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From dog treats to body lotions to bath bombs and Kombucha, you can find CBD (official name Cannabidiol) in just about everything these days. It’s no wonder Global Newswire reports that the CBD market is projected to grow to $47.33 billion by 2028. While CBD doesn’t contain the THC in marijuana that causes a high (which we’ll get to), for a long time, the public saw the two as interchangeable. Now that stigmas around cannabis have gone down, so too has apprehension around CBD.

There could be good reason for CBD’s popularity. Harvard Health reports that CBD has been found in some studies to battle depression, anxiety and even insomnia. However, there are still a lot of questions surrounding this product that seems to be taking over store shelves. As folks celebrate 420, here are your questions about CBD, answered.


What Is The Difference Between CBD And Weed?

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Individuals who don’t want to get high can rest assured that CBD won’t have that effect on them. The psychoactive part of marijuana that makes you feel high is called THC. THC levels are extremely low – nearly non-detectable – in CBD. CBD can come from either the hemp or marijuana plant, but today, most CBD products you find will come from the hemp plant specifically to avoid the high amounts of THC found in marijuana plants.


Is CBD Addictive?

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Current research shows CBD is not addictive. While cannabis can lead to dependency issues, because CBD does not contain high levels of psychoactive THC, it does not carry such a risk. In fact, Harvard Health reports that the use of CBD can help battle addictions of other kinds, including tobacco and heroin, making it a great asset to those trying to quit smoking.


Is It FDA Approved?

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The Food and Drug Administration is not creating and changing policies as rapidly as the CBD market is growing and as a result, there are only three cannabis-derived products that are FDA approved. These products – which primarily treat seizures and anorexia associated with AIDS – all require a prescription. That means you will not find an FDA-approved CBD product on a store shelf.


Is CBD Safe?

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With the FDA not yet approving most CBD products, the next natural question is around safety. The World Health Organization reports that CBD is generally well tolerated. However, it is important when purchasing CBD products to buy from a reputable supplier. A professional company that follows standardized procedures will be able to provide you with a certificate confirming the product’s ingredients, as well as THC and CBD levels. Always do thorough research on any company selling CBD products before making a purchase.


Are There Side Effects?

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While most individuals do well on CBD, it can have some side effects. These include nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. It’s also important to note that CBD does not interact well with certain drugs, says Mayo Clinic, including blood thinners. Harvard Health reports that CBD can heighten the side effects of some drugs, as well as alter the effect of others. Speak to your doctor if you plan on taking CBD and discuss whether it’s safe to do so with your medications.


How Does CBD Make You Feel?

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There is no exact answer to this question as it varies from person to person. While CBD does not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC and will not make you high, anecdotally, it has made individuals feel very relaxed and even feel a sense of relief. Because CBD comes in so many products, including ones that are edible as well as those you rub onto your skin, the sensation can be full-body or concentrated to the area of application.


When Will I Feel The Effects And How Long Do They Last?

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It can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 90 minutes to feel the effects of CBD. This variance depends on the way it is consumed. Generally, CBD products that are digested will take effect more slowly, because the gut processes things slowly. Products rubbed onto the skin can be effective sooner. There is also a large variance in how long the effects last, but the most commonly reported range is between two to six hours.

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