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Brooke Valentine pictured at an event in 2017, refutes claims that she was messy on love and hip hop hollywood

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Brooke Valentine still doesn’t believe that during her time on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood she was a pot-stirrer of drama. During a recent Where Are They Now? interview with L&HH producers, the singer and reality star, joined by her partner and co-star Marcus Black, defended herself from past claims that she was incredibly messy during her time as a cast member in Season 4 and Season 5. If you ask the 36-year-old, she was just speaking the truth, even if it was sometimes other people’s truth.

“I felt like I was telling it how it is. If you want to call it messy go ahead, but where is the lie?” she said. “Where did I lie? And if I said something, did I say it to their face? So I feel like ‘messy’ is sneaky, conniving, whispering. That’s my take of messy. I’m just like, ‘okay, you said that, yeah I said you said it, aight cool, let’s keep it moving.'”

She said that she, along with her cast mates, were not on the show to try and play secretive about what was going on in their lives considering cameras were following them all the time. So if someone said something scandalous, she was going to talk about it.

“What are we here to do? We’re living our lives in front of the camera,” she said. “You can’t whisper to me in the bathroom and then the cameras are there, ‘I ain’t say that!’ Yes you did [laughs]! Now I’m messy? I’m messy because you said it?”

Valentine stepped away from the show when she became pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Chi Summer Black. Though she wouldn’t call herself messy, she admitted that it was necessary to take a break to protect her energy and avoid negativity, and being negative on the show. It didn’t necessarily work out as she planned.

“I didn’t want my baby to be petty. So in my mind, if I wasn’t petty when I was pregnant, then it wouldn’t go into her bloodstream and she would come out not petty,” she joked. “What is she? Petty! Pettiest present I’ve ever received in life.”

Brooke seems in a great place with her family, but you know we couldn’t forget all the mess she involved herself in during her Love and Hip Hop Hollywood years. Hit the flip to check out 11 undeniably messy moments from Brooke Valentine.

Taking Moniece’s Song After Clowning Her Singing Abilities

As you will see in the beginning of this “Questionable Vocal Moments” reel, Brooke showed up at Moniece’s studio session with RoccStar and immediately started trying to overshadow her co-star’s vocals. Shade was thrown at Moniece’s singing abilities and next thing we know, Moniece seemed to have a panic attack. As serious as the situation was, Brooke and RoccStar joked about her faking her health crisis to avoid laying down the vocals. As Moniece was driven away in the ambulance to the hospital, clearly emotional and shaken up about it, Brooke ended up taking over the song, recording it.

Taking Shine Away From Bridget During Her Interview

After Bridget invited the ladies to the U.K. as she rolled out the release of her first studio album, Brooke ended up doing way too much. She jumped in during one of Bridget’s interviews and started talking about how she was going to come out of retirement with her own music. She also promoted another cast member who raps, saying the young woman should be an opening act for Bridget’s concert the following day. It continued to go left from there, with Teairra Mari being brought in to talk during the interview and having all of her drama put on blast. The interview was ruined thanks to Brooke’s meddling, which came off as a lack of support for her friend.

Wanting to Know If The Rumor About Lyrica and Safaree Was True

You can check it out in the reel above at the 6:04 mark.

Brooke never seemed to know when it was a bad time to involve herself in other people’s drama (not that there is actually a good time…). When friend and co-star Lyrica Anderson’s marriage to A1 was in a rocky place due to rumors that she had something of an affair with Safaree of all people, cast members got way too involved in it. Ray J, for one, openly wondered if the child Lyrica was pregnant with at the time was Safaree’s. And as for Brooke, following a conversation where A1 and Safaree almost came to blows, she asked Lyrica on camera if she actually had slept with Safaree. Afterward, she kept interrupting a conversation between the troubled couple to deliver smart remarks and jokes about the situation.

Spreading The Rumor Around About Lyrica and Safaree

As it turned out, not only did Brooke believe that Lyrica was having something on the side with Safaree, she was also going around telling other people that. When Lyrica confronted her about it at Princess Love’s baby shower, Brooke had zero remorse for gossiping about her so-called friend and told the singer to just keep it real. She accused Lyrica of just not wanting to admit that was out here flirting with Safaree and being inappropriate because her husband wasn’t taking care of business. Brooke also dropped dime on Lyrica allegedly saying that Safaree’s private parts could wrap around his leg.

“She got a husband and a side,” Brooke said, “she lit!”

Being All in Teairra Mari’s Business

For one, Brooke joked about Teairra Mari’s sex tape being leaked, telling Marcus, “You seen it too, Marcus. You asked me if I could do that!”

If that wasn’t enough, she also was very involved in the toxic relationship that Teairra had with the guy who was alleged to have leaked the tape: Akbar. She put on blast the fact that despite Teairra trying to sue him over the video, she was still dealing with him. When confronted about the fact that she told other people that Teairra was still messing with Akbar, Brooke was absolutely unbothered. Teairra told her that she was just caught up in a cycle of dealing with a man who may have been abusive in one way or another, which Brooke couldn’t really understand.

Going Forth With a Wedding Without a Proposal

It was that super awkward moment where Brooke, back together with Marcus after he broke it off with his girlfriend Stassia, threw a whole wedding to get him to commit to her. She was super serious about it too, inviting their mothers and friends, having an officiant, a cake and the whole nine at a hotel. It seemed that he was going to get his runaway groom on, but Marcus surprised everyone, including Brooke. He told her he’d pass on the wedding for an engagement, proposing to her. It was a very messy set up on Brooke’s part as she tried to do things in the wrong order, but it ended in a positive way.

When Marcus’s Girlfriend Had That Pregnancy Scare

When Marcus was “sowing his wild oats” and dating a young woman named Stassia, Brooke was not here for it at all. When she heard the news that Stassia might be pregnant, she wouldn’t quit, showing up at the clinic where they were trying to take a test and found out she wasn’t pregnant. When Brooke found out, she threw a handful of condoms at Stassia and told her to look at the situation as “a learning experience.” She joked that Marcus was taking way too long to break things off with the girl, who was upset and ready to put her hands on the “Girlfight” singer. Per the usual though, Brooke was unbothered.

Dismissing The Women in Marcus’s Life

From inviting Stassia over to her place to tell her to hit the road, to making sure that Marcus cut his friend and short-lived love interest Jade out of his life after the paralegal helped him get legally divorced, Brooke didn’t play. She was not here for Marcus entertaining any other women, and that’s likely because of lies he told her in the past. She always made herself present to let these women know that she was always going to be THE woman in his life. Perhaps she just didn’t trust him to make that clear to everyone else.

Texting Amber Diamond Pretending To Be Marcus

An example of this was the time she saw that Marcus had been corresponding with a former cast member named Amber Diamond (whom she referred to constantly as Amber Cubic Zirconium). Amber seemed interested in Marcus, so Brooke, having access to his social media, started messaging Amber, pretending to be Marcus. This would culminate in Brooke inviting Amber to an event she was performing at to put her on blast as an “honorary side chick” in front of a crowd of people. Things would go left though as Amber and her mom were ready to cut up and tried to fight Brooke and her friend, Bridget.

Trying To Keep Booby on The Side

As important as having Marcus in her life was to Brooke, she sure didn’t want her “friend” and almost boo Daniel “Booby” Gibson dealing with anyone else — especially Bridget. Though Brooke shared a kiss with Booby, she had to keep him in the friend zone in order to move forward with Marcus, who wasn’t happy about their relationship. He was so unhappy about it that a song he had for Brooke to record he ended up giving to Bridget. And though Brooke was upset about that, she seemed more upset when she found out that Bridget went on a trip to Catalina Island with Booby that she was initially supposed to go on. She put Bridget on blast a few times about this, but her friend was one of the few women Brooke couldn’t check.

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