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31 Days Sensuality

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“Am I supposed to feel horny after I eat this?” Claudia’s question was actually viable at this moment, being that we just consumed a spread of food all considered to be “ aphrodisiacs.” According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, an Aphrodisiac is,  “an agent (such as a food or drug) that arouses or is held to arouse sexual desire. “  On Saturday, I invited a few friends over to have an “ aphrodisiac themed brunch with me to see if the food actually makes you feel sexier and more sensual. Instead of doing the typical oysters and chocolate platter, we opted for a menu that was light and nutritious, sprinkled with elements of Aphrodisiacs.


Source: William Ellis @mrwilliamellis

We made the following: 

  • Figs with Honey 
  • Raspberries filled with chocolate. 
  • A platter of berries, watermelon, and cucumbers. 
  • Biscuits with honey 
  • Cherries
  • Veggie omelets and chicken and apple sausages
  • Ginger, apple, Tumeric, lemon  shots  

Source: William Ellis @mrwilliamellis

On paper, this wasn’t your typical sexy meal. But, it was. I honestly was aroused. First, we took our time to make food together, my home was filled with laughter and good vibes-  that’s sexy. Next, the food represented every color of the rainbow. We made sure every piece of fruit was carved with detail, the arrangement of food mimicked textile patterns, we created art with the food-  that’s sexy! We lit candles, burned sage, decorated the space with yellow roses, played jazz and classic R&B bops creating an atmosphere of love – that’s sexy. The fruit were fresh and ripe, we took our time allowing ourselves to savor every dish we created ( eyes closed and all). A few of us even ate Mukbang style  – that shit is really sexy! 


Source: William Ellis @mrwilliamellis

So yes, I suppose aphrodisiacs do work. I personally didn’t feel horny or wolf-like. I did, however, feel aroused by everything I ate, the atmosphere we created and the fellowship of sharing a meal with people I love. I was edified and satiated. I enjoyed the alchemy of blending sweet and savory together;  creating flavorful, delicious and tasty sensations on my pallet. 


Source: William Ellis @mrwilliamellis

 I felt good about eating foods that are work with my body not against my body for optimum health. In fact, eating power foods and aphrodisiacs stimulate your brain by releasing neurotransmitters like Dopamine that creates feelings of pleasure and reward. This is what food and sensuality are all about-  feeling good, being well and heightening your senses. 





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