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Many of us watched as LisaRaye McCoy sat down with her mother and daughter for a recent episode of “Iyanla Fix My Life.”

During their time with Ms. Vanzant, the three generations of women attempted to work on their tense and strained relationship with one another. They discussed the numbness present in LisaRaye’s daughter Kai Morai, the bitterness in her mother Katie McCoy, and the fact that LisaRaye’s late father pitted his daughter and wife against one another in a competition for his affections.

It was a doozy.

But if you’ve been keeping track of the LisaRaye headlines of late, you know that the relationships between her mother and daughter are not the only fraught ones she has in her life.

We all watched with shock and perhaps some secondhand embarrassment as rapper Da Brat, LisaRaye’s sister attempted to surprise her for her birthday on Fox Soul’s “Cocktails With Queens.”

For those who missed the moment, it did not go over well. It was the moment the world learned that the two sisters hadn’t spoken in months. And Da Brat never shared with LisaRaye the news of her new relationship with Jesseca DuPart.

Well, during an interview with Ebony Magazine—posted on their IG TV, LisaRaye shared that Iyanla Vanzant also had some insight for McCoy and her relationship with the sister who didn’t appear on the show.

Ebony: Many people are aware of your moment on “Cocktails with Queens” with your sister Da Brat. That was a powerful moment. Are we going to see any of your sister on the show as well.

Lisa: She wasn’t there because the first time, it was actually supposed to be about my daughter. And then it turned into a three generation thing. It wasn’t until the second time that we came back to film “Iyanla Fix My Life” that we spoke about my sister. But I will say this about my situation with my sister because Iyanla left me with a lot of homework, a lot of reading to do, books and a lot of daily aspirations to get back to me.

As mad as I was, I wasn’t mad at my sister. It was pain that was speaking. Because I felt like not saying that I don’t want you to love or enjoy your life or any of that. I haven’t had a chance to say anything. And that was my problem and my concern. It was like what happened. I ain’t talked to you in months. I don’t know what’s going on. I keep hearing what’s going on and people showing me. But I’m a person who don’t believe everything you put on the internet. I believe a half truth. So I’m thinking, I’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth. Why am I not hearing it from you?

Sitting down with Iyanla, Iyanla says, ‘What makes you think that she wanted to divulge any of that to you? What makes you think that you’re entitled for her to come tell you anything?’

And it was like, ‘Because that’s what we do.’

And Iyanla said, ‘Evidently, that’s what y’all used to do. She’s moved on and did something different. You don’t know why but when your sister comes to you, embrace her then. But how dare you feel like you’re entitled to?’

I was thinking, well wait a minute now. I’m still like this (makes a shaky hand motion) with it. I’m still like no. Because if congratulations is in store, I want to be able to say that from an honest place. I can’t say it from an honest place now because I don’t know anything.

And it’s also me missing our relationship. Like she said, nothing happened with me and my sister, it’s just that I’m in a relationship. That hurt my feelings too. Because I’m like is it your relationship causing you not to talk to me? What is that about then? What caused the change because you’re right. We didn’t fall out. I’m not used to talking to her every day or every week. I’ve never been a messy sister where I’m involved in her life or anything so where is this coming from is what and where I was coming from.

Addressing her response to her co-hosts who tried to encourage LisaRaye to calm down.

Y’all don’t know how close this bond is. This bond is so close that before her career started, I was there. I was there when she was playing drums in church. I was there when she put 15 rubber bands on her head to keep that ponytail sticking straight up. I was there when she was ditching school. I was there when she started the little girl band. I was there when she started her career when we went down to Atlanta for Freaknik. I was there. So y’all don’t know nothing about this. And that’s where that narrative came from. But it came out like loud. I was trying to hold it. I had to shut them down on that.

Again, I had to reflect on that, sit on that and say, ‘Ladies, I apologize for the way that came out.’ I meant what I said, still. I wanted y’all to back up and I’m glad y’all did because I’m not sure what else would have came out.

You can watch the full interview with LisaRaye in the video below.

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