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Adulting is not as glamorous as you likely thought when you were younger and, as a result, you may have stalled the process of growing up much more than you realize. What’s the difference between being a kid at heart and refusing to grow up at all, you ask? Let us help you out.

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You Haven’t Reached Any Major Life Milestones

Now, to be clear, the life milestones of marriage and children are being redefined every day, as more modern women are waiting to settle down into family life much later in life, if at all. However, there are certain universal milestones every adult should achieve at some point.

Having an established career, your own place to live, a bank account — these are basic necessities that everyone should have as an adult. It’s fine if you’re still trying to figure out your path in life, but you also should be able to fend for yourself on a daily basis without the help of others. There’s nothing wrong with having your own timeline, but you have to actually establish one and work to hit the marks.


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Your Friends Have Progressed And Left You Behind

When you have a close-knit group of friends it’s easy to feel a sense of friendly competition in terms of achievements, as seeing the success of others can often propel you to go even harder to reach your own. Although, you should remember that if you aren’t progressing at all in life, your friends are bound to leave you behind. If you’re still in the same place in life that you were five or 10 years ago, something is wrong, and you need to really ask yourself why you’ve become so stagnant. If your friends really care about you they won’t throw it up in your face that they’ve passed you by, but they may ask you some tough questions regarding why and even offer some advice.

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You’re Financially Dependent On Others

Look, the economy has been up and down and so has the job market, meaning that finances have likely been tough for us all at one point in time and we needed to rely on the financial help of others. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if it’s a regular occurrence for you and you’re not in any rush to change it, then you really need to grow up.

When you financially depend on someone all the time they quickly lose respect for you and often view you as lacking, these are both things that can be avoided if you got out and hustle for your own income. It may not be glamorous, but retail is always hiring and maybe you have to do it to get on your feet and stack a little paper…at least you’ll still have your dignity in tact.

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You Change Jobs Frequently

Life is much too short to stay at a job that you hate or that doesn’t fulfill you, so if that means you have to leave and find something else, so be it. However, if you change jobs every few months and you always place the blame on the job itself, perhaps it’s time to look in the mirror and realize it’s you.

Not only does frequent job-hopping hurt your resume, it also means that you lack stability and the commitment it takes to stay at a job and actually try to make it work. If all else fails, maybe you should try to go in business for yourself, whatever the decision, you need be a grown-up and achieve some job security.

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You Have A Serious Case Of Entitlement

Kids have a natural sense of entitlement because they don’t know any better and think that have a right to special treatment for everything. You’re not a child though, so this behavior is not only disappointing coming from an adult, it’s also pretty annoying to those around you.

You’re grown and no one owes you anything just because you lack the skills necessary to get your life together. Acting with a sense of entitlement is also a quick way to alienate your friends and family because that behavior coupled with your immaturity is simply too much to deal with.


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You Don’t Take Anything In Your Life Seriously

Being a free-spirit who lives in the moment is fine and a great way to avoid stress, but there comes a time when you have to get serious about things, specifically your life’s direction.

If you shrug off your lack of career prospects, limited finances and other adult responsibilities because you refuse to grow up, then you have a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Why are you doing this? Are you using this behavior to cover up deeper feelings? These are important questions you need to ask yourself in an effort to get serious about your life once and for all.

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You Never Take Responsibility For Anything

Nothing is ever your fault and you always place responsibility on other people. If you exhibit this behavior, then you are a prime example of an adult baby. One of the true measures of a grown up is acknowledging, accepting and implementing responsibility and if you don’t ever do this, then you are headed for a lot of headaches in the future.

Be the adult that you are and take the necessary steps to become a more responsible person instead of waiting for others to do your heavy-lifting for you. It may not be easy at first, but you need to make the effort sooner rather than later.

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You Resist All Life Advice

When the people in your life who love you offer you life advice, you roll your eyes, change the subject or even snap at them. This is what an immature person does, not an adult. Even if you think you know it all, just listening to the advice of someone who is currently in a better position in life could actually help you out more than you want to admit.

Swallow your pride and rid yourself of your ego long enough to receive some well-meaning advice that could help you on your way to officially growing up and playing in the adult leagues.

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Your Priorities Are Out Of Whack

You place partying over getting paid and selfies over serious conversations, in short your priorities are all out of whack because you are operating on a severely immature level. There is a time and place for everything, but you seem to have a hard time grasping that concept.

Your life and livelihood should always be your top priority, not superficial things like social media, gossip and appearances. Snap out of your little bubble and step into the real world where the grown ups live.

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Your Relationships Are Suffering

Even the people who love and care about you most have their breaking point. At some point, they all will become so frustrated with your immature ways that it starts to impact their relationship with you.

Your friends, significant other and your family may become distant, easily irritated and frankly just disappointed in your refusal to grow up. You don’t want to get to a point where you have driven everyone you love away through behavior that you are too stubborn to change.

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