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Being one of the newest additions to The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast, Drew Sidora recently sat down to discuss how she’s been treated by the other ladies in her first season of the hit Bravo show. Specifically pinpointing how her contentious dynamic with Kenya Moore has played out onscreen so far, Drew made it clear that even though she looked up to the Miss USA diva before joining the ladies, Kenya just hasn’t lived up to what she was expecting at all.

In case you missed it, in a recent episode, the ladies had to organize their travel so that they could all get to South Carolina, where they planned to have a beach getaway. When Drew exposed to the group that Kenya was taking a private jet to their destination while the other women were organized to take a bus ride that was several hours long, Kenya later referred to Drew as “sneaky” for letting the cat out of the bag. While recently speaking with Hollywood Unlocked, Drew addressed Kenya’s words.

“My thing is this — I am new to this group and the type of person that I am, where I come from, I hold people’s feet to the fire because I’m all about living in your truth and being honest,” the actress said. “What happened to being real, especially on reality?”

Speaking more about how Kenya handled the situation, Drew said she genuinely doesn’t understand why Kenya told her to keep the private jet a secret from the other women. According to her, it was “fake” that Kenya didn’t want to disclose that information to her so-called “friends,” a.k.a the other cast members on the show.

“To me she’s a fake fluffy face at this point, that’s where I categorize her,” Drew said of Kenya, “and we’ll keep it moving.”

Instead of moving on though, Drew doubled down even more on her opinion that Kenya was disingenuous to her. “She seems to treat me really nice,” Drew began, “and then she runs back, and she talks behind my back and I don’t think that’s right. When I met her, I didn’t have any problems with Kenya.”

“Like I said,” she continued, “I looked up to her since I was a little girl. Meeting her, she was just a different person and I didn’t expect that behavior from her. I was disappointed, I definitely discerned that she was treating me poorly and I didn’t know why. I didn’t know where it came from, and I definitely didn’t give her a reason. That’s just where we are, unfortunately.” When asked if the two of them were on speaking terms now that filming was over, Drew added, “Oh no, we don’t talk. We don’t text.”

“I wish her well — obviously — and I’m praying for her and all that she has going on,” she said of her co-star. If anything, the actress said she was looking forward to the reunion show so that she could address Kenya and her phony behavior in person. “As I sit back and I watch the episodes, I definitely have a lot to say because I’m like, ‘You never said this to my face!’”

Apparently, there’s no possibility of a friendship between her and Kenya (or her and her other rival on the show). Before wrapping up, Drew definitively said, “No. That ship has sailed. I’m complete with it. As you’ll see, I’m someone who gives people multiple chances. I gave the benefit of the doubt. You never know what will happen in the future but for now, I’m in such a good place and a place of just wanting to focus on me and my marriage.“

Seems like Drew is perfectly fine not being fake with Kenya for the cameras or in real life. See the full clip of everything she had to say about her first season on RHOA here.

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