Geriatric Thirst: Jackie Christie Posts Topless Picture On Instagram

June 18, 2014  |  

Source: Twitter

Mimi Faust isn’t the only seasoned reality star trying to use her assets to get a bit more shine. Today, “Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie posted a topless picture of herself on Instagram. And she really let it all hang out.

The image was deleted shortly afterward. People are claiming that the photo was leaked but unless someone stole Jackie’s phone and had time to upload the picture before she deleted it, just minutes later, this is all very doubtful.

There’s really not much to say about this, it is what it is, we’re just wondering why, Jackie why?! Your position on “Basketball Wives” wasn’t in danger, what was the point?

What do you think of this so- called leaked picture? Why do you think Jackie released it? According to several sites, Christie was born in 1969, making her 45 this year. Forty five is no where near the grave but it is entirely too old for these type of shenanigans. Smh.

Jackie has yet to release a statement about the photo.

And umm…for those of you who are dying to see the unedited image, you can do so here.

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  • Bren Langdon

    You need to put those old utters away!

  • guest

    Too damn old for this nonsense. SMFH

  • guest

    Looking saggy & floppy like an old salami roll just laying there! How about some perky pretty ones next time you show us that. That is an old woman; wonder what her kids & their kids going to be thinking about when they see that! Probably same as North when she see Kum KarTrashian & Ray J playing lollipop!

  • Shan Frazer

    :-O Oh my!

  • oldskoolnyker

    Some of y’all have naked pics worse than this and y’all talking trash!

    • SuperTrooper1420


  • insert Name Here

    THIS is the type of sh!t Chili and T-boz need to be talking bout.”.to old for this type of mess” people putting they business all out there on the interwebs for everyone to see..don’t nobody want see that mess..and at her age she should have figured out a betta way to make some money honey..smdh..put some clothes on making the children puke

  • Media Blush

    She looks great! Maybe people should not put their “business assets” out for the world to see and judge, but to each their own. If this was Kim K. or any other young hot pop star this would not be an issue. At 45 most of us can only pray, wish, and hope we look that good. She may or may not be crazy but she got her life!

    • Trisha_B

      “If this was Kim K. or any other young hot pop star this would not be an issue…”

      Don’t lie! Look how people reacted to Rihanna’s nipples. Would be far worst if this was any young celeb. People would be like “oh their a role models…”

      • GUEST

        cause nobody wants to see their grandma or any body’s grandma neekkid! SHE TOOOOOOOOOO OLD; BOOBIES TOO UGLY & FLABBY, FLOPPY! PUKE!

  • chivalrous1won

    the only thing I find difficult to understand about it is the whole relationship dynamic that is broadcast by her and her husband…..I am very curious to know what he thinks of this as well as her motivation

  • lll

    Ratchet chicks want 2 things: d*ck and attention.

  • Niesha

    Disgusting. I can’t stand jackie. She is soo messy and shady, just a hater. Her and sundy can go join a senior center for bingo night and have every seat on the building.

  • Kambriel

    Makes me wonder what “geriatrics” thirst for..Matlock reruns and nickel candy perhaps?

  • Ms.D19

    Someone get her a drink cause she is SO thristy!

  • mmmdot

    There is sincerely no excuse for this ratchetness.

  • NOPe

    I have no idea who she is, but I clicked the link, and they’re pretty nice.

    • hollyw

      *sighhhhhhh* lol smh.

  • Alfreda Calbert

    This is why she harasses Drea so much, jealous.

  • ShellyKelly

    I’ve read a lot of comments from women (on other sites) about the imperfections of her breasts. Most women don’t have perky, perfect-looking, symmetrical, camera-ready breasts. Personally, I think Jackie’s look nice, LOL, irrespective of her age. I would NEVER take a pic of mine because you never know where it will end up. Better safe than sorry.

  • IJS

    This is sad, the way this society is going…
    Really? We crave the attention of complete strangers that much that we stoop to this type of thing every other day? ugh annoying

  • duh

    do you know how many steps you have to go through to post a pic on IG?? too many to be an accident!

  • LiiSH

    I want to give her the benefit of the doubt and say she uploaded this accidentally… But I have seen the show… I can’t full-heartedly believe she didn’t do it on purpose.

  • gg

    Everyone else is doing and showing it all, so because she is 45 which is far from geriatric she should be ashamed. Hypocrites!

    • hollyw

      …b/c the others that do it are young and dumb, and folks consider that with age, comes maturity..? That’s being a hypocrite lol?

      • gg

        Yes it is, that’s just a lame excuse!

  • Doll Phace

    I don’t like Jackie but I think she has more class than that

  • @NCBred22

    Crazy how last year she was on the show indignant that anybody would even suggest that her precious “Shani” would be touched by a man and draya was every type of unclean woman but now she’s pulling these types of stunts for attention. She may not be elderly (allegedly, im skeptical of that “45”) but surely old enough to know that she’s setting an example for her “precious baby”.

  • IJS

    She knows better there for she should do better. Is it by chance onset of mid-life crisis?

  • Yolanda Harris

    What’s funny about this is, I remember watching her and her
    husband on Real Sports with Bryant Gumble years ago. Her husband could barely
    breathe the same air as another. He couldn’t give interviews to female
    reporters. He couldn’t have female friends.
    So why is it OK to expose herself to men when she kept her
    husband on a leash?

    • biglittlemason3

      Good Point….what’s good for the goose…..

  • Neressa Petrah Lea

    I blame Rihanna for…jk.. but this is easy to do you take one picture and you crop it cause it a pretty face shot…and you accident upload the original…I’m hoping: )

  • applesauce585

    ….anything for attention to stay “relevant” and be talked about. 45 is a little to seasoned to be posting naked pics on instagram…smh

  • Trisha_B

    I wish my mother would!!!! I’m taking her phone & smashing it to pieces! She would be getting a flip phone! Lmao gross! Why even take pics like these. If it’s for your husband, skype or FaceTime him. Don’t snap a pic. It get automatically saved on your phone & in a cloud where anyone can tap into smh

    • hollyw

      LMBO @ “smashing it to pieces”! Real talk, I’m deleting my mom’s Facebook that I helped her sign up for, restricting emails; EVERYTHING!!!

  • enlightenment

    LOL Geriatric Thirst! I cannot…

  • CAliQueen

    I don’t see this as a big deal. Young or old I personal wouldn’t purposely put myself out there like that but because it is Jackie people will put a ten on it.

    • Trisha_B

      Now you know if this was Rihanna, things would have exploded!! Lol

  • juicyco

    she need IV fluids STAT

  • lockstress

    She’s got carpet burns on her nips! #pickthemup!

    • guest

      lmao!! doggie girl!

  • T. T.

    Jackie, please step away from the madness! I don’t think you really want to do this, what about your daughters and Doug? You do not have to do this since you already have somewhat of a platform, just please don’t!

  • JS

    More likely she tried to DM someone this pic and ended up posting it public, especially since it was quickly deleted. I mean I feel bad for her if that’s the case on one hand but on the other hand that’s just one of the occupational hazards of ho bidness.

    • T. T.

      LOL, not occupational hazards of 304 bidness!!!

    • @NCBred22

      But if shes so “happily” married, who the hell could she be trying to dm?

      • JS

        LOL just another reason why this qualifies as “ho bidness”.

  • Stephanie PhDiva Miller

    Who the hell makes the decision of what the hell is considered old?? Don’t forget you have to get there too!

    • biglittlemason3

      ….and that’s if you’re lucky enough to make it….LOL. The waay these young fools out here are acting, we are lucky if we are able to save a whole generation.
      While I do question her decision about showing her “stuff”,….LOL….she is grown and she has the right.

    • CAliQueen

      Exactly but I was a little puzzled as to why the writer refered to Jackie as geriatric then contradicted herself in the story. All for laughs I guess.

  • Cleveland Cutie

    She’s an old, childish, hot mess!

  • Jessica

    Well she is the same age as Mimi from lhhatl. It’s interesting that i think Jackie is crazier than Mimi could ever be.

    • Reese

      She is older than Mimi.

  • Jennifer

    LMAO at “Geriatric Thirst!” Jackie really needs to be ashamed of herself. As much as she talked about Draya being “trash” during last season, what does she think a stunt like this makes of her? I can see the next headline of her claiming that her phone/Instagram was “hacked.” SMH. Do better.

    • @NCBred22

      That’s going to be her storyline if there’s another season of BBW…

    • Doll Phace

      Lmao @ geriatric thirst! !!

    • Kylie

      I guess they’re taking cues from Bossip lmao

  • Lee Lee


    • Yvette

      My thoughts exactly!

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  • hollyw


  • not a clone

    gurl….. step away from the kool-aid