Derrick Jaxn’s Alleged Mistress Claims He Contacted Her After Video With His Wife

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If you thought the situation with relationship “expert” Derrick Jaxn and his wife couldn’t get any messier. Think again.

If you’ll recall, it was vlogger Tasha K., who exposed Jaxn and his extramarital affairs. And given all the advice Jaxn has doled out over the years, it made national headlines. Later, Jaxn in a video with his wife, admitted to the affair and the two shared that God was helping them work through this.

But Tasha K dropped another bomb shell. The story is far from over.

In the days since Jaxn and his wife Da’Naia came forward acknowledging his affair, his alleged mistress told Tasha K that he’s still been reaching out to her.

The alleged mistress also told Tasha K that she was pregnant with Derrick’s child last year.

Those of you who have been following this story, may recall that the alleged mistress claimed that she knew Jaxn was married but thought he and his wife were separated.

She told Tasha K, “At the end of November, early December, I found out I was pregnant. I told him off top, I don’t want any children right now. I’m 32 and I don’t want kids right now. And he went through this emotional kind of thing as if he gave a ___. But I’m pretty sure now that I’m looking, it was just an act.

He was like, ‘I don’t want you to terminate the pregnancy.’

I finally found out about her (Jaxn’s wife) around the time that I came up pregnant. Now, my understanding was yes, they were married but they had been separated for at least a year and a half, going on two years. It was hard for him to get in contact with her so he could serve her papers because he said she was in a different state.”

She also told Tasha that the two have still been in contact with one another.

“The last time I seen Derrick was on the 18th of March, last week.”

Given how much he and his wife’s speech focused on God, Tasha wanted to know if he shared those type of conversations with his alleged mistress as well.

She said, “He talks about self control. He doesn’t go into God, God, God. That’s why it’s so crazy when I hear him saying he’s supposed to be in line with God. He doesn’t talk like that. That’s not him. That is something he just picked up. Usually, he’s talking about investing, talking about money. He has never came to me religious. This is a new Derrick.”

Lastly, she shared that quite a few of Jaxn’s relationship videos were actually filmed in front of her house.

“I have never been to his house. I’ve never been to a penthouse or anything. He always came to my home. If you look in all of his videos that he has uploaded, my front balcony is in the back of his videos. It’s the white arches. That’s my home.”

Lastly, Tasha K posted text messages between Jaxn and the mistress in which she confronted him about still being actively married to his wife and even recording the video of him apologizing to his fans.

In the alleged messages, Jaxn writes:

“Babe, I understand things are crazy right now. I get it! If you allow me to explain the situation to you I will.”

Jaxn alleged that because he declined an interview with a blogger, she was on a smear campaign to ruin his reputation. He claims that he has nothing to hide and has been honest with the alleged mistress.

The woman responded, “Derrick you lied about everything…Two women claim they had an affair with you. I didn’t know nothing about this until you called. Now you’re doing videos with your wife the chick you said you didn’t want to marry and haven’t seen her in months etc…Don’t contact me ever again.”

Jaxn asked her to please allow him to explain.

He tells her that he’s coming to her office to hash things out.

Chile. A whole mess.

You can read the full text correspondence and listen to this audio clip from Tasha K’s interview in the posts below.

You can watch the full interview with the alleged mistress below.


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