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It’s Queens season and the girls are winning, but a slip of the tongue and 20-something-year-old beatdown threatens to bring Queens season to an abrupt end. 

Stale Muffin

The ladies are in the studio working on their new song that features Lil’ Muffin. They are disappointed when they hear that Lil’ Muffin’s verse is a series of disjointed nursery rhymes that fall flat. The ladies are divided in their decision to drop Lil Muffin—who happens to be the reason for their comeback—for Lady London. Eric has the deciding vote. Lady London wins and Lil Muffin feels betrayed.

Eric and Lil’ Muffin meet with the record label to inform them that she plans to drop the Lil’ Muffin persona and perform as Lauren. The label abruptly drops her, evicts her from her home and presents her with a $750,000 bill. Later in the episode, Eric tells Lauren that he has he paid her debt. Lauren is ecstatic that her problems have been solved, but Eric’s body language is suspect.


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Diarrhea of The Mouth

Brianna is blushing in her bathroom mirror while listening to her new bae, Favio Foreign on The Breakfast Club. When gushes over her, host Charlemagne probes and Favio spreads Brianna’s business all over the airwaves. Brianna’s teenaged son James walks into her room and is not happy about what he just heard.

Brianna later learns that James is not only having a difficult time coping with his father’s death, but he is being bullied by his peers after they heard Favio Foreign running his big mouth on the radio. Let this be a lesson to the cougars out there. Make sure the cubs know how to keep their mouths shut.

Cancel Jill 

The paparazzi catches Jill leaving a night club. When they ask about her newfound fame, she jokingly says if she knew that she would have gotten all this attention, she would have come out of the closet long ago. The media twisted her words into a misleading headline that implies Jill is faking her sexuality for attention.  

Meanwhile, Lacey, who worked on the set of Cribs when the ladies appeared on the show back in the day, took to social media to speak about her encounter with Jill. Jill, who was in denial about her sexuality at the time, responded to Lacey’s advances with unwarranted violence. The flashback was revealed in episode one.  

Jill tries to do damage control by asking her ex-girlfriend Tina to accompany her on the This Morning America show. Tina ensures the audience that not only is Jill a good person, but she is not faking her sexuality. Jill then makes a public apology to Lacey. When the reporter asks if the two of them were getting back together, Jill doesn’t give a direct answer but implies they are. Tina is disappointed when she learns Jill has no intention of rekindling their relationship and just like the public, she too was bamboozled.


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Mama Dearest

Valeria has reconnected with her mother, who recently resurfaced after abandoning her as a baby. The ladies are suspicious about Mama’s motives. After hearing her bandmates’ concerns, Valeria writes Mama a check for $100,000. Mama tears up the check and tells Valeria she is not there for money. Valeria is reassured and she speaks highly of her mother during her interview with Behind The Video. Meanwhile, Mama is backstage taking photos of Valeria’s credit cards. Unbeknownst to Mama, her shady antics were caught on camera.

Video Shoot

Now that Jill has cleaned up her PR mess, the ladies get back to the music. Stripped of her Lil’ Muffin persona, Lauren returns with a new verse that comes across as authentic and fitting for the to this pro-women, pro-LGTBQIA, pro-Black anthem. 

Two weeks later, they all come together to celebrate the launch of their new single. Eric gets a phone call. Once he hangs up, he shares the news: The Queens are going on a world tour. 

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