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A TikToker’s Tinder nightmare story about a match stealing her $900 Mason Margiela “Tabi Mary Jane” shoes only to give them to his girlfriend proved Doja Cat was right, “N***as ain’t s**t.”

The TikToker named Lexi, who posted under the handle @nextlevellexuss, shared her frightening story to warn New York City women about the man named Joshua and other single women on Tinder.

“This man is out here on Tinder and Hinge, and he will steal from you,” she said at the start of the video she posted on Saturday, Sept. 2.

According to Lex’s viral testimony that landed over one million views, she matched with the shoe bandit on the dating app but “locked eyes” with him while in SoHo. He DM’d her on Tinder to confirm it was her that he had run into before. They then made plans to go out for drinks.

“Everything seems cool, and he seems like a nice guy…someone I would just probably hang out with for a little fling and…sleep with,” the fashion influencer admitted.

The knitwear fashionista added he was adamant about seeing her again.

Their second hangout occurred at her place for a steamy rendezvous. Before getting it on, Lex remembered him sharing his interest in buying Mason Margiela’s Tabi boots, revealing she had the coveted Margiela shoe version.

The following day, after getting it on again, Joshua dressed while Lex brushed her teeth. The thief asked if he could show her a Spotify playlist he believed she’d like, but the sucker had to use her phone because he didn’t use the music streaming app.

That should’ve been her red flag. How do you introduce someone to a playlist on an app you don’t use?

“Surprisingly,” Joshua couldn’t find it and left, hitting her with that “text me” bulls**t.

Hours later, Lex discovered her Mary Janes were missing. She had Tabi boots on the top of her shoe rack, which was what Joshua talked to her about that night. But she couldn’t find the $900 Tabis her dad gifted her.

After searching high and low and through every nook and cranny, she decided to ask her date about it in a non-accusatory manner.

“I go to Tinder to message him, unmatched. Gone,” Lex said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, no. This b***h stole my f**king shoes.”

Hit with the idea to call him, she went to her call log but found his number deleted.

“He literally deleted the history of the call, so I can’t find his number,” she said. “So, when you were on ‘Spotify,’ you were actually deleting your phone number from my phone.'”


Commenters wondered how he managed to steal a whole ass pair of designer shoes without getting caught. Lex said he sported baggy clothing and that she was sure he hid them in his cargo pants’ waistband since the footwear wasn’t too thick.

Encouraging TikTok to “do its thing,” the internet impressed the fashionista by finding the broke ass n***a.

In an update video, the knitwear queen announced she had her Tabis back thanks to those who attempted to contact him to get the accused pilferer to return her dad’s gift.

Joshua eventually contacted Lex, gaslighting her.

“This man’s a psychopath,” she said. “He was trying to convince me that he didn’t steal it.”

Joshua attempted to offer her money to pay for the shoes he “didn’t steal,” which told Lex everything she needed.

“When you’re offering money, that means you did it. An innocent person would not give a $1,000 if they did not do it,” she said.

The TikToker learned he gifted her Tabis to his girlfriend and sent him a screenshot of her wearing them.

Knowing the jig was up, Joshua reluctantly agreed to return her shoes and asked if she could remove the videos about him.

Lex captured and posted Joshua’s girlfriend going in on him with the Mason Margiela Mary Janes in her hand, which she was getting ready to return. The entire time his girlfriend expressed herself, Joshua had a smile on his face.

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