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social media and human behavior

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On average, Americans spend a little over two hours a day on social media. Sites like Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter allow you to reach just about anyone and they let just about anyone reach you. That can be a good thing, but that can also be a bad thing. If on a scale of one to 10, your ability to edit what people and information came into your lives was at, say, a six, before social media, it may be at a negative something now.

Not every mind is prepared to download all of that data. Even happy and stable individuals can feel depressed and lonely after too much time spent on social media. It’s a tricky place because, in some ways, there are many useful tools on there for mental health. There are groups where you can connect over certain issues and information you can gather for your wellbeing. There are mental health experts you can follow and uplifting articles you can read. However, in order to get to those, you have to trudge through a lot of trash. We spoke with Deana Davis, licensed social worker and therapist, about social media behaviors that could be a sign one needs professional help. We also examined why social media isn’t the best place to share personal matters.

social media and human behavior

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Do we ask too much of social media?

“People have turned social media into this grand thing. The expectation of social media, I feel, has changed,” says Davis. As for behaviors that could be a sign one needs to seek professional help, Davis says, “The long post is a perfect indication that you need a therapist…when people start unpacking long drawn out stories, relationship issues…videos of them crying hysterically.” She also states that any mention of suicidal thoughts should be taken seriously and requires professional attention.

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