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DJ Envy wife

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Gia Casey says she found out husband DJ Envy was cheating without even trying, as the information came to her while she was simply attempting to peruse the Internet.

During the couple’s recent episode of Behind Every Man on OWN, she said in late 2012, he did a photo shoot for a magazine and she went online to see if any photos had been released. During her search, she found a thread with a woman who was alleged to be her husband’s mistress, talking about their affair.

“I Googled his name and the pictures didn’t pop up but a blog popped up. And when I clicked on the blog I saw a conversation, and one of the girls said to the other girl, ‘Well that’s why you’re with DJ Envy and his wife sits at home clueless,'” she said.

She went straight to him about it, with the blog as evidence.

“I said, do you know who this female is?” she recalled.

He claimed he had no idea what she was talking about.

“He was so infuriated that I would even suggest that he could so something like that to the woman he loved more than life itself,” she said. But she wasn’t buying it.

He couldn’t read her to know what exactly she may have already known about the situation. So when she told him, “Raashaun, I know that you cheated on me,” he ended up coming clean. Little did he know, she didn’t really know anything outside of the conversation she stumbled across online.

“She was like, I know. I want you to tell me,'” he said. “‘If you’re going to be a man, tell me.’ That’s how she found out. I told on myself.”

It’s unclear who the other woman was from the blog, but it was revealed publicly that he did at one point have an affair with Love and Hip Hop star Erica Mena, which turned into an ugly back and forth between them (more on that later). Envy and his wife were able to work through their issues with the help of their faith.

“You know, I’m not going to say I wasn’t into church and God before, but when that incident happened, it just opened our eyes as a family; not just me and my wife,” he told Essence in 2017. “To the point where, we pray every morning before I go to work. Everything in our family is based on our faith now.”

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DJ Envy wife

Source: Tasos Katopodis / Getty

The couple has been married for nearly 20 years, but as mentioned, Envy found himself in a major mess after Casey found out that he had been unfaithful. He was alleged to have cheated with reality star Erica Mena. Looking to sincerely apologize, the Breakfast Club co-host took to his post to decry his actions and to denounce Mena.

“I started messing with somebody that was beneath me,” he said at the time in 2013. “A bird. Evil. A liar. Somebody that was desperate and it’s just so pathetic. I mean I didn’t have to feed this person. I didn’t have to make her feel special because she wasn’t. So that’s what it was.”

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA – FEBRUARY 01: Gia Casey and DJ Envy attend Mike Rubin’s Fanatics Super Bowl Party at Loews Miami Beach Hotel on February 01, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Fanatics)

DJ Envy wife

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Mena wasn’t having it though. She responded to Envy’s comments by alleging that she was just one of a number of women the disc jokey was messing around on Casey with. However, she said their relationship had gone on for quite some time.

“DJ Envy’s definitely talking about me, but I’m one of many,” she said at the time. “I was under the assumption that he had kids but wasn’t actually married. I found out around the time that I started filming Love and Hip Hop. After I found out, I was still in shock because we were together for so long. I didn’t understand how he could take a vow as serious as marriage and take on a whole other relationship.”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – SEPTEMBER 21: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) DJ Envy and Gia Casey attend the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 21, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

DJ Envy wife

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

After the couple worked through their problems, Casey admitted she had no clue that her husband was cheating because their marriage seemed to be in a great place.

“We’ve been together for so long, but to be honest with you I didn’t expect it because he treated me amazingly,” she said on The Real in 2018. “A lot of times when people go through things like cheating the man treats the woman poorly at home, but our sex life was good. He was always giving me compliments, very generous. Everything was fantastic. He was a wonderful father. He never failed at that.”

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 16: Gia Casey (L) and DJ Envy attend the 13th Annual HealthCorps Gala at Cipriani 25 Broadway on April 16, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

DJ Envy wife

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Randomly, it was singer Tyrese of all people who helped them get through the hard times — at least that’s what Envy said.

“Not only did Tyrese give me good advice, Tyrese heard me on the radio and heard of the pain that I was going through at that time. And I didn’t know hi and he called,” he said to Essence in 2017. “He became kind of like our counselor and he would call my wife and he would come. Tyrese was so genuine. He was making me a better man.”

ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 02: Gia Casey (L) and DJ Envy attend The Big Game Day Party Hosted by 50 Cent + Kevin Hart at Oak on February 2, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

DJ Envy wife

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

The couple have five children together in daughters Madison, London and Brooklyn, and sons Logan and Jason. They were expecting their sixth child, but revealed in 2019 that they experienced a miscarriage. The couple had been undergoing fertility treatments and actually found success conceiving naturally before the heartbreaking loss.

Yes, I was pregnant. And I regret to use the word, was,” she said at the time. “At about six weeks, when I went in for another ultrasound…there was no heartbeat. But, you don’t necessarily have to have a heartbeat at six weeks. But the baby was measuring about a week behind in size…[and] at the seventh week there must be a heartbeat…lo and behold, there was no heartbeat.”

NEWARK, NJ – OCTOBER 28: Gia Casey (L) and DJ Envy backstage at 2018 Power105.1 Powerhouse NYC at Prudential Center on October 28, 2018 in Newark, New Jersey. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

DJ Envy wife

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During the couple’s Behind Every Man episode, they opened up about how they met.

The first time I seen Gia was at a birthday dinner. It was at, I believe, my sixteenth birthday. And my friend at the time, brought her friend which was Gia. I fell in love instantly,” he said. “I was like, ‘That’s going to be my wife. I don’t know how or what I’m going to say but I’m going to marry her.’ I didn’t have the lines. I wasn’t the coolest. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t have any game.”

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA – FEBRUARY 15: Gia Casey and DJ Envy attend the Adidas Basketball Black Tie Party Presented by Remy Martin at Delilah on February 15, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for Remy Martin)

DJ Envy wife

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The couple, who met in high school, ended up hitting it off eventually after he said something that was corny but cute to her at school. The rest is history.

When Raashaun and I started dating, I was 15 and he was 16. He was so romantic at such a young age,” she said. “He wrote me a letter telling me that he was going to marry me and that we were going to have kids, a picket fence and a dog. I gotta tell you, I knew that we were going to be together forever.”

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 09: Gia Casey (L) and DJ Envy visit Music Choice on February 9, 2018 in New York City. (Photo by Chance Yeh/Getty Images)

DJ Envy wife

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To make things work nowadays, DJ Envy said they like to keep their relationship fun.

He said to XONecole in 2018, “we try to do things where we spice things up. Our goal is to satisfy each other and have fun in our relationship. We don’t take anything too serious. We have date night every week where we leave the kids at home and do different things, whether it’s a movie, dinner, or we stay in a hotel in the city, or we go gambling.”

NEW YORK, NY – OCTOBER 26: (L-R) DJ Envy and Gia Casey attend Power 105.1’s Powerhouse 2017 at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on October 26, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

DJ Envy wife

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

It’s easy for the couple to maintain the fun and the passion in their relationship, according to Gia. As she put it, they genuinely enjoy one another’s company.

“Our biggest goal is to have fun with each other,” she said. “You can’t really ask how do you keep things spicy without asking how do you stay connected because you stay connected and you actually like the person you’re married to and enjoy each other’s company, then the sexy kinda follows suit.”

NEW YORK, NY – APRIL 10: DJ Envy (L) and Gia Casey attend the New York Yankees Opening Day Post-Game Party at Kola House on April 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/Getty Images)

DJ Envy wife

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There were reports back in 2012 that Casey, and in turn, the whole family, was possibly going to join Real Housewives of New York. She passed on the opportunity.

“It was years ago. That’s not my brand,” she said. “That’s not what I wanna do. I’m not interested in that at all. And so I declined.”

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 15: DJ Envy and wife Gia Casey (C) and family attend the Rookie USA Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 15, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Haddad)

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