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There could be a lot of reasons you don’t want to spend big for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you think the entire day is a scam, designed to make the Hallmark company money. Maybe you’re broke, and don’t have that money to spend. Perhaps it makes your partner uncomfortable when you spend a lot on her. Maybe you’re honestly just a really busy couple who forgot to shop for gifts. Maybe you’re in my boat, and you’ve just been with your partner for so long that, at this point, Valentine’s Day isn’t really a big deal, and you’ve learned that spending a lot on it, each year, forever, just isn’t sustainable. You do, however, still want to acknowledge the holiday. You don’t want your partner to be the poor, sad one who has to say—when people ask her, “So, what’d your man do for you for Valentine’s Day?”—“Oh, nothing. But…it’s fine! Really!” Yeah. Think about that moment.


For most women (read: good women) it really is the thought that counts. But, more specifically, it’s the effort and the fact that you’ve been paying attention. Sometimes the smallest, cheapest gift actually means so much because it shows that you think about your partner’s life, and pay attention to the little things that would make her day easier, more fun, or just a little bit better. Other gifts show that you’ve marked those special moments throughout your relationship, made a note of them, and reminded yourself to create a gift around them one day. You don’t need to spend much and you don’t need to go big. Really. Here are cheap but sentimental Valentine’s Day gifts she wants.


A car phone holder

What women doesn’t love a man who is looking out for her safety? If you’ve been on your partner’s case many times about her phone use while she’s driving, it may be time to do something about it and get her a phone port for her car that will prop the phone up higher, so she doesn’t need to look down at her lap to answer a call.


A photo album

The very fact that you took the time to go to the drug store and plug your phone into their printer and hand-select the photos you wanted printed will touch her. You probably have so many lovely photos of the two of you on your phone. Print some of your favorites from throughout the years and put them in a nice album.


A map of your adventures

Have you two gone on a lot of adventures? Either through the city, country, or even world? Buy her a globe or a map, and get little heart-shaped pins to mark the places you’ve been together—or the places you’d like to go together. She’ll love the chance to talk about future adventures.


A personalized pillow

It can have a photo of the two of you, of your beloved pet, of her and her best friend, of one of  her greatest accomplishments, or whatever you think she’d find the most touching. She’ll also probably just love the fact that you, as a man, are giving in a little on the whole accent pillow thing.


Sleep assistance

Does she struggle to sleep? If you know why, help her do something about it. Maybe her bedroom is too bright. Get her a sleep mask. Better yet, install some blackout curtains for her—you can often find a good set for under $50. If the street is too loud, get her a bulk box of high-quality earplugs.


Great toilet paper

This one may seem silly, but if you’ve been together for a long time, then you’re at the phase of arguing about the quality of toilet paper the other person picks up at the store. Show her you’ve been listening and get her an enormous package of that good, three-ply stuff.


Vibrator batteries

Is her vibrator always running out of batteries at just the wrong time? Get her a nice big pack of the right batteries, so she’ll be good to go—and you’ll both be good to go—for a while. It may even just be time to buy her a new vibrator. She’ll appreciate that you’re comfortable enough to get her one.


Wash her car

Are you always on her case about how dirty her car is? Well, be a pal and wash it for her. Or, you can even get her a gift certificate to an affordable car wash. Now she’ll have no excuses to keep it so dirty—at least until that gift card runs out. You could also get her thoughtful items for the car like a car seat for her dog or snacks to keep in her center divider.


Birthstone jewelry

You can find birthstone jewelry for pretty good prices, making it a nice alternative to the pricier diamonds, pearls, etc. You’ll get a lot of brownie points for looking up her birthstone, and she’ll like adding it to the collection she likely already has going of birth stone jewelry. On that note, find out what she does have (earrings? Bracelet?) and get her the missing piece.


IOU dinners

Instead of making her dinner on Valentine’s Day (which you’re also still free to do), why not give her an IOU dinner punch card? She can use this on nights she is just too exhausted to cook for herself. You can swoop into the rescue and make her a meal while she relaxes.


A pet-walking punch card

This is another type of IOU punch card that any dog owner will love. Your girl loves her dog, but there are times she is just too exhausted or too busy to run Spot out for a walk. Give her a punch card that entitles to her to five or 10 dog walks. So you’ll take the fur baby out when mommy can’t.


A great robe

Every woman loves an excellent robe. If her big fluffy one covered in bunnies or clouds is looking worse for the wear, replace that one. If you think she’d like a slinkier silk one—like a dressing gown she wears while doing her makeup—you can find her a pretty affordable one online.


An excellent carry-on bag

Does your partner always get hit with the checked baggage fees? Maybe she struggles to limit what she brings along on trips? Find her a really wellmade, smartly-designed carry-on bag with tons of storage compartments that can help her travel with all she wants, without paying those luggage fees.


Keychain mace

This is another thoughtful safety gift. If your partner often has to walk alone to her car in the evenings, at least get her a small keychain mace to help keep her safe. You could also get her a whistle that she can blow when she feels threatened, or even a small taser.


Gym and facewash hair essentials

Every woman struggles with how to manage her hair while she’s exercising, washing her face, or showering on days she doesn’t want to wash her hair. Things like headbands, hair pins, hair wraps, and even cute shower caps will be greatly appreciated.

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