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Becoming: An Intimate Conversation with Michelle Obama

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Jimmy Kimmel has a bit of a problem and our forever first lady, Michelle Obama, was not too shy telling him about himself. She went high but she still let homeboy know he was out of line.

In actuality, Kimmel’s inappropriateness has some history to it. In two separate interviews, he asked President Obama whether or not he and Michelle “made love” the night Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed. He asked Mrs. Obama on her book tour promoting Becoming. Then he asked President Obama—who said he’d have to ask Michelle about that.

It’s an odd question no matter who he posed it to or how he sliced it. I don’t know the relationship between the former first couple and Jimmy Kimmel but even if they are close, it’s clear these two didn’t’ want to discuss their intimate life on a national stage. And as far as I know, with the exception of Donald Trump’s leaked audio about sexual assault, no President has been asked about their sexual behavior—especially with the First Lady involved.

It’s wildly inappropriate. And the fact that Kimmel did this not once, not twice, but on three different occasions—it was high time he got told.

And Auntie Chelle did what needed to be done.

She appeared on Kimmel’s show to promote her new Netflix children’s series “Waffles + Mochi.” It was during that segment, Kimmel said, ““You were on your book tour. We had a great talk, it was a lot of fun, and everyone was very excited to see you.  I asked you a question that night — and I actually asked your husband this question as well, and he kicked it back to you. I asked you that on the night that SEAL Team Six took out Osama Bin Laden at your husband’s order did you and your husband make love that night to celebrate?”

Obama initially played it cool saying, she was still “pleading the fifth.” But then I guess she thought about being presented with that b*llsh*t once again and decided to turn the whole thing back on Kimmel.

“You know, I have to tell your audience that — for some very sick reason — you are very obsessed with this portion of that major historical event,” Michelle said. “No one else — no one, in the history of all of the conversations I’ve had — has ever drilled down on this particular point like you, Jimmy Kimmel,” she said.” So I turn that back on you.”

She continued jokingly, “You’re still that little boy in your bedroom, under the cover with the flashlight, going, ‘I hope nobody sees me.’”

All of this was said with a bit of humor but I still think the message is clear. Drop it.

You can see how it all went down in the video below.


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