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Each week, we root for these couples as they navigate cultural differences, family drama and financial woes. Our faith was once again tested in Episode 4 of 90 Day Fiancé, when these relationships were threatened by some mean-girl sisters and a mama who speaks her mind. 


Emily and Kobe

Emily is basking in a post-coital glow as she watches Kobe walk across the room in tighty whities. The former underwear model has traded in his six pack for a beer belly but we ain’t mad; that dad bod looks goodT. We would have preferred boxer briefs though—just sayin’.  Emily and Kobe both agree their sexual chemistry is still ablaze and we love that for them. 

Emily’s parents have gone the extra mile to make their future son-in-law feel welcome. The exterior of the house is decorated with a welcome banner along with several blown up photos of their son, Kobin. Upon seeing his son for the first time, Kobe burst into tears­­ and our collective hearts melted.


Miona and Jibri

Jibri suggests his fiancé start unpacking her suitcases. Miona says that she doesn’t need to unpack everything because they will be moving to Los Angeles soon. It’s apparent Jibri led Miona to believe they would soon be living in LA, although he has no intention of moving. This bait and switch game is not only deceptive, but it’s a recipe for disaster. Miona grows even more upset when she learns that Jibri will be spending more time with his best friend and bandmate, David. Jibri tells his fiancé that he and David are “Kum.” This is when two men make a brotherly commitment to one another in a Serbian Orthodox Christian ceremony.  Although she is well-versed with the practice, the Serbian bride-to-be refuses to acknowledge their union.  

The pair are assigned the chore of cooking for Jibri’s family. They prepare some dry-ass chicken alfredo which, apparently, tasted as bad as it looked. Mama Mahala tried not to state the obvious, but sis finally blurted out: “This food is nasty.”   Dad tried to sugar-coat his wife’s words, but it was too late. Jibri is seething and Miona’s ego is bruised. This won’t end well. 


Bini and Ari

Bini has just broken the news to his family that he is moving to New Jersey— the next day.  Ari thought that this would be a good time to say some last words to Bini’s sisters, Mimi and Wish. Ari gives the sisters a piece of her mind and apparently Wish had been wishing a bitch would. Sis immediately threw a glass of wine into Ari’s face. 

Wasting a decent glass of red wine aside, the act of aggression was uncalled for. But as a wise person once said “Don’t start none won’t be none.” 


Bilal and Shaeeda

Shaeeda is meeting her future in-laws for the first time. She and Bilal’s beautiful mother hit it off immediately. The family sits down for dinner. Bilal’s sister Neferteria wastes no time bombarding her future sister-in-law with questions. Nosey Neferteria unnecessarily prefaces her questions with “You are 37 and you’ve never been married?” She then goes on to ask Shaeeda how she is going to be able to handle Bilal’s children since she doesn’t have any of her own. 

The Yogi responded with an emphatic “Yes,” when asked if she wants to have children of her own. Bilal becomes visibly uncomfortable when his messy sister asks him if wants more children. He waltzes around the question with an indirect answer which should tell Shaeeda all that she needs to know. 

Will Shaeeda and Bilal address this blatant compatibility issue head on or will they continue to dance around it?   

We will have to tune in to see next Sunday on TLC at 8PM EST/ 7 CST.


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