Where Are They Now? Our Favorite Faces From “House Party” And “Class Act”

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So they weren’t classic films, but I don’t know anybody who doesn’t get excited and drop what they’re doing to watch House Party (the original) and Class Act. The dancing is amazing, the storylines are easy to follow and you can’t say you aren’t fully entertained. These two movies dropped more than 20 years ago and it’s been a while since we’ve seen all the stars that made them must-see films in black homes years ago. Some, well, you know what they’re up to because they’re still doing big things, while others have stayed under the radar. Shall we be nosey and find out their whereabouts? Be prepared to click!

AJ Johnson

Adrienne-Joi Johnson captured everybody’s attention with her yellow spandex jumpsuit and killer dance moves in House Party. Playing Sharane, the cool chick from the hood (no for real, her neighborhood was mad sketch), both Kid and Play battled for her affections for most of the movie, but her finger wave and curl-wearing behind played coy with both fellas cause she had it like that. So where is she nowadays? Out here flexing on folks as a fitness and wellness coach. Check the abs for proof of how that’s working out. After her role in Baby Boy, Johnson did a few TV roles here and there (including hosting the show Flab to Fab), but she’s been more about weight loss and overall health over the past few years, even being a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society.

Christopher “Kid” Reid

I know I wasn’t the only one who had a low-key crush on Kid…

Always playing the less suave but mad adorable character in both House Party and Class Act, Kid always got the girl. But in real life, he was just as much of a mack as his rapping partner and friend Play as they had everybody dancing as a duo. After showing up in numerous movies in the House Party franchise, Reid did some TV show cameos, was host of Showtime at the Apollo, did some reality TV, showed up in an LMFAO video, and has been touring as a comedian these days. He also does voice work for video games like Spec Ops: The Line.

Daniel Tanner/ WENN.com

“Paul Anthony” George, Lucien “Bowlegged Lou” George, Jr., Brian “B-Fine” George of Full Force

*sniffs* “I SMELL P-Well, you know the saying. As hardcore as Stab, Pee-Wee and Zilla were with their cut-off shirts and penchant for liking to kick a** in House Party, in real life, the three men, brothers by the way, were part of hitmaking R&B group Full Force, that loved to wear the most random of revealing clothes but keep you dancing (anything by Lisa Lisa was the jam back in the day). After doing House Party and House Party 2, they got back to focusing solely on making jams, working with everyone over the years including ‘N Sync, The Black Eyed Peas, the Backstreet Boys, Rihanna and more. They’re still working on music as we speak and released a greatest hits compilation in 2007.

Alysia Rogers

She was the object of Kid’s affections when he played Duncan Pinderhughes in Class Act. A wild chick to his nerdy character, they were different, but cute. And after she did Class Act, the Boyz n the Hood actress did a short film and then kind of stepped out of the spotlight. However, Rogers can be seen on her Facebook page motivating kids by speaking in schools, repping her time as a cast member on Class Act, and just got back into the movies by doing the independent film, Beyond Merrit.

Christopher “Play” Martin

Those lips! Play used to be the coolest guy ever. After trying his hand at film roles, Play, which comes from playboy, later went on to marry and have a son with actress Shari Headley (the love interest for Eddie Murphy in Coming to America), he became a born-again Christian, and worked on Christian Hip-Hop solely. He’s currently the CEO of a small multimedia company. Of course, he teamed back up with Kid to appear at award shows over the years, and he got back into acting, including doing the films Welcome to Durham, USA and The Return. And he still looks good!

Tisha Campbell Martin

The well-off yet sweet and spicy Sidney, Campbell Martin proved that saddity girls can dance too. Plus, she was a pretty lucky chick, getting to play the love interest of Kid in three cycles of House Party movies. After House Party she got married to Duane Martin, had two kids, and she did everything from the show Martin to movies like Sprung, Boomerang, and had leading roles in TV shows like My Wife and Kids and The Protector. She currently has a restaurant with her husband called Xen (named after her first son) in Los Angeles and has been doing cameo appearances on shows and in music videos. She just had a role in the Lifetime movie, Pastor Brown.

Daryl “Chill” Mitchell

One half of Groove B. Chill, the Hip-Hop group, Mitchell had the chance to get his jig on and show off his early acting skills. After that, the jobs kept coming (outside of music), including House Party 2, Sgt. Bilko, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Black Knight, the TV series Queen, Veronica’s Closet, Ed, and the short-lived show Brothers with Michael Strahan. Of course, we know that the actor got into a car accident in 2001 and was paralyzed from the waist down. But he hasn’t let that stop him, as Mitchell started the Daryl Mitchell Foundation for more awareness of spinal cord injuries, and he works as a minority spokesperson for the Christopher Reeves Foundation.

Kat Goduco/WENN.com

Karyn Parsons

Doesn’t she look exactly the same? After playing the love interest to Play’s Michael “Blade” Brown, the bad boy trying to pretend to be smart and good, we got to see a different side of Parsons. You know, outside of the ditzy but fabulous Hilary Banks. She went on to play Banks until ’96, acted in Major Payne, The Ladies Man and 13 Moons, and after focusing more on her family, business and producing animated films, Parsons teamed up with Madame Noire to host our video series, Mommy In Chief!

Doug E. Doug

A homeskillet of Kid’s in Class Act, it was one of Douglas Bourne’s earlier appearances on the big screen. But it would propel him big time, as he would go on to star in such lovable movies and shows as Cool Runnings, Operation Dumbo Drop, Shark Tale, Where I Live, Cosby, and recently he was in a few episodes of the FX hit show, Justified. Doug E. Doug also started a YouTube channel with skits and thoughts about his life experiences. And yes, the locs are gone…

Lamont Johnson

You guys remember him! Johnson always played a fool in movies, and in Class Act, he played a trouble-starting hoodlum who worked for a local drug lord and tried to make Kid’s character of Duncan Pinderhughes miserable. After playing such a role, Johnson went on to do movies like The Great White Hype, Fear of a Black Hat, Waiting to Exhale and had the very interesting role of Ronnie, Maya’s flamboyant cousin and hair stylist on Girlfriends. When he’s not acting, he’s pushing for cancer awareness through places like the Roswell Park Cancer Institute.

Martin Lawrence

Playing Bilal, the under-appreciated DJ and friend of Kid and Play in House Party, Lawrence of course blew up and went on to star in his own sitcom. On top of that, he became a big Hollywood star, doing films like Bad Boys, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Blue Streak, the Big Momma’s House franchise and has signed on to do Bad Boys 3, which will be released in 2015.


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  • Kool_Cat

    I really thought that was Kenya Moore because Kenya did a few low budget movies like that, and she looked like this girl, or woman. Wonder why this actress didn’t do more films? She’s cute.

  • !!!!

    Black don’t crack! “Hilary” Tisha and Alysia aged beautifully!

  • coco

    ewww!!…AJ looks like an old man on steroids or something…not cute giiirrrl!

  • lateshia.childs

    Thanks for that article this is another movie I have to remember to get….Class Act. Anyways, everyone still look great and the same. AJ Johnson she look a little rough in that one picture, both Chris look the same. The girl Alysia Rodgers always reminded me of Taj of SWV they could be sisters.

  • damn, who would have guessed Martin Lawrence was gonna have the best career

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  • Ya’ll are so mean… a person can’t even age on this bytch damn…

  • janice

    Paul Anthony “Stab” of Full Force is a very active advocate for lymphoma awareness as well, they are all still working really hard touring and producing…p.s. omg at the picture of AJ johnson it looks like a photoshop picture from the neck down of a dude…smdh.

  • Lisa

    I had a crush on Doug E Doug and Flex when they played on Where I Live.

  • nolimit_soldier

    This article failed to mention that Full Force also did wrote and performed a song w the late beautiful Selena shortly before her 1995 death. The song is called Missing My Baby. They also had another song planned for her but due to her death they sold the song to Rebbie Jackson.

  • Is this real like

    Not feeling the Stevie J look on Sharane……not good

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    And she is looking like Stevie J in the bottom pic…….No Bueno lady!

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  • Aj and kid look horrible. Everyone else looks great

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    AJ need a trim down there!!!!

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    That picture of AJ is not flattering at all. :-/

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      She looks like she has the inguinal muscles that allow a man’s nutz to descend. IJS

      • What The Hell Ever

        ctfu! Oh my goodness!

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    AJ Johnson was s dude…she looks like she had a hard time in life…the rest never seen them in anything….and fat azz Martin Lawrence the only successer

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    I thought Waldo off Family Matters was Maya’s cousin Ronnie? Eh well….

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      He was “Peaches” on Girlfriends.

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    AJ looks like a manly version of Sheree from RHOA and Alycia seems to be practically white now!!!!

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      I was wondering do she got a D*CK in he pants…………and proud of it too! WTF!!!!!

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      LOL. She did get a lot lighter geez.