Y’all Gots Ta Be Related! Celebs Who Really Could Be Twins

August 6, 2013  |  
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They say everyone has a twin in this world, and that is definitely true in the world of entertainment. Of course a lot of people in Hollywood have the same look, but these ladies and gentlemen look like they could’ve been separated at birth — fo’real.
serena K foxx
Photos: WENN/Facebook

 K. Foxx and Serena Williams

If you happened to watch VH1’s Gossip Game you may have mistaken Hot 97’s host K. Foxx for Serena Williams. They look exactly alike without a second glance.
Photos: WENN

Jane Levy and Emma Stone

Jane Levy stars in ABC’s Suburgatory, but if you didn’t know any better you would assume she was Emma Stone. These two naturally red-headed actresses favor each other so much.


Photos: WENN

Jennifer Hudson and Coco Jones

Jennifer Hudson has a young look alike, Coco Jones of the Disney channel. The young actress and singer is multi-talented like JHud and even shares some of her good looks.
Photos: WENN

Jennifer Freeman and Jurnee Smollett

Jennifer Freeman and Jurnee Smollett are two actresses that we have literally seen grow up before our eyes into beautiful women that could actually pass for sisters.
Photos: WENN

Taraji P. Henson and Susan Sarandon

We laughed at this too, but you have to admit Taraji P. Henson and Susan Sarandon are two actresses with stunning high cheek bones and similar facial features.
kobe wife
Photos: WENN

Vanessa Laine Bryant and Francia Raisa

Vanessa Laine Bryant and Francia Raisa of ABC’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager look so much alike, it’s scary.
Photos: WENN

Solange and Orlando Jones

We didn’t think about this until Orlando Jones brought it up, but he and Solange do look like brother and sister.
Photos: WENN

Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba

Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba look strikingly similar, perhaps not enough to be twins or sisters even, but distant cousin?
Photos: WENN

Tyler Blackburn and Johnny Depp

Tyler Blackburn and Johnny Depp definitely look alike. They even have the same facial hair.
Photos: WENN

Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera

Shay Mitchell and Naya Rivera resemble each other around the nose and mouth with similar face shapes. This honestly looks like a makeup before and after.
Photos: WENN

Robe Lowe and Ian Somerhalder

Rob Lowe is the older version of Ian Somerhalder. These two guys could pass for father and son.
Joseline and Rihanna

Rihanna and Joseline

Deny it if you want to, but Rihanna is the softer, more feminine version of Joseline.

Photos: WENN

Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev

Victoria Justice of Disney’s Victorious shares some of the same facial features as Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev.
Photos: WENN

Cameron Mathison and Bill Rancic

Cameron Mathison of All My Chlldren and Giuliana’s husband Bill Rancic could pass for brothers, twin brothers that is.
Photos: TMZ/WENN

Alejandra Nash and Minnie Driver

Alejandra Nash and Minnie Driver have to be related. Matter of fact, we could even throw Jada Pinkett in this mix. Triplets?

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  • lou

    Isnt Victorious courtesy of Nickelodeon?

  • Cali

    Hahaha! None of those celebrities look alike except for the Serena Williams, Robe Lowe, and Victoria Justice one. XD

  • Jade Ashleigh

    How could yall miss Bow Wow and Lil Momma? Im convinced Lil Momma is Bow’s drag alter ego! The resemblance is uncanny!

  • permafrost

    Fiona Apple and Erykah Badu. Seriously. Long neck, full lips, big eyes.

  • Rayne

    Um actually Jane Levy is naturally blonde. Not redhead. Get yo facts right.

  • Tb330806

    I think Paula Patton and Alicia Keys instead of Jessica Alba paired with Alicia 🙂

  • Just saying!!

    My dad always got Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton confused. Every time we would watch a movie he would be like now which one is this? LOL

  • Just saying!!

    Omggg for the first pics I’m like “why did they really just take two pictures of Serena Williams and put them side by side!?” Lmaooooo it took me a minute.

    But Taraji and that white lady? I know people from different races can look alike but you’re nowhere close MN! Shame on you for that one!

  • Just saying!!

    Omggg for the first pics I’m like “why did they really just take two pictures of Serena Williams and put them side by side!?” Lmaooooo it took me a minute.

    But Taraji and that white lady? I know people from different races can look alike but you’re nowhere close MN! Shame on you for that one!

  • Realbee

    Jlo and Paula Patton

  • SexNdaCity

    The pic of K.Foxx and Serena were definitely spot on! Lol. I literally had to look more than twice. Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice are another good match. And of course Rih and Joseline definitely look alike. A few of the others were kinnnnda reaching though. Lol. Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba??? I think not. lol.

  • tired of these amateur writers

    emma stone is NOT a natural redhead- she went red for Superbad and it looked so good they continued it. its a very public fact. seriously what is wrong with the writers. where is the editor? who do you hire?!?

  • Andrea

    Leighton meester and minka kelly

  • Mzchelle87

    Alejandra, Minnie and Nicole murphy could be siblings

  • mzchelle87

    Orlando bloom and the boy that played Chris from everybody hates Chris look alike , and Victoria is from Nickelodeon not Disney

  • Tisha Diane Zimmerman

    No Jurnee Smollett and Jordin Sparks look more alike

  • addison

    emma stone is actually a natural blond.

  • Hilarie

    Nina Dobrev and Emmanuelle Chriqui, they look EXACTLY alike

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    Yall had some good ones! But then there’s ones where im thinking”tf is wrong with their eyesight?”
    Alicia looks nothing like jessica.
    Jada looks nothing like those other girls.
    And damn i thought that was a pic of jhud when she was younger..they do look exactly alike

  • Bella

    Very good comparisons. One of the best you guys have done. 🙂

  • emmastonefan

    Emma stone is naturally blonde, not red.


    Thought it was 2 pictures of Serena

  • Funny

    Cynthia Cooper and Mary J

  • BX2DaDeath

    Jason Taylor, NFL and Boris Kodjoe

  • Seriously?!

    Who the hell writes these things? Half of them obviously don’t look like each other unless you are Stevie Wonder! They need new writer’s here!

  • Any

    Ian Somerhalders mom is a masseuse & Rob Lowe used to get around .. Maybe somebody got their “happy ending” on .

  • more

    Rihanna and Joseline tHEY LOOK ALIKE! NUMBER 12

  • Deedee_404

    Omar Epps and Mike Tomlinson

  • kb

    I just thought of 2 people who remind me of one another. Kelly Rippa and Sanaa Lathan.

    • Guest

      Kelly Rippa and Timmy from the soap opera Passions

  • kb

    No disrespect but the only 2 people who look like they could be related is K Foxx and Serena Williams. That’s it!

  • NeaJ

    Taraji & Susan? You guys are really grasping at straws aren’t you? Lol


      Same with Alicia Keys & Jessica Alba – come on

  • africangirlwithasharptounge

    I always thought Meagan Good and Megan Fox looked JUST alike, just one is black and one is white. But if you look at both of them they look SOOO similar.

    • nicelist


    • Seriously?!

      You muuuusssstttt be smoking!

      • africangirlwithasharptounge

        no, they resemble each other to me…ehh but it could be just my eyes..cuz no one ever agrees with me on that lol


    Someone is smoking crack at this staff to come up with this crap!

  • Lola Mason

    What about Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel from New Girl

    • thepreshest

      I get them confused all the time

    • SexNdaCity

      Oh yeah! That’s a good one!

  • Jessica2248

    y’all forgot Tina Knowles and Tina Turner. they could literally pass for sisters!

  • Jessica2248

    y’all forgot Tina Knowles and Tina Turner. they could literally pass for sisters!

  • Fadil Mazrekaj

    Wundaschen Lote

  • mlw1924

    I’ve said joseline looked like rihanna since I first laid eyes on her. They are twins. Orlando jones & solange, hilarious but true..

  • Monique

    Um……..who is Alejandra Nash and what the HECK happended to Minnie Driver???

    • lili

      Basketball player Steve Nash ex-wife.

  • Nina Harris

    Alicia Keys and Jessica Alba look nothing alike. However, Alicia Keys and Paula Patton look like sisters. And Jurnee Smollett looks nothing like Jennifer Freeman, but Jennifer Freeman sort of looks like Claudette from City High (and the Divas Los Angeles). Great article. Loved Taraji and Susan Sarandon’s eye/eyebrow similarity.

    • Britttttttt

      OMG Yessss Paula and Alicia look so much alike!!! In Precious I still get confused as to which one was in the movie.

    • DustyC

      Claudette reminds me of B. Scott. They look alike to me.

  • Monique

    Rihanna and Joseline YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monique

    Solange and Orlando Jones. Ya’ll need an alter call!

    • Tracy Wynne


      • Monique


  • Monique

    Taraji P. Henson and Susan Sarandon OMG

  • Monique

    oh wow

  • Monique

    they look nothing alike

  • ladida

    victoria justice of nickelodeon’s ************* victorious….

  • Maile00

    Mostly NO

  • Lihau

    Some of the comparisons on this list were way off.

  • Mjay

    fran drescher & shania twain ; eva mendes & cindy crawford

  • Gigi

    Most of these are dead on. I thought K. Foxx and Serena were the same person on that slide. I can actually see the similarities between Solange and Orlando. Taraji and Susan…I can see the cheekbones and jawline, but that’s it. And that slide with Alejandra…I thought I was looking at a very intense looking Jada.

  • DaisyDuke

    Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman. For the longest time I thought they were the same person.

  • DaisyDuke

    Keira Knightly and Natalie Portman. For the longest time I thought they were the same person.

    • Gigi

      Yep, I definitely get them confused.

    • Tracy Wynne

      Ditto, I always do lol good one.

  • Briseis

    Lol. Opinions because the person who thought this was dead tired.

  • Guest

    Jimmy Fallon and Miranda Cosgrove…

  • Guest

    Ving Rhames as Holiday Heart and Patti Labelle…

    • Tracy Wynne

      ~CRYING LAUGHING~………………………………………Smooches

      • Guest

        I forgot Tika Sumpter and Derek Luke

        • Monique McLaughlin

          For years I told anyone that would listen that those two could pass for siblings…even twins



    • Aaliyah Noelle

      Lmaaaaoooo !
      Damn damn damn

  • bluekissess

    MN is a joke Solange and Orlando? Really? Smh

  • ken

    amanda seyfried and dakota fanning

    • Gigi

      Yep. I get them confused too.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Where is Kourney K and Amerie? Ya’ll were doing pretty good, but ya’ll owe Orlando,Solange, and Taraji an apology.

  • HoneyDipp

    For some reason, I always thought JLo and Kate Hudson looked alike. IDK what it is, but in some pictures, I really have to look hard to figure it out…. Prob just me though.

    • rita

      Same plastic surgeon

      • Seriously!

        Yeah it’s just you

    • rita

      Same plastic surgeon

  • nicelist

    Lol yall are WRONG for Solange and Orlanda Brown. No to Alicia Keys and Jess Alba. They look nothing alike. The rest of these are pretty spot on! Omg the resemblance between nina dorbrev and victoria justice is nuts. Yall forgot one though: TRINA BRAXTON & ASHANTI! =]

    • Lihau

      Hahaha. Ashanti does, maybe look a little like Trina but that is only because they have similar shaped faces.

      • Monique

        yes i would say a LITTLE bit of trena

    • Monique

      toni and ashanti look NOTHING alike

    • Tracy Wynne

      Omgg yes on Trina & Ashanti……………………….Smooches

    • Jessica2248

      they could be brother and sister though, lol!

    • Jessica2248

      they could be brother and sister though, lol!

    • rita

      I think Alicia and Jess alba do favor. They have the same Lena Horne lite look and could be sisters for sure. Alba runs hard away from her Latin/black ancestry but I mean, she looks like what she looks like.

    • Nancy Drew

      Thank you!! Thought I was the only one who always said that.

  • kierah

    BILL Rancic…