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turning 40 men

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So your man is turning the big 40. Damn. Life is so bizarre. You were just a couple of young people, buzzing around, building your life, moving and hustling and shaking and grinding. That’s what your thirties are for, after all. It’s when you make some of your biggest career strides. It’s when you start making good money. It might be when you get married, or when you have children. It’s when you transition from feeling like a totally lost child to feeling like an adult, settled in her own skin, with some sort of handle on this thing called life. And then…BAM…40 comes around. It’s so rude. You were just enjoying 30! It comes too soon.


But maybe it’s just your fella who is turning 40 for now. If you’re like many women who date someone a bit older than them, it’s possible that you’re still nice smack dab in the middle of your thirties, and you don’t have to worry about 40 coming around for a while. But, in a weird way, if you love a man who is turning 40, you are faced with that age—and all its implications—earlier than your time because you are so close to someone who is facing it. It can be rather sobering when your man approaches that age. I mean, that’s a man. When you think of a dude in his thirties, you may still think of a young blood with a lot to learn—a lot of spunk, and light in his eyes. A man in his forties is seasoned.


You show respect to a man in his forties. Society shows respect to a man of that age. He’s distinguished. He’s been through some sh*t. He knows what he’s talking about. He’s no longer easily scammed, wooed, or even entertained. And that’s your partner. Here are some thoughts you may have as your man turns 40.


That’s no young man anymore

Up until recently, you always thought of yourselves as a young couple. There were the old couples (your parents, their parents, your aunts and uncles, those neighbors who always ask you two to keep it down), and the young couples, and you were very much in the latter category. But now…you’re not a young couple. As far as marketing firms are concerned, you’re not really part of the “couples in their twenties and thirties” demographic anymore.

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