missed the reservation to dine at Aria. Ultimately, he decided on the restaurant that caused him to trend on the internet.

Jay corrected Alicia in the interview with Wesley, stating the Cheesecake Factory had a significant place in his heart, so he didn’t just take her anywhere.

Alicia filmed when she refused to exit Jay’s car because she didn’t like that he took her to the Cheesecake Factory, a chain restaurant.

As MadameNoire reported, Alicia faced backlash for criticizing her date because he took her to the chain restaurant.

The controversial video showed Jay parking at the restaurant and getting out to open her door. Alicia locked the doors and signaled she wasn’t getting out of his vehicle—her way of protesting going to a chain restaurant.

Jay surprisingly didn’t mind discussing the matter on camera, and the two argued their views on his second choice of a date spot.

Jay was shocked at her reaction and decided to show her the restaurant he would’ve taken her– Aria. She agreed to the eatery and told him to call for a reservation. Jay declined and offered to take her home. 

The internet bashed the woman for being ungrateful and inconsiderate.

Watch the full interview below!


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