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menopause symptoms

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A survey conducted by women’s health company Bonafide published on PR Newswire found that nearly 30 percent of women don’t seek out information about menopause before going through it, 20 percent experience symptoms for a year before speaking to a doctor and 73 percent do not treat their menopause symptoms. Women spend so much of our lives learning to love our bodies and embrace them—inside and out. It seems when menopause arrives, we can kind of treat it like we did our periods when we were pre-teens: we just deal with it. And just like with our periods, we eventually realized that not addressing symptoms created consequences far worse than just dipping.

The fact that so many women just live with menopause symptoms and do nothing about them might be the saddest part. Sometimes, we can be martyrs like that. But women deserve to do whatever they need to to reduce the suffering that comes with all of our body’s processes, from menstruation to childbirth to menopause. So if you know a woman in your life who is just putting up with menopause symptoms or you are that woman, treat yourself to the below purchases.

A magnesium bath soak

An article called “Magnesium in the Central Nervous System,” published in the National Library of Medicine found that forms of magnesium that are not swallowed (i.e. forms besides supplements) can be quite effective in reducing muscle pain as well as headaches. In addition to making sure you have plenty of self-care time while going through menopause so that there are time for baths, make sure you put good stuff in your baths. This magnesium soak contains magnesium chloride flakes which are easily absorbed by the body. Be sure to use it in warm rather than hot water as warm water helps the skin better absorb the ingredients.



Cool pajamas

If you think you might be one of the fortunate ones who doesn’t experience hot flashes, unfortunately, you could be statistically mistaken. Harvard Health reports that as many as 80 percent of women who go through menopause suffer hot flashes. Hot flashes can make a day intolerable. Just getting through regular tasks like your work or making dinner with hot flashes is rough. But the worst is when hot flashes make it difficult to sleep because you need a good night’s rest more than ever during menopause. Get some cooling pajamas. A set like these made from bamboo will breathe well and feel cool against the skin. Their sleeveless top and short, loose bottoms will allow for plenty of ventilation.


Cooling sheets and pillow cases.

Cooling sheets are another welcome addition to your bed if you’re struggling with hot flashes. And if you like to sleep in the nude, you need to sleep against fabrics that will let your body breathe. Bamboo, viscose, and jersey are great materials for cooling sheets, as are cotton and linen. Silk is also nice and cooling. Consider adding a set of cooling sheets and pillow cases to your bed to help with the hot flashes. Another benefit of silk is that it doesn’t create creases on your skin the way other materials do, so it can help you wake up with fewer lines on your face.

menopause symptoms

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CBD oil

If you’ve been curious about CBD oil and wondering when was the right time to give it a try, menopause is the perfect time. For many women, it’s a time of transformation and an important time to treat yourself to new experiences. CBD oil has wonderful benefits that treat many symptoms of menopause. The National Library of Medicine published several articles showing that CBD can help with pain relief, anxiety, and sleep disorders. Because a good night’s sleep can battle many elements of menopause like mood swings and brain fog, that benefit alone is enough to try CBD oils. But it can also help with the pain associated with menopause and the anxiety that can come from this transition.


menopause symptoms

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Cardio support

Cardio exercise is the most effective type of exercise for weight loss. Because menopausal women can struggle with weight gain, equipment that supports cardio activity is a great gift. Cardio can also aid with mood swings and minimize the risk of heart disease, for which women of menopausal age or at a higher risk, says the American Heart Association journal. A great stationary bike, a set of weights, or great running shoes, are a smart purchase. Harvard Health reports that a woman who is 155 pounds can burn 316 calories in an hour of mountain biking.


menopause symptoms

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A desk fan

The hot flashes get the most mention on this list but that’s because they’re the most common symptom and one that can truly interfere with a woman’s ability to function. This is a good time to invest in a desk fan or personal standing fan for your office or bedroom. If you live in a home with others who aren’t willing to turn down the thermostat low to help your symptoms (shame on them), you’ll need a way to moderate your personal climate. Get a desk fan so you can stay cool when your family won’t cooperate with the AC.

menopause symptoms

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A great lubricant

Another common symptom menopausal women experience is vaginal dryness. It’s one of the major insults to injury of menopause. But just because you’re entering a phase when you can no longer reproduce doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy sex. That is an outdated and sexist concept that men put in our heads. Women can and deserve to have have satisfying sex lives for decades following menopause – hopefully their whole lives. You just might need the help of some good lubricant. Maybe get a water based one that’s safe to use with toys if your mood swings have you wanting nothing to do with your partner.

menopause symptoms

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A great thermos plus electrolytes

Brain fog is already a symptom of menopause, but brain fog is made much worse when a person is dehydrated. Also keep in mind that menopausal women are also having to work harder to keep excess weight off, and being improperly hydrated can cause you to eat more. Endocrine News reported that there is an association between individuals who don’t drink enough water and those who have higher BMIs. So invest in a thermos that is easy to hold and clip onto your gym bag or purse. Consider one with markings that make it easy to know how much you’re drinking during the day. And carry some electrolyte pouches for extra points.

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