Can We Talk About Mitt Romney’s New Grandson, Kieran?

September 23, 2013  |  

Source: Twitter

What do Black Twitter and Mitt Romney have in common? Little Kieran. The internet was buzzing last week when Mitt Romney tweeted this message:

“Our 22nd grandchild was officially adopted today: Kieran James Romney. cc: @AnnDRomney.”

He didn’t say specifically which one of his sons adopted Kieran; but this is Andelynne Romney, the wife of his son Ben Romney, holding the boy.

The only words I can think of to describe little Kieran is “Squeee!” He is just too precious. He literally looks like Pooh Bear in human form. His fat toes, chubby cheeks and happy baby smile–I just can’t take it.!

But you know how people are these days. It’s not enough just to look at an adorable baby. People immediately started speculating about what type of life he’s going to have growing up with the Romneys, who are known for being severely out of touch when it comes to the poor and minority communities. And I’m not going to lie I was among them. My friend even texted me saying she said a serious prayer after she saw the picture. While I’m willing to bet the Romney family will love little Kieran, I do hope they don’t go the “colorblind” route in raising this black boy, in a privileged, white family. I hope they really instill a source of cultural and racial pride in him. And I hope they teach him to be compassionate to people who may have less than him financially, which unfortunately, in many cases will be people who look like him. We’ll just have to see what’s in store for this one.

Others had an issue with Kieran’s name.

If you look it up, on several different sites, you’ll find Kieran means “black” or “little dark one,” or “dark skinned.” Now that’s interesting. I really wonder if the Romney’s named him. He could have been given a name before he was adopted. He’s clearly a few months old and it would a bit odd not to have a name at this point. Though, it is plausible that they could have changed it. Kieran is not necessarily a new name. Macaulay Culkin’s brother, who is also an actor, is named Kieran. Maybe they were inspired by him. I would hate to think they adopted this little one only to potentially make him feel like an outsider by essentially calling him black. Or I could be looking at it the wrong way. Maybe they named him that so he’d have a connection to his culture. Either way, it’s certainly something that makes you go hmmm.

What do you think about this adoption and the name Kieran?

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  • SF

    Damned if you do damned if you don’t.

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  • Anita

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  • LadyD

    Melanie means blackness does that mean every black girl’s parents named that are racist?

  • Keenan

    Ilikea is my daughter’s name and it is Hawaiian which means “fair skinned”. Am I racist?

  • jaazee

    Adults lie to each other. Adults form opinions and views that are an accumulation of their life experience. BABIES do not lie! They are happy or they are sad. That smile says it all.

  • James Mack

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  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Would Mitt Romney have gotten such a bad rap from Blacks if he wasn’t running against our black president?

  • Nathan Bedford Forrest

    How many blacks are out there adopting white children? Who are the true racists here?

  • Cas

    First of all, this is none of our business. Secondly, that little guy is blessed to have such a wonderful family adopt him. That’s all we need to know.

  • MrMeaner

    “I do hope they don’t go the “colorblind” route in raising this black boy, in a privileged, white family. I hope they really instill a source of cultural and racial pride in him”
    That is disgusting
    It’s strange that after all these decades of teaching children that we all should, in fact, be colorblind…suddenly it’s important to instill racial pride in children
    Is that because the child is black?
    Are people of other colors supposed to have ‘racial pride’?
    And we wonder why black youths seemingly can’t have a thought that doesn’t revolve around race
    You create racial hatred.
    Someone should hold you accountable for creating racial divisions and strife.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “That is disgusting”


      WTF is wrong with these racists?

      “It’s strange that after all these decades of teaching children that we all should, in fact, be colorblind…suddenly it’s important to instill racial pride in children
      Is that because the child is black?”

      Most “thought leaders” on “race” are in fact crypto-communists and dupes of communist propaganda. It’s all about attacking “capitalism” and the established culture that proves communism is stupid. That includes POTUS.

  • ZeroFuxGiven

    My mom’s name is Kieran

  • resa

    You are worried that the Romenys family will raise this little one as a rich white kid and forget about his roots. Well, what about Madonna, Sandra Bullock etc. These rich stars who adopted other races. Don’t you have the same concern for those little ones about them raising them as rich white kids. I mean they have more money than Romney families. I don’t see you pushing these stars.

    • D

      Umm all those stars COMBINED don’t have as much money as the Romney family. You cannot teach a child what you don’t know. A name is certainly not going to bring this child any closer to understanding his heritage unless someone is there to educate him. Maybe he’ll luck up and get a multicultural nanny. Also raising him as a “rich white child” isn’t a possibility; he will always be black. Lastly the reason the topic is so concerning may be because of Romney’s political stance as a staunch Republican and the effect their political views have on minorities, just a thought.

  • KingOfTexas

    What most people don’t understand is if you are a Mormon and you adopt a
    child it is forever. Not just some cutesy, feel good term for adoption.
    The “forever family” for a Mormon is a family sealed together for

  • reverie

    I think he is absolutely adorable and people should be HAPPY that he’s going to have a good life and not have to grow up in poverty. Isn’t that what you’d want for your own children? There’s rich black people out there who can’t relate to poor black people either. You think Denzel Washington’s kids can relate to a poor black kid in Detroit? Hell no. Having the same color skin doesn’t make you ‘relate’ to someone. I don’t feel a connection to poor white trailer trash just because they are the same color as me. I donate to the needy and do my fair share.. but I’m not going to hang out with those people like we’re best friends or anything just because we’re the same color. That’s stupid.

  • Traina1

    Absolutely nothing wrong with either one. I am adopted and my mother is white and my name is Hispanic even though I am half black and half white. It’s all so irrelevant, really. As long as he’s loved, receives a good education, and taught to love and respect everyone, despite their differences or similarities. it really doesn’t matter.

  • Richard Jules Dawson

    It would be wonderful if successful African-Americans began to adopt Caucasian children. Why is that not in the news and why is it that when a Caucasian family adopts an African-American child it is met with hate and anger?

  • Ness

    WHAT A CUTE BABY!!!!! Things that make you go HUH?????

  • a woman

    Who are all these Black women putting their kids up for adoption? That is the main question. Can’t women raise their own kids? Beyond that, why do all these people always only adopt boys?

  • col

    omg…soo damn cute… why tear apart the name or the adoption itself????…not everything is political!!! why cant everyone just be as happy this adorable child has found his forever family??!!!

  • ct

    I wonder why this child was adopted into this family, or any black child is adopted into a white family. Having the purest of thoughts, it is because a child needs a home, some nurturing, etc. just like any other child.
    Regarding Mr. Romney’s 43% comment, either way, 1% or 43%, the child will be better off than the middle class the way our economy is headed. Our country has always cared for the “Needy” not the “Greedy” Therefore people who are really homeless, sick, poor or disabled can get assistance. It may not be the same as those that work and pay taxes everyday, but programs are there for them.
    The Romney family, Mormons or not, have strong moral and Christian values. It is unfortunate that our country does not follow those values any more, and can not accept or question an act that reflects kindness, compassion, generousity, and love.
    Congratulations Kieran James Romney! At least you will be raised in a two parent home with strong Christian values.

    • a woman

      Sorry to inform you of this ct, but there are Black families with 2 parents and strong Christian values, not just White ones. Also, people who feel they are better than other people or that poor people are less than other people are NOT Christians!

  • Honesty

    Why can’t we just be happy he found a loving family? The baby looks ecstatic. Why does there have to be an underlying reason for everything?

    • tesmith47


  • FromUR2UB

    He’s a real cutie wootie! I could just eat those cheeks up!

    But, it’s legitimate to wonder how the child will fair, being the “only” in the famlly. Are the Romneys going to understand that they should tell their friends not to ask to feel his hair, as if he’s on exhibit at a fair? Are they going to carelessly comment at times that he has “bad” hair? Little things like that chip away at a child’s self esteem. With him being a boy, it may not be as bad for him, because they can keep his hair cut. But, at some point, he’s still going to become aware of physical differences between him and the rest of his family. When I see little black children who’ve been surrounded by whites or other races their whole lives, I notice that they look at other blacks the way some whites who aren’t used to seeing blacks, do…kind of a wide-eyed stare. I would have no problem with a white family raising a black child, as long as they take into consideration the challenges that child is likely to face in their world, and work to counter them. They also need to protect him from their Tea Party type friends and relatives.

  • Alisha Dixon

    Regardless of Mitt’s skin color, he’s an a-hole (so is Michael Steele and he’s black).

    I’m not caught up on a black baby being adopted by white parents (celebs do it all the time and as far as I’m concerned, getting these kids out of the system trumps skin color), I’m caught up on grandpa being Mitt Romney….can you imagine??? Grandma is Ann Romney??? (shakes head) forget white parents, this kids gonna have some issues with a grandfather like Mitt and having to be a black man carrying the Romney name. How many of grandpa’s failed political comments is he going to have to apologize for?

    • tesmith47

      i think this child is going to be prostituted as a black , conservative mormon

  • Mimihaha

    Poor child.

  • Rosa Butler

    Everyone seems to be worried about this baby’s future. I don’t believe anyone posting would have adopted this black baby. Look this child has a home and I believe he will be loved and cared for. I don’t know if there is a motive behind it or not. It doesn’t matter as long as he is loved and cared for. Everything is not about race. Black people as a whole don’t adopt black children oh, I know there or some but not many. If they are not light bright damn near white and curly hair or good hair as it been called. They need not apply! This is a beautiful baby and I am happy for him and wish him the best and that he’s grows up to be a wonderful black man. As for as his name at lease it is one he can spell. Not like some of our names that take the kids forty years to learn how to spell. If anyone want too bash me go ahead I am old enough to know what’s important in life, and this is not one of them. I am black and proud and not a Romney Fan!

  • Nikia D-Shiznit

    He’s got the most biteable cheeks everrrrrrr!!!!!!! He is too precious. At least he found a caring loving home where he is guaranteed all of the advantages and splendor life can offer.

  • Bits

    ummm I think black people can look to deep into things sometimes…btw I’m black.

    • Just saying!!

      I agree that we can sometimes lol, but I think this is a legit issue. Mental health is already a big issue in the black community so situations like this do raise some eyebrows. It simply isn’t enough to say “well he’s in a home”. What is he getting from that home? …and will he really turn out better simply because he is no longer in the foster system? Anyway yah lol…

      • Sophie Accosi

        As someone who has studied the horrible foster care system we have…yeah, he will more than likely turn out better simply because he’s not in the system anymore. I wouldn’t wish that kind of life on anyone.

    • tesmith47

      if you dont you will be fooled by the great deceiver….every time!!!!!

  • Ladybug94

    I know several white families who care for black children either through adoption or through foster care and they children were loved, nurtured and have turned out great. These kids actually got the opportunity to experience some things they they may have never if they were not in their home. I congratulate those who take the time to care and love these kids, regardless of what color they are.

  • Ladybug94

    I don’t see what the problem is. One less child in fostor care or a ward of the state. He will definitely have a good upbringing. Congrats to him and his new family.

  • Kim Jones

    Mitt Romney it is far too late for any black outreach. I think this means that one of his sons will be seeking public office one day. They will be able to talk about their black family member.

    • Rosemary Davis

      Which is exactly what I said in my comments his son’s have plans to run for political office in the future so they cover up there Father’s 43% comments by adopting a black child this sort of thing happens everyday why are they single out

    • tesmith47

      yexactly right, wealthy folks can afford to make long term plans, andplots.
      a plan to put a mormon in office

  • Cleanne Moore

    God’s eye is on the sparrow and l know he’s watching them. Amen

  • ilovemovies2

    He sure is cute!!!! I am happy that they are happy. Congrats on the latest family member.

  • Sheri Kollwitz Graegin

    Did you know that Brendan means “smelly hair”??? Maybe they just liked the name. As an adoptee, I can tell you that I could give a you-know-what about my heritage or “who I am.” I have two parents who love me and I’m their child. I hope that if he wants to explore his culture, they’ll let him. Not all African Americans are poor. The POTUS is a black man. Maybe Kieran can meet him.

  • Tonyoardee

    He’s gonna grow up to be one of those black guys that wear shell necklaces

    • Rosa Butler

      If he does at least he will be wearing a tie, and not having his pants drooping around his butt!

  • Rosemary Davis

    Apparently some have forgotton about the 43% that Mitt Romey mention on the campaign trail not saying that his comments has anything too do with his Son adopting a black child but it was interesting at the time how his comments offended so many people and yet here most are goo-gooing and gaga-ing some people do things too get attention and try to make themselves be something that they are not and I am quite sure one or more of his Son’s will throw there hat in the ring for some political appointment in the near future and perhaps by adopting a black child this will smoothe over their father’s comments about the 43% which included a large part of blacks and other miniorties black kids are being adopted by whites everyday which is admirable so why are the Romey’s single out just saying.

    • sue

      This is not about Romney ,it’s about a little baby getting a home . If this family did this to get minority votes ,than this smells of desperation . This takes going to the exreme to a whole new level . 18 years of raising a providing , for a child in the public eye ,that you can’t send back because everyone knows you;ve adopted him ? What about stars that adopt minority babies ? Just last week there was an article on CNN about international adoptions of black babies . There’s a whole community of our babies being raised in other countries . Why deny a child adoption because of his “grandfathers ” politics . Yes I’m happy for him ,and others that have found loving homes .

      • Rosemary Davis

        My comments still stand the fact that you said many countries are adopting our babies shows that you were one of those 43% and probably still is that Mitt Romey talked about had this baby been adopted at the time he made those famous comments I can guarantee you would not be so proud

      • Rosemary Davis

        My comment still stands.You mention that there is a whole community raising our babies in other countries which leads me to beleive that you are among the minorities probably black and I can guarantee you would not have been so proud had his son adopted this baby at the time Mitt Romey made his famous 43% comments because you were and in deed one of those 43% people

        • sue

          I don’t deal with what I may have thought months ago . That’s moot . The artcle talks about Mitt’s son adopting ,not Mitt . Yes I’m one of the 43% Mitt talked about . So what ? Call me what you want ,you don’t know me . I think you must be in the same catorgory if you can respond so quickly to my posts . I don’t care if you are not an minority ,broke is broke in any race . I stand by original post ,it’s not about Mitt .it’s about the child .

      • Rosemary Davis

        You miss the whole point if you read what I said carefully before posting your comment you would have seen that I said it was admirable that they adopted this child I also said that Mitt Romey’s statement about the 43% may not have had anything to do with his Son adopting a black child and so I stand by my comments.Had his Son adopted this black child at the time he made that 43% comment you would not be so happy and proud you were and still is among that 43%

        • sue

          I missed the part in your post where you said it was admirable . One thing I do know This baby will not be in that 43% .

          • Rosemary Davis

            That’s because you didn’t read it carefully so I suggest you re-read the entire commmet you will find admirable at the end I beleive the Romey’s are white aren’t they?? and I also said the adoption probably didn’t have anything to do with Mittt Romey or his comments and I still say you wouldn’t be so proud and happy as you are now had they adopted this child last year when he made that statement because you were included so go and have several seats and I still stand by what I said

            • sue

              Last comment .You don’t know me . When did I say I was proud ? I’m happy that this baby has a loving home ,will probably be a trust fund baby ,will go to college ,and become a law abiding ,functioning member of society . I’m happy for him ,and others .If his bio parents were’nt able to care for him , than they did the next best thing . Politics aside Mitt is old news , the politics shouldn’t matter of his adopted parents .There are some AA republicans ,so what if he does grows up to be like his parents ? As I said if another Romney throws their hat in the ring for any type of office, they will need more than one black baby .BTW I guess John Mccain is after the AA women’s vote since his son married an black woman ? ,or the Indian vote since he has an adopted Indian daughter ? Everything is not about the GOP . My only stance on this issue is that this beautiful baby has a home .Now I will take my seat .Nuf said .

      • tesmith47

        your are sweet and naive

    • FromUR2UB

      It was the 47%. But, I gotcha.

  • Rose

    Hmmmm indeed

  • JB#3

    He is an adorable baby. Sometimes a name is just a name. People should stop trying to find fault where there is none.

    • sue

      I agree . I think it’s a nice name . Most people rarely look up the origin of their childs name

      • cubanflowers

        it’s an ugly name… but i don’t see what’s the big deal about it…

        if people can see… there are a lot of irish names that mean dark.. or black…

        my nephew’s name is donovan … it’s an irish name and it means DARK warrior…

        be blessed

        • black irish

          kieran is also irish (in the irish language, it’s ciarán).

          • cubanflowers

            i know… that’s why i said so in my comment and also made the reference to my nephew’s name being irish…..

            be blessed…

  • Laverne

    Ahhhh….so the “I’m not racist! I have a black grandchild/son/daughter [insert relative here]!” statement has replaced the “I’m not racist! I have a black friend” statement.

    That said, he’s cute!

    • Guest

      So….his daughter or son went and adopted a black baby simply as a political strategy for their father? Wow. That’s harsh.

      • Laverne

        Yeah it may be. But it is also quite possible. People marry for political reasons…I wouldn’t put anything pass a politician. And IF they did this as a political strategy, the fact that you may think it’s ludicrous shows how smart the maneuver may actually be.

        • Guest

          I guess we’ll just have to wait and see then. Funny thing is that by the time their ‘motives’ come to light I’m willing to bet nobody will remember or care about this child.

          • Laverne

            Oh don’t worry…if those are the motives, you won’t have to remember or care. They will bring the baby along during press releases and talks.

            OBVIOUSLY, people don’t be watching Scandal….lol

        • tesmith47

          it may be actually about his religion, now that the mormans have offically allowed blacks in, they need a token show piece

  • sue

    How many AA are in an position to adopt black children ,buy would rather have a third vehicle in the drive way ? We don’t know what’s behind the closed door of this son’s house hold . I’m glad as an AA that this little boy has found an loving home ,and will thrive as he grows older . Don’t judge this family by the sins of his father (Mitt ) .This is the picture of a happy baby that says he is loved .

    • Josh D.

      Thank you. Not a fan of Mitt Romney at all but then again, my kids’ granddad is not the one raising them anyway. I am. And I do things differently than my pops did. I’d assume his parents are going to raise him how they intend to and that baby looks plenty loved if you ask me. It’s not like Mitt is going to have a ton of influence over all 22 of his grandkids.

    • Seriously???

      You sound racist. A LOT of Black people are in a position to adopt a child and have. I know some. So, please take your ignorance elsewhere.

  • ColorMEConfused

    I am extremely amused by this. I can’t say that I am happy for a child that will grow up under the legacy of the Romney’s, who will forever be known as the little dark one amongst his family. On the other hand, I am happy that he will be able to live as the one percent in this country. Grateful that he will never have to worry about a roof over his head or food to eat. That, at the very least, should be praised.

    • Josh D.

      Not a fan of the Romneys but the name is not a big deal. Most people don’t know the “meaning” of names anyway but with Gaelic (Irish/Scottish) names like Kieran, the color names usually refer to hair color. Rory is another one of these names and it means red (haired). Fiona/Fionn means fair (probably light blonde). Ciara is a feminine form of the name Kieran…same meaning (dark). Nothing wrong with being dark so who cares? I think it’s a cute name for a boy.

  • Liz Calhoun-Girtley

    His biological mother may have named him. The name could be a reminder for him to stay grounded and remember who he is. We must not assume. I am sure he will be over-loved!….with his cute self!

    • sammi_lu

      Or maybe she just thought the name to be cute, I remember seeing Kieran Culkin’s name in the credits of a movie and thinking it was a cute name. Things aren’t always complex and meaningful.

      • Josh D.

        Agree, maybe she just liked the name. Most people don’t know the “meaning” of names anyway but with Gaelic (Irish/Scottish) names like Kieran, the color names usually refer to hair color. Rory is another one of these names and it means red (haired). Fiona/Fionn means fair (probably light blonde). Ciara is a feminine form of the name Kieran…same meaning (dark). Nothing wrong with being dark so who cares? I think it’s a cute name for a boy.

  • Desiree Napoleon UrbanMuse

    How about Black people adopt Black babies and THEN have room to talk?

    • Liz Calhoun-Girtley


    • Sarita Alexander

      From experience I will say it’s not easy. It can be extremely expensive privately, and through state/foster care I can tell you they basically tried to tell me all the reasons I shouldn’t adopt. I mean, took all the classes (they’re mandatory here) home visits, references, all of it. they just stopped calling. It’s almost like they want them to age out of the system.

    • Erin

      I was thinking the same thing! No matter why they did it, they did what a lot of
      Black couples won’t do.

      • Janae

        Or what a lot of black fathers don’t do….take care of their kids

        • tesmith47

          think about what you say, you are falling for the racist stereotyping,
          the overriding e is poverty, impoverished families of all colors have the same problem. the special problem we have here is that america makes it a black thing.
          i have been all over the world, and believe me, it is every where, from ireland to mexico to albania impoverished and fatherless families are a symptom of oppressed and impoverished societies.

    • Damon Evans

      I was adopted (along with my sister) 38 years ago and turned out just fine. This month 21 years in the US Army, married. Proud father of 3 great Children, 7,9, 19 years old. I am not a criminal, degenerate or dead beat dad. My parents gave me up because they were drug addicts. My mother and father who raised me did just fine. My father worked 3 jobs to make sure our whole family had no issues. Hopefully this beautiful baby is treated with love and care. And not deprived of his culture and taught to love everyone regardless of where they come from, what class they are and what language they speak. And hopefully he is not used as a token or political strategy to get ahead on votes in upcoming elections. That is always something that can happen. Just hope for the best.

      • a woman

        He will probably be as concerned with other Black people or have as much knowledge about them as the Romney’s do (the entire family, not just the grandfather) and many of the Black people posting here who hate or have issues with other Black people.

      • tesmith47

        he will be used as a token and a political strategy and a religious token

    • kierah

      A lot of my friends have adopted Black babies. My friend in NC has waited almost six years to adopt her son. You mean to tell me there were NO Black babies in the state of NC put for adoption in all that time? And she was fit, since she had been a foster mom for nearly 10 years.
      However, the state did try to place a White baby with her and her husband. Maybe it’s because she is a professor and her husband is a successful businessman with interests around the country.

    • CGLRAY

      Plenty of black people adopt black children! In droves! How many times have you heard of someone’s aunt/grandma/cousin twice removed taking them into their home when their parents couldn’t? Just because these adoptions are open adoptions between blood relatives or close friends this doesn’t make it any less remarkable for people to open up their home to include a child that’s not theirs and MAKE them their own.

      Furthermore, as many others have noted, adopting through the “system” can make things expensive and time consuming. So even parents who have all intentions of going through a formal adoption have to wait sometimes several years and it takes tens of thousands of dollars to do. So it you’re looking at numbers of formal system adoptions, and you look at our economic disparities, you will see a correlation.

      And in spite of ALL that, MANY black families DO adopt children. Sometimes it does not have the opportunity to move beyond foster care and into a completed adoption, but don’t sleep, there are a large number of black families that do. As many as we would like? No. (see above reasons) Not as many families as we would like adopt–from all demographics. But there are a large number that try and do and get frustrated with the system, but still press on to complete adoptions. Don’t buy into the narrative.

      • a woman

        Thank you. And people adopt children that aren’t family members, too.

    • cubanflowers

      and who says that the black people don’t adopt?… are you for real????…

      just because YOU don’t see it being reported or YOU don’t personally know any black people who have adopted or fostered children doesn’t make it reality…

      just in case you aren’t aware…. here is the FYI for you….

      it’s not in the media’s best interest to post positive information about you people…

      putting out dirt…. SELLS….

      if you want something other than that.. you got to look someplace other than the trash called the american media…

      also …. i am a caseworker and know of MANY blacks who have adopted….

      I also know MANY in my community who have fostered and ADOPTED black children… or children no matter of the color…

      the amount of thumbs up you got for your asininity is comical…..

      be blessed

      • a woman

        I have seen your posts before on other sites and I want to THANK YOU. You are absolutely correct, again.

        • cubanflowers

          thank you so much sweetie…..!!!…

          be blessed..

    • Just saying!!

      To my understanding (and I don’t know a LOT about it), but I thought there were certain financial requirements in addition to a certain family environment that they look for when selecting candidates. That could make things a little more difficult when you get to the black race….

      • Just Letting You Know…!!!

        And what makes you think that “the black race” is all living in poverty in the ghettos? That’s what you are implying and it’s really not true. I mean, do all white people live in trailer parks and do all latinos live in the barrio? No. Lots of Black people do well enough to be middle class or better and lots of Black couples adopt. I can’t say how much in comparison to other races, but we do adopt and I seen it with my own eyes.

    • Maggie

      Thank you for saying that. I always say that I want biological children and I want to adopt a black child.

    • a woman

      Desiree you must be a Stormfront user or just an extremely ignorant Black person. I know PERSONALLY 12 couples who are Black who adopted and 3 single people. I guess there are no partially Black presidents, and no Black astronauts, scientists, conductors, etc.either…

    • tesmith47

      that is a un informed comment, to a large extent wealthy folks adopt and in america most wealthy folks are white and most unwealthy folks are black.
      and of the “wealthy” black folks most are first or second generation “wealthy”

  • unque43

    cutie pie, Blessing that a family has adopted him and will give him a loving home. What kind of life are you talking about. How about a life where he is just loved, no matter the color of his skin. How about friends who are good friends no matter their color. How about him just being a happy person.

  • Cindy Snacks

    It’s really easy to say we should just be happy he has a “good, loving home.” It is always easy for the oppressor to expect “friendship and acceptance” from the oppressed.

    • mamanzee

      Oppresed? That child doesn’t look oppressed to me. Just out of curiosity- have you adopted any children recently- black, white, Asian or Latin? I really don’t think they are bothered if you are happy or unhappy with them. As long as the child isnt being mistreated and is loved then what, really, is the problem here? (Btw I am bi-racial so I guess I am ‘half oppressor’ then, innit?)

      • Just saying!!

        The ignorant mindset you bring to this discussion is the very reason people are wary of white parents raising black children.

        • mamanzee

          How am I being ignorant exactly? Is it because I look at this purely as a little child being adopted into a loving home rather than as some political ploy? Are the parents of this child ‘oppressing’ him? I don’t care who raises kids as far as they are loved, cared for and raised to be decent people.The very idea that you have reduced this child’s life and future to some sociopolitical racial issue and that you have a problem with ‘white parents raising black’ children points at the ignorance in you, not in me. I also wonder how many children YOU have helped recently: black, white or otherwise.

          • a woman

            There are plenty of children to adopt. I question why these people adopted that particular child, yes, and so do other people. As far as I am concerned people like the Romney family always have some sort of agenda. There are no coincidences with pretend Christians.

            • Justin Jackson

              ^^A “smart” woman 😀

      • a woman

        If it is so difficult to admit that there was and still is oppression, then WHY come to a Black site mamanzee? Feel free to peruse any White site since they all have perfect motives and we offend you with “ignorant” discussions about people who have displayed questionable behavior toward some of our OWN people.

        • mamanzee

          Our ‘OWN’ people? Seriously? Oh,that’s really cute- considering that my father is black, I am married to a black man, have black children and live in Africa. So please, please don’t try and pull the race/belonging thing with me because it has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. As to my talk of ignorance- if you would look carefully at the comment thread you would see that I was accused of having an ‘ignorant mindset’ to begin with.

          I stand by what I said earlier- that this is about a child being adopted and hopefully, by people who love him. You have absolutely no stake in his life. None at all. You do not represent him, care for him, love him, neither will you raise him. So why all the animosity toward the people who, from all indications, do?

          I am well aware that there is a lot of oppression going on, racial and otherwise. I never said there isn’t. But how exactly does that correlate with the adoption of this child?

          Anyhoo…I happen to like this site a lot, thank-you-very-much, and will continue to visit and comment as I please. Shalom y’all!!!!

  • Bren

    Cute baby and cute name. Bette than a name that makes nonsense and have no meaning. He’ll be privileged.

    • sasha

      Why is it bad to be a “little dark one”? He is and he is very cute!

  • Reese

    OMG, he is soooooo adorable. People can’t just be happy that this child has found a loving home. People always have to dissect and attempt to either find or concoct an ulterior motive.

    • Mixycurly

      Maybe you don’t know the history of white people but many of us do and fool us once shame on you but fool us twice… Then we’re just a damn fool!

      • PinkIce716

        So what’s your solution to this? Put the kid back in the system?

        • HAling7692

          This is a beautiful baby and I am happy for him and wish him the best and that he’s grows up to be a wonderful black man.

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      • Ladybug94

        So are you saying he should be in the system or in foster care? While you are complaining, have you adopted any kids? Are you trying to adopt any? If not, please get out of the way so that someone may give these children a loving home and environment.

    • rita

      Look at the faces of the mom and the sister. They look really happy. People forget that Mitt isn’t going to be the one raising this child and wasn’t the one to make the decision to welcome him into that family. We don’t know anything about the people who adopted this child and I’m inclined to assume the best.

      • Justin Jackson

        Yeah cuz they have a new “pet” to play with…Kieran comin to a black market adoption home near you

        • londontubes

          And where do you get ANY basis for this terrible, racist, unloving comment?

          • Justin Jackson

            thats what happens when they get through playing with their “pet”

        • londontubes

          “…black market adoption home near you.” BLACK market? Sounds racist to me.

    • Just saying!!

      ZOOOOMMMMMM this article when wayyy over your head smdh lmao

      • Reese

        Are you say the article was over my head? I’m confused, I just saw that Mitt Romney’s son and daughter-in-law had adopted a black child, people have an issue with the name, the have an issue with the fact that a member of the Romney family adopted a minority child, and so on-so forth. To me that doesn’t matter so I chose not to comment on it. I’m just glad that a child found a loving home, I highly doubt they’d adopt a black child just to mistreat it. But that’s just my opinion, I’m just saying.