Cheap But Sentimental Valentine’s Day Gifts

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valentine's day gift ideas for her 2020

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There could be a lot of reasons you don’t want to spend big for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you think the entire day is a scam, designed to make the Hallmark company money. Maybe you’re broke, and don’t have that money to spend. Perhaps it makes your partner uncomfortable when you spend a lot on her. Maybe you’re honestly just a really busy couple who forgot to shop for gifts. Maybe you’re in my boat, and you’ve just been with your partner for so long that, at this point, Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal, and you’ve learned that spending a lot on it, each year, forever, just isn’t sustainable. You do, however, still want to acknowledge the holiday. You don’t want your partner to be the poor, sad one who has to say—when people ask her, “So, what’d your man do for you for Valentine’s Day?”—“Oh, nothing. But…it’s fine! Really!” Yeah. Think about that moment.


For most women (read: good women) it really is the thought that counts. But, more specifically, it’s the effort and the fact that you’ve been paying attention. Sometimes the smallest, cheapest gift actually means so much because it shows that you think about your partner’s life, and pay attention to the little things that would make her day easier, more fun, or just a little bit better. Other gifts show that you’ve marked those special moments throughout your relationship, made a note of them, and reminded yourself to create a gift around them one day. You don’t need to spend much and you don’t need to go big. Really. Here are cheap but sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts she wants.


A car phone holder

What women doesn’t love a man who is looking out for her safety? If you’ve been on your partner’s case many times about her phone use while she’s driving, it may be time to do something about it and get her a phone port for her car that will prop the phone up higher, so she doesn’t need to look down at her lap to answer a call.

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