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Depending on your lifestyle, the Coronavirus could feel like a major threat to you, or not such a big deal. If you work at a restaurant and have roommates then, you’re probably pretty worried. You have to be around people to make a living, and then when you get home again. If you’re a single individual who lives alone and works from home, then you have a pretty clutch situation right now. You can just have all of your essential items delivered and really hole up until this thing passes. Regardless of what you do for a living, there is one particular demographic that’s in a sticky spot: live-in significant others. I am taking all the precautions I can to stay healthy, but I don’t know for certain that my live-in boyfriend is doing the same. I don’t know if he’s using hand sanitizer after pumping gas and wiping down his grocery carts with those antibacterial wipes stores keep by the front door now. I don’t know if he’s turning down hugs and handshakes. And if he isn’t, then it’s almost like all of my efforts to stay healthy are useless.


At the end of the day, I come home and kiss, hug, and share dishes and towels with my partner. So his habits affect me. My boyfriend does assure me that he’s taking precautions, but we can’t guarantee everyone he interacts with is. Ultimately, the moment you live with someone, it feels that your chances of contracting the virus double because the person you share a home with could drag that virus right into your confined space. We need some precautions for those with infected, live-in partners. Because they’re just stuck. Here are ways to try to remain healthy if your partner gets Coronavirus. This won’t guarantee you don’t get it, but it’s worth it to take every step you can to stay healthy.

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Don’t let him in the kitchen

Your infected partner should not go in the kitchen. Not for a glass of water. Not for a snack. Not for his medication. The second he does that, he might touch all of the surfaces that you do, from the microwave handle to the refrigerator door to the drawer with the silverware. The kitchen is a no-fly zone for him right now.

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