Why Losing The Last Ten Pounds Is The Hardest

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If you’ve been on a tremendous weight loss journey, then all along, you may have had this very specific body in mind. You’ve pictured the way you want to look, down to the chiseled abs and defined arm muscles. Maybe you’ve been so focused on the fact that you’re not that yet, that you haven’t stopped to appreciate all of the progress you have done—and that even if you don’t look like that image in your head, you still look amazing. But that’s how it can be—you have to focus on the end goal, to even have a chance at hitting the milestones on the way. And once the last milestone to hit is that final one, it can really feel like the process slows down. Almost anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight can vouch for the fact that the final ten pounds are the hardest. But it’s not coincidence or bad luck—there are reasons.


You’re already receiving compliments

As hard as it is to admit, the looks and the judgment you received when you were bigger fueled you to lose weight. Now, people check you out. People compliment you. Other women are envious of you. The compliments are rolling in, and compliments aren’t always as motivating as criticism.


Your doc says you’re alright

There is a weight range that is healthy for you. You’re in that range now, so you’re doctor says you don’t need to lose any more weight. You are, however, at the very top of that range and still want to drop a few. But when your doctor says you’re fine, it’s hard to stay motivated.


The calorie cutting can be extreme

At this point, your calorie cutting has to be extreme. The less you weigh, the fewer calories your body needs to sustain itself. The fewer bodies your body needs to sustain itself, the even fewer you get to eat if you want to keep burning calories.


You’re the hungriest you’ve ever been

Due to that last reality, you’re the hungriest you’ve ever felt throughout this entire process. Before, you just had to give up bad food—but your good food didn’t leave you feeling hungry. Now, you’re just going to have to face feeling a little hungry.


You’re emotionally attached to it

You might be attached to that weight. It’s been with you for a long time. For as long as you’ve known, you’ve identified as a plus-size woman. Losing this weight can feel like losing your identity.


Reaching goals is scary

Reaching goals can be scary. Our goals have kept us company, kept us motivated, and perhaps even kept us distracted from other issues in our lives (like you’re not happy in your job or your relationship). Once you’re done tackling this, what else will you have to tackle?


You can * sort of * wiggle into new clothes

You can just about wiggle into the new size of clothes you’ve purchased, so you don’t quite see the point in losing the final weight. But, you are putting too much pressure on those five-button jeans—they may pop soon enough.


You’re hitting the gym less

You feel so close to your goals that, when temptation to skip the gym strikes—your friends invite you to a movie during gym time, for example—you give in. You tell yourself you’ve earned it. And, while that’s true, using that excuse won’t help you lose those final ten pounds.


Your metabolism is slowing

While you’re not eating enough to keep up basic physiological functions, your metabolism is actually purposefully slowing down to compensate for this.


You may have added muscle

If your weight loss routine has involved a lot of weight training, it’s quite possible that you’ve simply gained muscle mass—and muscle weighs more than fat.


You’re over it

This journey may have been happening for a long time now—maybe over a year. You’re just…over it. You’re tired of always saying no, of restricting, of limiting, of abstaining. Your patience for the process has run out before the goals have arrived.


Your friends aren’t helping

Your friends just keep saying that you look amazing, and that you shouldn’t have to restrict yourself anymore. Maybe before, they were allies in your dieting and exercise goals. Now they encourage you to eat the cake.


Your body might want it

You may have miscalculated your weight goals. Maybe this is a great weight for you. Keep in mind that, if being permanently 10 pounds lighter would mean feeling permanently hungry and tired then, perhaps that isn’t the right weight for you.


Your family is worried

If your family has always been used to seeing you a certain way, then this is around the time they’ll start to be concerned. While to the rest of the world, your new body looks healthy, to your family, you can look too skinny—and they keep saying so.


You’ve been too restrictive

Your diet may have been too restrictive. You wanted results fast so you didn’t touch one carb or gram of sugar for six months. But that means you could be headed for some binge eating. That’s why extreme restriction is a bad way to lose weight.


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