Ten Women Weigh In On What They Learned About Love in Their Twenties

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  1. Let go of the notion that you know what you WANT in a partner and focus on what you NEED because sometimes what you want is definitely not what you need.
  2. Do NOT put your dreams and goals on hold for ANYBODY. Trust that your individual goals can align (if they are meant to) and you can both succeed.
  3. It is okay for you and your partner to change, just make sure it’s for the better.
  4. Take as many breaks as you need to figure yourself out and let your partner do the same.
  5. There is no actual blueprint to love. Sometimes you have to just figure that shit out as it happens and learn from it.
  6. You don’t know anything about love yet and that’s okay. It’s everchanging and evolving just like you so take your time to figure out how to love yourself and then you will learn to love your partner better.
  7. Yes, your 20s are about having fun and you should definitely do that but also…chill a little. Just know that the decisions you make in your 20s have a way of rolling over to your 30s and so on.
  8. Put as much effort into your own relationship as you do rooting for those celeb couples you deem to be #relationshipgoals.
  9. Just because you love or think you love somebody doesn’t necessarily mean you are supposed to be with them. Love that homie from afar.

Disclaimer: This December marks 12 years with the same partner from when I was 19 years old. All of the lessons I learned about love, I was lucky to learn them with a supportive and patient partner who encouraged self-growth and dream/goal acquisition!

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