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a list of black-owned businesses

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It’s hard to believe that something that costs mere pennies per portion can offer tremendous health benefits, but that’s the case for tea. Comprehensive research on tea has found that certain varieties can help prevent cancer, promote cardiovascular wellness, boost metabolism, and even offer anti-aging and anti-diabetic properties. All of that, from some loose leaves. But, perhaps it shouldn’t be too surprising since many people believe in the power of supplements, many of which also rely on the same elements from mother earth that tea does.

America falls, sadly, pretty far in the rankings in terms of tea consumption by country, so perhaps we can turn that around, especially since Americans also fall victim to many of the conditions tea can help treat and prevent. In honor of National Hot Tea Month, we wanted to bring light to some excellent Black-owned tea brands you can purchase online. With the stress brought on by the pandemic, loading up on soothing tea might be a good idea. And luckily, you don’t need to venture into any brick-and-mortar locations to get tea from these Black-owned brands.  Ordering from them online is a great way to support Black businesses right now and your health at the same time.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Aesthete Tea

Aesthete Tea is based out of Portland, Oregon and is woman, QBIPOC-owned company. All of their products are farm-direct, meaning they go directly from the producer to the vendor, and the brand works hard to get its ingredients either from individuals or collectives that share their values. Their proprietary blend of tea is made by the owner’s mother, who is a folk healer and herbalist. Aesthete also has a collective community that puts on classes surrounding sustainable living.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Brooklyn Tea

In addition to having a cozy tea room in Brooklyn, NY, Brooklyn Tea also makes its mostly organic and fair-trade teas available online and offers free education about tea. The brand is also well-loved by its neighbors as it provides compost to a local community garden. In addition to tea, they sell teaware such as traditional matcha sets and stovetop kettles.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Tranquilo Teas

Based out of Atlanta, Tranquilo Teas is also mobile because they have a tea truck offering kombucha, lattes, and more. They’ll soon be putting on pop-ups, too. As for those who aren’t in the Atlanta area, you can shop their site for over 25 varieties. Your order is completely customizable, as you can choose the quantity ranging from sample size to 10 ounce, and you can even pick subscription options for regular deliveries.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Oya Tea

Oya Tea sources its teas from Kenya and Malawi and incorporates other ingredients from the African Diaspora like kinkeliba and kola nut. Their blends are unique and meant to boost wellness, and include varieties like Kenyan ginger green tea, Egyptian hibiscus, and South African caramel rooibos. The founders bring unique backgrounds in healthcare and food science to their creations.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Drink Our Hi-G

The founder of Drink Our Hi-G started her brand in honor of her late father, whom she took care of during his final days, heavily incorporating some of the herbs and spice remedies she got from her Caribbean roots into his care. More than just a tea vendor, Drink Our Hi-G is a community that puts on virtual tea tastings and has a monthly tea club through which members can get regular deliveries of different varieties, accompanied by tips on health and wellness.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Deeply Rooted

Founder of Deeply Rooted, Erica Rascon, is a yoga instructor as well as a tea enthusiast, and her site focuses on integrated wellness of both body and mind. Deeply Rooted has a Personal Wellness Advocate Program that gives members monthly yoga classes, consultations with nutritionists, guided meditations, and more. As for products, they sell both essential oils and benefit-specific teas like one for menstrual pain and another option for skin soothing.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Flora’s Teas

The founder of Flora’s Teas brings some flavors familiar to her Caribbean origins to her brand, offering some bright and tropical flavors like passionfruit and guava, while also offering classics like green and black tea. Her tea is packaged in eco-friendly bags within convenient re-sealable pouches, and her site lists important information about the health benefits of each tea.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Teas with Meaning

Teas with Meaning is manufactured in Oakland, California and was founded by Kamilah Mitchell, a brain tumor and cancer survivor who is passionate about educating people on the benefits of this beverage. Teas with Meaning has over 20 blends, each with a unique purpose from relaxing to energizing the drinker. The teas can be used for more than just drinking – they can be put in baths, used in yoni steams, and much more.

a list of black-owned businesses

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The Te Spa

The creator of The Te Spa, Alexis Jones, has a culinary background, which could explain the unique tea blends she offers, including triple lemon and citrus rose. The Te Spa combines the herbal powers of teas in both drinkable products, and beauty products, with their Beautifying Tea tab where you can find face mists, soaks, beauty bars, and more.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Modestine Tea

Modestine Tea’s “about” page explains that they do much more than just sell tea: they use tea as a ritual for celebrating life and bringing women together. On that note, they also offer meditation and tea-sipping workshops, host MarTEAni nights, and do corporate events. Their teas are intuitively and cleverly organized in categories such as Ayurvedic, herbal, dessert tea, and more. They even have wine-flavored varieties.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Jayida Che Herbal Tea Spot

Jayida Che is based out of Atlanta and was created by aunt and niece duo Aleathia and Mariyah. Their family has long loved blending teas at family get-togethers. They’ve managed to open two brick-and-mortar tea rooms in Atlanta, but also offer their blends online. Their benefit-driven blends include varieties for men’s wellness, headaches, immunity, and more. They also offer a tea subscription service.

a list of black-owned businesses

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Kayteas And Herb Co

Kayteas And Herb Co was started by mother and wife Katie Black who is passionate about educating people on holistic methods for preventing and treating illness. Her Etsy shop features unique blends like chamomile citrus, something called a Mother’s Love tea, and a special Femme Steam Herbs variety that’s made to help with vaginal dryness, preparing the womb for pregnancy, and more.

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