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Food and sex are connected in many ways. In fact, research by the journal of Personality and Individual Differences has found the willingness to try new foods makes a person more sexually attractive and seem less sexually restricted. Then there’s Mukbang Watching, the new trend in which people watch videos of someone eating food (often in large quantities). The International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction has found that one of the reasons people watch this content is for sexual pleasure. And let’s not forget about food play – the act of incorporating food into sex to heighten sensations and experience new ones.

There’s no denying it: if you want to have great sex, you should find ways to connect food to it. One other way is through using natural aphrodisiac foods. There are plenty of them, however, the most known and most popular ones are often animal-based. So what’s an herbivore to do? We’ve got you covered with this list of plant-based aphrodisiac foods.



Cinnamon sticks

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If you’re having dessert before the real dessert, get something with cinnamon. This spice is said to boost blood flow to the abdominal region, as well as to a man’s penis, and prompting arousal, according to the National Library of Medicine. When in doubt, keep a small packet of cinnamon in your purse to add to coffee, tea or ice cream–or even him–before getting into the thick of the sexual action.



Still life of a bunch of bananas

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Bananas are intrinsically sexual because of their shape (perhaps your sex ED teacher used one to teach the correct way to use condoms). Bananas also contain compounds that are great for sex drive. They are loaded with potassium and B vitamins which your body needs to pump out sex hormones. Plus, this sweet yellow fruit boasts something called bromelain, an enzyme that boosts the male libido (it’s actually the stuff used in most male enhancement pills.)


Chili Peppers

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If you want a spicy night, start with a spicy dinner. Chili peppers aren’t just arousing due to their hot red color, but also because of what’s in them. A chemical called capsaicin is what makes peppers so hot. The hotter the pepper, the higher the capsaicin content. This chemical has been said to increase both libido and testosterone levels. (Pro tip: do not handle hot peppers with your bare hands and later touch genitals unless you want to start a fire “down” there).


Pumpkin Seeds

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Next time you need a salty snack during movie night, grab some pumpkin seeds instead of popcorn. This healthy snack is loaded with zinc, and a zinc deficiency can lead to low testosterone in men, according to the Journal of Exercise Physiology. Pumpkin seeds also contain vitamins that boost sperm production. So, don’t sleep on these tasty treats. Try roasting them in the oven with just a bit of olive oil, pepper, salt and cayenne.



Farmer's market carrots

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Another phallic food, carrots offer quite a bit in the way of libido-boosting. For starters, they’re loaded with vitamin A which is critical for sperm production. The National Library of Medicine also states that vitamin A plays a large role in hormone production, and balanced hormones are important for sex drive. Add roasted carrots to your next date night (p.s. – cinnamon tastes great on these!) or just dip them raw in hummus for an appetizer.



Basil Plant

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Basil can get you in the mood in a couple of ways. First, its scent alone is uplifting and energizing. So, make sure you and your partner sniff a few of the fresh leaves before adding them to your food. Basil can also improve circulation, helping to get blood flowing just when you need it. Consider making a delicious vegan pesto pasta on your next date night or adding fresh basil to a fruity martini.



There are cut figs on the plate

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First let’s state the obvious: when you cut open a pink, juicy fig, the inside looks like a woman’s…ya-know. The very act of eating it in front of your partner could get them aroused. Next, figs are rich in potassium, which improves circulation – something important for arousal. If you need a simple dessert, hand feed each other fresh figs.


Vegan Pumpkin Pie

Slice of Pumpkin Pie

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While more of a complete recipe rather than an ingredient, pumpkin pie should be on the list. Research published in Scientific American found that just the smell of pumpkin pie boosted arousal in women and penile flow in men in one study. It couldn’t hurt to find a vegan pumpkin pie recipe you love and make sure that dessert is baking when your partner comes over. And if your feeling exceptionally frisky, check out MADAMENOIRE‘s Black Vegan Cooking ShowEpisode 2 is all about spicing up vegan meals that add actually add spice in the bedroom. Vegan Chefs Charlise Rookwood and Queen of Green shows you how to put it down in the kitchen with some yummy aphrodisiac foods. Peep the show below:

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