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reginae carter talks becoming a big sister


Reginae Carter, daughter of rapper Lil’ Wayne and author and TV personality Toya Wright is trying her best to be a regular undergrad navigating the new waters of independence and adulthood, but it’s been a challenge for the 18-year-old whose had flashing lights in her face since the day she was born. BET recently sat down for an exclusive interview with one of the stars of Growing Up Hip-Hop: Atlanta as she shared how she’s adjusting to college life and patiently awaiting the arrival of her newest sibling.

The Clark Atlanta freshman shares she’s no stranger to popularity. She’s had a stylist since high school, hair and makeup are available readily at her request and of course security is never far from the freshman who stands at 4’11”. She shares she’s always been one of the popular kids and has never shied from the cameras because she was born into the celebrity lifestyle:

“In middle school and high school, I mean I’ve always been like the popular kid. Like everybody always knew like oh she’s Lil Wayne’s daughter, she’s Toya’s daughter blah blah. So they’ve always did the most, so I never really got bullied or anything. My father was already a star when I was born, so I was raised into this and that’s what people don’t understand.”

“I never was scared of cameras. I always loved cameras, so yeah I like that attention.”

She shares that despite the access she’s always had to expensive clothes and exotic vacations, she’s far from spoiled:

“Well one thing about [spoiling me] though my parents didn’t; they still kept me humble at the same time. It wasn’t like to the point where it was like, ‘Okay Nae want it, she gotta get it.’ Like no it’s like, ‘Why do you want this? Like whatchu gon’ do? Like honestly. I always had good grades. I always did my stuff. The only thing my momma had a problem with was cleaning up. I’m not messy I’m not up to par to her standards.”

As close as Ms. Carter is with both of her parents, particularly with the unending support that is always sent her way by the both of them, she is clear about the fact that she wants to be able to support herself and maintain her independence. She’s has chosen to live off campus while she pursues a mass media degree and takes acting classes to prepare for a career on-screen that isn’t associated with reality TV. She shares that while she’s in no rush to grow up, it was her decision to live independently:

“The first of the month, I got my money ready. It’s just, you know, teaching me about life and I always told my mom, ‘I’m moving out when I’m eighteen.’ That’s what’s I did because I don’t wanna be handicapped in life. I wanna know about the real world. I wanna get out there. I’m not trying to rush my age but I gotta grow up one day so you know it’s better to just start when you’re in college and you’re already on your own, nobody making you go to classes, nobody’s making you do the work.”

“I’ve been in out of acting classes but now, I’m ready. I really want to build a career in acting, so that’s what. I’m just looking forward to auditioning and you know, getting turned down. I’m looking for all of that cuz that’s only going to get me stronger and ready for the real world.”

When it comes to her family, Reginae is fully aware that she doesn not bite her tongue when it comes to their defense and shares that growing up famous has had its share of challenges particularly when it comes to rumor mill. There was rumor that she died in a car accident when she was eight and not too long ago when her father made some questionable remarks about the #BlackLivesMatter movement that got social media riled up, Reginae was quick to clear her father’s name:

“I have a flip mouth. I’m not gon’ lie I do. I mean I’m getting better with my mouth. My mouth used to be bad when I was younger .You know I’m a Sag. Look up some Sagittarius [traits]. We be real smart at the mouth.”

She admits she’s a work in progress especially as she prepares to be a role model to her latest sibling. Her mother announced she was expecting a few months ago at age 36, and Reginae reflected on her own childhood and admits that while she had plenty of privileges, she still witnessed her mother face plenty of challenges with becoming a mother at age 16:

“I always say that me and my mom grew up together because I saw her like growing as well. Like my mom has grown so much and that’s why I respect my mother as a woman. Because though I was young, I did see like dramatic changes. Not like she was like a bad mother or anything, but it’s like growth maturity and it’s amazing how great my mother is through the things that she’s been through. It’s crazy. I can’t wait to see her again as a mother. That baby will be satisfied.”

In addition to books, and becoming a big sister again soon, one wonders if Reginae has time for a social life and more so, a love life. After a messy, very public incident highlighted by The Shade Room involving Ms. Carter, a young man and another girl, she says that if she is involved with anybody, the world won’t know details anytime soon:

“I have a friend but you know, no one would ever know about him because with my last relationship, I felt like once you put something out into the world, that’s when people start to have ulterior motives and some people don’t really want you to be happy. Once you put a relationship out, you know girls want your man and boys liking the attention so they wanna follow this and it’s just too much.”

And despite that she may come off as spoiled, she shares that although she recognizes she’s blessed, she’s plenty generous when it comes to those she cares for:

“My family and my friends, I love hard. I really care for people and love hard and just basically where I wanna be in life, I think about that all the time. How I wanna better myself as a person, I’m a great person but I feel like, you know, nothing wrong with changing yourself.”

You can read the interview in its entirety here.

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