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The Millennium Tour 2021 - Atlanta, GA

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Bow Wow is stepping into his mogul era. The 35-year-old rap star is busy at work building his legacy outside of the confines of his musical stardom. He’s an actor and the proud owner of a bustling hair care brand. Now, the father of two is adding reality TV to his ever-expanding business portfolio. 

Bow Wow is the host of BET’s spicy new dating series After Happily Ever After. This is not you’re regular reality dating show by the way. The unscripted series will ask exes from a divorce or separation to play matchmaker for their former partners, with the hopes of helping them to move on and find love once again. But here’s the catch. The daters will have to live with their exes during their difficult search for a new romance. Shar Jackson, Jeremy Meeks, and Love & Hip Hop’s Peter Gunz and Tara Wallace are some of the single celebs daring to jump into the dating world again.

Judging by the first episode that aired, it looks like things are bound to get messy between some of the cast. But some of these lucky singles will walk away with a new outlook on love and a brighter relationship because of it.

MADAMENOIRE got a chance to catch up with Bow Wow to hear more about what’s in store for the show this season. He also spoke about his ultimate role as a father and whether he’s dating anyone special at the moment.


MN: This show is crazy. I just finished watching the first episode and there’s a lot going on. I have to be honest, I don’t really watch reality TV, but something about this show really has my attention. In your opinion, how do you think this show is different from all of the reality TV dating series that are currently out there? 

Bow Wow: I think it’s different because we broke the system as far as the format. I know a lot of these TV shows are pretty similar and have the same setup. At the end, the guy gets the girl and everyone rides off into the sunset. But this is not like that. This is drama filled and there’s a lot of toxicness. On top of that, our daters are not picking for themselves, their ex is picking the person for them, which makes it totally different, crazy and a dating experience unlike any other. That’s what makes this show so unique. And of course, we hold the singles parties. We find 40 to 50 people who come to the house for a chance to get to know the exes, and if they win them over, they get a chance to move into the house for 48 hours to spend that good quality time with one of the daters. It’s an experience. It’s an emotional roller coaster, and I’m just happy to be a part of it.


MN: I also really love how there are different types of relationships shown throughout the cast. For example, Melissa, Jeremy Meeks’ ex-wife, she’s on a mission to find somebody that’s okay with him being polyamorous. Did you and the producers behind the show make a conscious decision to feature couples who may have a different idea of what love looks like?

BW: Absolutely. I mean, we are in 2022. There’s really nothing to hide. There’s nothing to shy away from. When you watch a show, you want to cater to the audience, right? You want everybody to feel like they have something to relate to. So we have couples that go both ways. We have couples that mix it up. We have girls that wouldn’t mind being with a woman. This is life and when we’re talking about relationships, there are so many avenues that you can explore with it. I mean, we do live in an era and time where everyone deserves to be happy. And everyone deserves the person that they feel can make them happy.



MN: Peter Gunz, Tara and Amina Butterfly are on the show. Fans have seen their toxic and chaotic love triangle play out on Love & Hip-Hop. Peter hasn’t had the best track record with Tara and Amina. But interestingly, I’m seeing a different Peter emerging on this show. It seems like he’s grown up a little bit and is putting some of his toxicity aside to find a good partner for Tara. How have you personally seen Peter grow throughout the season?

BW: You’re the first person to ask me that question. For me, it’s his maturity level. He told me where he wanted to be towards the end of the show, and I think he accomplished that. You’ll see Peter vulnerable here. You’re gonna see Peter, not lying. He’s very truthful, honest, and he owns up to everything–even some of his past mistakes.

There’s a point in the show later in the season, where there’s a big blow-up. The women have had enough. They’ve been in the house too long and, I believe at the time, the air conditioner was broken. It was like 100 degrees in there. They just reached a boiling point and the women went off on the men. Peter steps up in between the men and women and that just shows me his growth right there. Peter is going to win a lot of people over.


MN: I mean, now that we’re on the topic of love, how is love looking for you these days? If you’re not necessarily dating anyone right now, what kind of qualities are you looking for in a lucky woman?

BW: Uh, none! I’m counting my money. I’m working. Women are too expensive. They come with problems. Not all, but you know, I come with a lot so, I understand why I could drive a girl crazy, or why they just go crazy.

But for me, being single works for me. I feel like I’ve already had my dating time. I feel like I’ve already been with the girls who were supposed to be the ones and it didn’t work out. So for me, I’m in a comfortable space. I’m stress-free. I’m happy. I got my kids. My daughter can come kick it with daddy anytime. My son can pull up anytime. I’m always available for them. I’m just focused on work, building more TV shows, and running my hair product line.

I’m currently on the Millennium Tour, so I don’t really have time. But I’m having fun. Now, I’m not saying I’m a thot or anything, I just like kicking it with the ladies and vibing. 

I don’t like the rule thing with relationships. It’s hard. I’ve been working in this business since 13 and I’ve been running my own show since then. So, for a woman to come into my life and tell me how I need to be or I don’t need to be texting this person or what I should, I ain’t going for that. So, it’s best that I just stay single and have fun.


The Millennium Tour 2021 - Atlanta, GA

Source: Prince Williams / Getty



MN: You mentioned the Millennium Tour. How does it feel to be back on the road and what has been the best stop so far?

BW: Yes! It has been my hometown Columbus, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina was crazy too! We just rocked Detroit. But I think the best is yet to come. It’s been amazing. I never thought that I would be touring this year with no new music. We’re putting a lot of butts in the seats every night. It’s a blessing.


MN: I love to see you being present with your children and I’m absolutely obsessed with Shai. I’m always watching her cute TikTok dance videos on social media. It seems like she has an interest in the entertainment industry. Are you doing anything to cultivate her creative talents right now?

BW: When she wants it. I’m not the type of parent that’s like you have to do what dad does to keep the legacy going. It just so happens that I’m a cool dad, I have a cool job. She’s always watching and she thinks it’s fun. She’s a daddy’s girl too, so she’s like whatever my dad’s doing, I want to do it, too. But right now, school is the most important thing. I told her she can’t do anything unless those grades are up. I don’t play that and my mother didn’t play that. I’m instilling that in her as well but I’m so proud of her. Just the brightest, smartest little girl a father could have. And I’m just thankful to have her in my life and thankful that she’s my daughter.


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