“Miley Cyrus Twerking Is Not Our Twerking:” The Original Twerk Team Says Miley Has No Effect On Them

October 11, 2013  |  

The Twerk Team

As you unfortunately know, Miley Cyrus has put twerking on the map for mainstream America. The fascination with twerking has even moved reputable media outlets such as ABC News and The New York Times to investigate the roots of the phenomenon.  Although many of us learned how to twerk like we learned how to double-dutch as  pre-teens, we should give our props to online sensation, The Twerk Team. It was the Twerk Team that exposed how to look back at it and drop it sans the teddy bears and Robin Thicke. When asked by Life & Times Magazine, if they feel Miley has taken away their shine by making twerking equitable with her brand, the twosome said:

“We don’t feel any way about it but I feel like people want us to. Our whole movement is about girl power, so if you’re black, white or Asian you can twerk. But Miley Cyrus twerking is not our twerking. She’s just a fan who is showing it to a whole different ethnic group, you have to give her her props for that.”

Five years ago, Lady Lucious and her sister Mizz Twerksum were found virally shaking their rumpas to Soulja Boy’s “She Got a Donk” on YouTube. Since then, their empire has grown tremendously. They have launched a twerk-apparel line, mixtapes, and “Teach Me How To Twerk” DVD. The sisters are also shopping around a reality show. Their YouTube videos have helped them become background dancers for rappers Wacka Flocka and French Montana and Wale has even hired The Twerk Team to appear in his “Clappers” remix video. You may think, thanks to Miley, the Twerk Team’s fame has grown but that’s not necessarily the truth. Lady Lucious stated:

“You can’t mention twerk without the official Twerk Team. Our shows were good before Miley Cyrus said anything about Twerk.”

Lady Luscious also noted their show fee starts at  $5,000 and are steadily climbing; therefore, Miley is not stopping their business one bit.

Lady Lucious, 22, and Mizz Twerksum, 21, did attend college briefly but decided it was not the right fit for their career aspirations. On their decision to drop out of college, Mizz Twerksum said:

“We go around the world to places like South Africa and the Bahamas, meet our fans and live how we want to live.”

Though no one is sure how long the fascination with twerking will last, one should raise the question : Will there be a hierarchy of twerking? Life & Times notes, given the fame of twerking the Twerk Team may not appear on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, despite the fact they are a part of the twerking industry along with New Orleans’ Big Freedia and Amazon Ashley. It makes you question if the race and bodies that were founded with twerking will be accepted by Mainstream America. The Twerk Team has, of course, received backlash for their dance moves. To that, their momager Leslie Willis, replies:

“It ain’t like they’re taking off their clothes, and that’s the first thing that people want to criticize. Just being in the industry period you’re going to hear it and everyone’s entitled to their opinion. But these are my baby girls, and really I could give a sh!t less.”

See The Twerk Team below twerking on water. Do you think their twerking business will last?

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  • Ice_Angel

    They r famous

  • Ice_Angel

    they took it very far with Twerking! They have a nice life, they travel everywhere, ppl pay up to 5 thousand ( they sayd ) just to see them perform,they are going to bring theyr own excersise video, they have theyr own clothing line, they make theyr own music and they seemed to be smart enough to save the money they earned ( they sayd so ). Well the only bad thing is that they dropped school, they sayd that school wasnt for them anymore and the twerking videos were going well so decided to keep going with the Twerking. But nomatter what ppl say, they dont care anyways and they will not stop doing what they do. And btw, theyr manager is the mother of twerksum and ladylicious. Nomatter what, nomatter what ppl say or think about them, they still have ALOT ALOT of viewers and that wont stop, like it or not.
    excuse my bad english.

  • Xavier Little

    OM Freaking G. I thought LAdyL was a dude!

  • Golden Grahams

    Sorry, but they all look like they stink! Miley just look dumb.

  • Je t’aime…

    Although I don’t agree w/ what they do I’m glad it’s not ALL they do. The shorter one is like a personal trainer now but she only trains women for obvious reasons and the taller one…. Idrk . But they have a clothing line , it’s not all that great but still and they have a work out video coming out soon as well as a video to teach people how to twerk so whatever works I guess. I wouldn’t allow my child to twerk tho

  • Neressa Petrah Lea

    We i guess i don’t feel like the twerk team is doing anything wrong I mean we are stolen property of Africa’s…dance has been very important to our community…being and island girl rump shaken isn’t seen as vulgar but a way to embrace our West Indian culture and a nod to our African roots…I grew up having booty shake contest with my cousins..in the household..so i think if you’ll do it in your house…but not in public it’s like being fake…like a preacher standing before a congregation condemning homosexuality…and then come to find out the preacher is gay and living a lie publicly…Bob Marley said it best..before you start pointing fingers..make sure your hands are clean (shrug)

  • Guest

    they want to break a man’s, you know what haahahahahah

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  • Summy

    It’s amazing that people are still dissecting this like it matters.

  • JuJu

    so let me get this straight…you dropped out of college to twerk? I know college isn’t for everyone but find a better reason….

  • Simba711

    Twerking is OLD, not new. Miley cannot twerk and has the body of a 12 year old boy.

  • ladyf

    they look so dirty. Their mother saying they are not taking their clothes off. Umm they have their a$$ out doing a ton of sexual moves the same ones that strippers do the difference is that they are not in a club. They are still seen like a piece of meat that everyone can get a piece of. I am sickened that she is proud. They don’t have to go to college but there are a lot more respectable options out there

    • Simba711


      • brightbright


        • Simba711


  • Laa Laa

    LOL The only chicks who frown upon this are chicks who can’t twerk or didn’t think of how to properly market themselves like these young ladies. Men who get mad puzzle me. How is this any different than Hawaiian hula dancing, or salsa/samba hip and booty twerling? Americans have no culture. Forms of booty shaking are accepted all over the world as a celebrated dance except the US because people here only value money and class. Glad to see black women enterprising this dance, they are entrepreneurs. They can keep it up if they can figure out a way to remain relevant behind the scenes once their time is up.

    • Guest

      The sad part is that you think you sound smart. Aww.

  • Guest

    i hate these hoes but the one on the right ca get that box ate one time.

  • smoinpour

    We all knew that Miley wasn’t doing the “real” twerking, but she definitely helped make twerking a world wide phenomenon

  • bigdawgman

    Dang, they make $5,000 for that? They’re not even that good looking. Who goes to these shows? The same people going to see the Hooters on Peachtree chick?

  • kickash

    Now I’m not against twerking (even though it’s way overexposed at this point) but these girls sound kind of ignorant in this interview. I think the first thing they said about Miley and that “twerking for is everybody” was good, but everything after that….l don’t know. I know college isn’t for everybody and if you have a good hustle run with it but they sound like those girls from bad girls club who actually think they can make a career out of hosting parties, pretty soon it’ll be on to the next and people start not really caring who you are anymore…..

    • brightbright

      only infractions will down vote you….

    • Mjolnir Hammerschlag

      “Twerking is for everyone????”

      Even been to Walmart?


    I don’t know which looks better..that clear blue water..or them shaking that booty..lol

  • j a sassy

    F miley flat butt non twerking cyrus.

  • yZ

    Hoes goin be hoes

  • Asky Askerson

    Psh, whatever. You’re using her name *right now* to get some hype circulating around your corny, lame butt-dance group.
    “I was wiggling my butt first!!”
    “NO, I WAS!”
    Lol. Birds.

  • IllyPhilly

    Bwhahaha to this whole article! How’s that two-year old Mensa member doing? She’s probably seven by now. Do more reports on her.

  • momo

    I feel like if Twerking becomes a landmark in hip hop history then the Twerk Team should definitely interviewed and apart of the “list” because if it wasn’t for them Miley and whoever else wouldn’t even know what it was.

  • get real

    “Twerking” actually is a dance done amongst West African women. That’s where it originated from. Why do you think southern women are the best “twerkers”.

    • Mjolnir Hammerschlag

      Southern or Caucasian?

      It’s called Mapouka.

      And yes, it only works for a Bah donk a donk.

      Can’t say it’s very dignified.

      Private dancing, perhaps, but in public??

  • Mrs brooks

    Lol this is funny to me, I need to show some jamaican bruk it down.

  • Just saying!!

    I really like the twerk team and love Miss Twerksum because she can twerk her *** off…literally lol. However, I really dont like the fact that they are passing this off as “women empowerment”. I hate when people use female empowerment as an excuse to act wreckless (not throwing shade at them but it does happen). same thing with celebrities dancing half naked on stage and then telling women they are trying to empower them when they really just want an excuse to do that.
    Also, I do see this as something temporary because it isn’t necessarily a unique skill. Like you said, black folk grow up twerking. The only difference between the twerk team and regular folk is that they practiced a lot more. There’s only so much variation you can have in twerking to make a whole career out of it. Hopefully they’ll be smart and build a brand so that when twerking no longer is their main income, they still have other side hustles to keep them afloat.

  • J

    I will be glad when this fad is over. Girls now especially African American sit around all day thinking of ways to shake their behind…with ten toes in the air making more babies they can’t afford with dead beat men who don’t respect them in and out of jail. The cycle continues as if some of us were never freed from slavery because many of us are mentally trapped. The songs they listen to call them every name in the book while these entertainers so call hip hop artist go back to their rich lifestyle; while at the end of the day when your done tweaking you have to back to your poverty level of living. Read a book become something in life where will you be in 25-30 years that is what you should be asking. This is a shame and a disgrace, I’m not talking about going out having fun cause your in college enjoying growing up and have a good time dancing. If that is the style of dancing that is in at the time by all means do it, but realize its a fad and will be soon over and you can’t make a career out of this. The MC hammer typewriter dance was once popular too…think about it.

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  • minerva

    for good or bad , miley brought “twerking” into mainstream media ; it was known
    basically in black culture prior – now, EVERYBODY around the world knows………
    although its not for me, I doubt big freedia would have a show if it were not for her.
    maybe SOME of you should give her some props even though , if I had daughters, i
    would kill them if I saw them doing it !

  • Cece

    I lovez me sum TwerkTeam…they gimme some fresh ideas for my ole man…anyway..i hope these sistahs are investing their monies and not just spending. As far as blacks doing better, black culture has and always will be big on self expression, those from our race that stick to something they love/cherish excel beyond belief.
    Whether it be Twerking (TwerkTeam), TV Network Owner & Host (Oprah), Reputable Attorney (Johnnie Cochran), Child Prodigy (Carson Huey-You) even across the waters to powerhouses like Nigerian Billionaire Manufacturer (Aliko Dangote) we’re just the bomb, now if we could find what brings us together collectively in a way that sticks, then we’d really be on to something. 😉

  • Kimberly Sparkle

    I know they are suppose to be making money but this is sad to me on so many levels.

  • Mjolnir Hammerschlag



    Check out “Mapouka,” in the Old Country.

  • Bottom Line

    Am i the only one that thinks this is soooooooo stupid?

  • Lexi

    They got skills!!

  • Morelow

    dumb shyte

  • Crudely Speaking

    i mean you should not be twerking at church or whatever, but this is or culture my step dad, who is from Mali has videos of african women “twerking” before i was born. To africans its just a dance DOnt let the white people make you fell some type of way because they cant twerk.

  • M

    Way to encourage the children to drop out of college and just make a career popping your kitty and @$$ on YouTube, real classy ladies! *facepalm, rolls eyes and smfh*

    • Child_Puhleez

      Thank you! smfh, too! LOL

  • Jenie

    Why not folks been doing this, and know they not the origional twerk team…… Hell ask 2 Live crew bout that ashid … they just have access to a video camera.,,,,, back in the day , we didn’t….. this shyt is old…….. Matter fact check out the movie Dance hall Queen…. its on netflix thanks!

    • Laa Laa

      Of course it is old, but they came up with an incredible marketing plan and it worked. The digital age worked in their favor.

  • Youknowwhatiitis

    I’m sure this requires skill, but this looks n@sty.

    • MLS2698

      I hope they take breaks at those special times of the month!

      • WHY

        Who knows? They probably don’t anyway. You can probably see their tampons when they bend over.

  • Marina Calis

    No comment! they do what they do!

  • Wadddap

    The thing about twerking is that it looks a lot like sexual moves and that’s not cool for kids to see as openly as they can.

    • Keland

      They could see much worse on TV or a movie.

    • JesusHelpUs

      Ain’t that the truth! I was driving by a middle school (7th and 8th grade) recently and there were girls (no older than 13, maybe 14) out in the field/track for gym. It’s a wide open space facing a 6 lane street. They were twerkin like they were strippers at the KOD. I was even more mad because they were black. Twerkin is a very se*ually suggestive and inviting dance move, and they really should only be done in the bedroom (IMO) or in a strip club (for whoever decides to live their lives that way.) It is absolutely inappropriate for young girls to be moving like that. In my day 2Live Crew was the thing and “Pop that Pu**y” was out. Child, dancing in any se*ually suggestive way was considered fresh and disgraceful to ones parents, and doing it in the streets for all to see was a definite no no. People are becoming so desensitized it’s really sad. Morality is lost.

  • Leah Ashton

    what miley did was absolutely not twerking. she was just shaking her butt. that was a stripper move not twerking. Its not something i would do, nor allow my kids to do.

    • Fuccouttahere

      but you’d let ur kids twerk like these girls?

      • Leah Ashton

        no i wouldnt they dont watch it to know what it is

        • Guest

          and you must not have read the whole comment

  • theonlykc

    Better quit college and do the quick cash now and figure out later what they’ll do with their lives. “College” isnt always the answer. How many college graduates in the US cant even get a job in their field?

    • bluekissess

      To answer the last part of your question……me. Smh

      • hollyw

        …to that, I say, hit me up if you’re in the east coast area.

        • bluekissess

          I’m from the West.

      • HUgrad13

        and me..

        • bluekissess

          Isn’t it horrible? So, frustrated

    • bigdawgman

      Find another field. My degree had NOTHING to do with my career, except get my foot in the door. A lot of jobs require a degree of some kind. As an old manager once told me, a degree shows that you know how to think. It doesn’t necessarily matter what the degree is in.

    • Claire

      How many jobs are looking for women who twerk ? To get a career job that pays good money you need a degree period I’m not saying it won’t be hard but it is definitely better than twerking your butt through life its hard to go to college when your younger but it’s even worse when you are older society has really gone down hill quick money only last for so long to get a well paid job you need a degree period all JOBS required that value if a degree has decrease but you’ll be foolish to go without one

    • Claire

      College graduates are having a hard time but it will all pay off in the long run that’s what’s wrong with the society everyone is looking for quick easy money and success no 1 said it was going to be easy

    • Laa Laa

      A better question is how many have student loans they can’t pay off? These chicks can always change their minds and go back to school and pay out of their pockets. Then they can come out of college debt-free.



  • Patricia Lane

    Now the twerking Miley just got the tongue, she can’t twerk, she can hang it up!

  • Beejcee

    I wish they would jump double dutch again!

  • Tia

    WHY do young women desire to be known for this foolishness? There isn’t a GOOD man alive that is going to wife or commit to a chick slanging all of her goods around. You WILL only attract losers and you cannot shake your @zz forever. Oh and can someone please tell these birds that the average woman can shake her behind and dress like a hooch the difference is that there are actually a few modest women left who doesn’t feel the need to spread it wide and shake it low. Please pick your self esteem up and twerk your tales back to college.

    • Jessica Wilson

      Jay married Bey, and she’s known MORE for her assets than singing. Did I mention she dances like them too? They’ll find them a drug dealer loser r@pper to marry them. I disapprove of what they’re doing BUT people give passes to certain people. Why is this?

    • Laa Laa

      That’s funny. My friend’s sister was a stripper and a nice man who owned a very profitable machinery business married her 10 years ago. They are still happily married as far as I know. And yes he knew she was a stripper, it was not something she could hide if she wanted to.

    • TheLaLa

      nope. not true. some women just like to dance that way, its how they want to move their body when the music comes on, or they fell in love with the dance when they saw it and wanted to learn. and many women dance this way in the Caribbean, and there are less single mothers and illiterate people there than in America. a good man wouldn’t judge a woman based on how she dances and instead look at how she lives her life and treats others and herself etc.

    • Kath

      Contrary to what you might believe, life isn’t just about getting or attracting a man! This is a choice made by two (2) young women who seem to enjoy what they do, which is essentially a choice and a right by all means. Now, would I do away with an education and choose to make a career out of this? Not necessarily; as longevity isn’t inherent in such a career choice, but it’s theirs to make. Who are you to tell these women to live for the sake of men? Men and their friends don’t go about life thinking of becoming the right person for some future woman. Live your life as you see fit, granted it doesn’t take away from anybody else’s.

  • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

    This is sad….very much so. Two young ladies who were in college and moving towards something worth having, an education, dropped out of school to make some quick cash…they are not going to last and it’s sad that they are relying on their asses to make their money! Isn’t that was strippers do??? Twerking isn’t cute…I have a big butt and don’t know how to twerk worth a damn and don’t care to learn. If you look up to these ladies and support the ratchedness that is twerking you need to reevaluate your life.

    • Jan

      but isn’t life about finding what works for you and living your dream… not every woman wants to be wife or some a career woman. twerking is actually fun and its burns a ton of calories. do i twerk everywhere ? heavens no ! but if im out dancing with my friends… i shake a lil something… true i am not have naked doing it but just because i am different kind of woman i won’t down the next woman for realizing her dreams and going for them.

      • staygolden

        True. College is always going to be there. Twerking is going to fade out. They are entrepreneurs in a way, lol. Everyone is mad that they are dancing like this. Every culture of black people of the African diaspora has butt and hip focused dancing, this just got trendy because black Americans are trendy globally. It’s just dancing. How anyone can relate it to knowing exactly how many men they’ve been with or anything else is reaching.

      • Je t’aime…

        You can’t be 50-60 years old still tweaking for money, ppl are gonna grow tired of seeing it, that’s not guaranteed money, especially with how they spend. They’ve been doing this since they were like 13 & 14 ys/o and their so called mother has been pimping them. There’s no justifying teaching young girls to booty dance

  • 9Boots

    These ladies are such an inspiration and are motivators for the black community. Hopefully their twerking will elevate us to increased literacy, high school and college graduate rates, marriage rates, lower OOW birth rates and abortion rates. more inventions and entrepreneurship.

    • Kenedy

      Sarcasm. Got it!

      • 9Boots


    • Nia

      OMG! I need to start twerking!

      • 9Boots

        Yes! Be a role model. twerk, twerk, twerk

  • nick

    i cant help but feel a little shame when i see this….but if thats what they wanna do..

  • enlightenment

    IMO, they should finish college even though they’re quite successful; have a degree to fall back on. You can only use booty shaking as a commodity for so long…

    And their seem answers are very politically correct, I wonder what they REALLY think…>.> Anyway, these girls are amazing, wish I could move like that.

    • Keland

      Having a degree doesn’t equal to having something to fall back on these days.

      • DashP11

        And what life are you living in?? To say that having a degree does not assure you of having something to fall back on? All that twerk money will be gone soon, their just like regular video girls they will be hot for a minute then next thing you know poof be gone! Nobody will be thinking about them. So I do believe having a degree to fall back on would be a smart thing to do.

        • Susie Dean

          Unless you were born in one of the sixteen families?? U need that piece of paper.

      • enlightenment

        I disagree with you. Although the value of the degree has decreased nowadays, most well-paying jobs REQUIRE a college degree…meaning experienced or not, you gon’ need that expensive piece of paper.

    • Susie Dean

      I’d be nervous something would pop back there lol!.

  • Well okay.

  • JMO

    I’m just tired of the word “twerking” altogether.

    • Beautynsoul

      I agree, this is annoying.

  • sammi_lu

    “Although many of us learned how to twerk like we learned how to double-dutch as pre-teens, we should give our props to online sensation, The Twerk Team.” I guess it’s a sign of the times…but I have a daughter and you will never catch me lauding the Twerk Team or giving them props. I’m not condemning their hustle but we gotta do better..that one sentence in this article is proof positive we are failing our youth.

    • Mia

      I disagree. It amazes me how we condemn “twerking” when u know back in the day u were “Doing Da Butt” and the “Booty Bounce.” It’s the same thing. Your momma just like mine told you to know how to work your butt! She started you off with the Hulu Hoop?! Remember that?? SMH

      • fireinside

        I’m still doing the the butt. It is nothing like twerking. They h oe ing.

        • Mia

          Wait so again point being is that you still shaking yo butt right?! They just get paid to do it. Come on now u know difference between shaking ur butt and Ho e ing

          • fireinside

            Baby please. Stop trying to justify it. These chicks look and act like s lores.

            • Darling

              As does Miley No Cakes , but whyte pivilege gets her and the millions of other chicks like her on youtube a free pass from ho-dom and condemnation.

              • fireinside

                No free pass here. Miley got all that money and can’t be happy. She wants to be known as a slo re. Couldn’t be me homey. Money in the pocket and want to play the clown.

      • Just saying!!

        I think she is differentiating dancing for fun and makin money off of booty popping.

      • lucygoosey

        “Your momma just like mine told you to know how to work your butt! She started you off with the Hulu Hoop?!” no, ” how to work your butt” wasnt taught at home and i taught my daughters how to hula hoop but not how to twerk or da butt

        • KamJos

          Yeah I never learned how to twerk or do the the booty bounce or the butt.

      • sammi_lu

        Sorry Ms Mia but I can’t ever remember any adult in my life showing me how to work my butt. And correct me if I’m wrong but the hula hoop employs the ‘working’ of your hips not butt.

    • Nia

      Thank you! Twerking is some h oe isht.

    • Wepo1

      I’m surprise they aren’t black baby mamas by now.

      • Je t’aime…

        The tall one actually had a white bf believe it or not

    • wards8934

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      incidentally for machines to execute. Just turn to this way to make your
      dollars… http://www.Pro67.ℂℴm

    • Whatyofeetsmelllike

      If these two died today they’d be the booty shaking ho es and that’s it. f my child is twerking they gonna learn how to do it from a wheel chair after I beat them down!

      • sammi_lu


    • Brittany

      I agree 100% . I see to many girls my age and younger looking up to the twerk team. We should be looking to much better sources for inspiration. And people always argue that they keep their clothes on. There still half naked & gyrating. Theres really not much of a difference.