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Numerous reports of Harry and Meghan Markle’s marriage being “nearly finished” have surfaced.

A “royal expert,” Angela Levin, spoke with Sky News Australia, claiming a couple of instances had strained the couple’s marriage, making her believe their marriage “is very nearly finished, and it will be…she will sort of walk away.”

For starters, Meghan and Harry’s $20 million deal with Spotify ended due to the partnership failing to meet the productivity benchmark, according to Sis2Sis. Another factor is when the couple chose to disassociate from the Royal Family because of the hardships the couple endured.

On top of the aforementioned, which could potentially strain their marriage, the “royal expert” Levin claimed Meghan wasn’t present to support Harry while he promoted his controversial memoir, “Spare.” She also accused Meghan of “abandoning” him while he attended the Royal Coronation. 

Yet, didn’t Princess Kate Middleton affirm Meghan wasn’t invited? And then said she would have to sit in the back? Additionally, they held the ceremony on Prince Archie’s birthday. Meghan skipping her son’s birthday to support a family that caused hell in her life? No!

“It’s very interesting because initially, she held one hand with one of her hands, and her other hand would be holding his arm so that he couldn’t move more than a few inches away from her. And she was really there hanging on to him,” Levi told the outlet. “But now, she doesn’t go where he goes. They’re just sort of separated.”

Levi continued, “She’s got her new PR person, she goes around in a gold dress, she’s hoping to do her tig again – sort of suggestions on what you should buy or how you should live – and she’s doing all those things while Harry is in the past, is in a very negative state and he’s attacking everybody trying to get people to give him money. In court, accusing them of saying all sorts of things, and it’s very, very sad.”

One thing to note is that the outlets reporting Meghan and Harry’s “marriage failure” are mainly European and Asian tabloids. Let’s not forget when a European tabloid labeled Meghan the woman from “Compton.”

Firstpost published a report about people in the UK and America being fed up with the couple. Yet, that information came from Geo TV, a news channel based in the United Arab Emirates. And their source was Former Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom Louise Mensch, who’s also a British blogger. She told Piers Morgan everyone was “fed up” with the couple.

They also took Taylor Swift’s declining to appear in Meghan’s Archetypes podcast as Americans being fed up. Yet, Meghan had Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Mindy Kaling and more as guest stars.

Recent reports (the marriage failing) didn’t come from any sources close to Meghan and Harry. Only from someone who “thinks” their marriage is over.

Many believe tabloids are projecting other royal couples’ marriage mishaps on Harry and Meghan, specifically Prince William and Princess Kate’s marriage.

“I’ve no use for Kate. But if we go by what we’ve seen in public, I absolutely cannot imagine what egg heads behavior is like [toward] her behind closed doors. Anyway, that marriage is doomed. Which is why the media is projecting on Harry and Meghan.

Levi mentioned Meghan partying alone but failed to mention Williams’ outing without the “love of his life.”

The Sun is guilty of constantly covering Meghan and Harry to make them look bad but fails to give William and Kate the same energy.

Many UK tabloids have taken numerous hits at Meghan and Harry, yet didn’t do the same for William and Kate. And for years, there have been rumors of William cheating on Kate, yet those articles suddenly vanished.

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