Fellas, You Better Be Careful! 9 Signs Your Woman Might Make a Crazy Baby Mama

February 2, 2013  |  

Not long ago, MN posted a piece on things to look for in a man to determine if he’d make a good father. Well ladies, it’s your turn. Most men with baby mama drama are baffled when they procreate with the bride of Satan, claiming they had no idea she was crazy and deranged. Just like us, men can be blind to the crazy when they’re in love or most likely, lust. Maybe he would notice the red flags if he wasn’t so busy looking at the big butt and a smile. If you’re seeing a woman who has any of the following traits, make sure to wrap it up because she just might turn out to be a crazy baby mama.

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  • JA6180

    Number 6 is the realest thing I’ve ever read on this site.

  • shekiki

    my baby mama is so dramatic i no longer receive her calls. she has to text or something. Thing is i am still happy she got the child otherwise i would be totally family-less.
    I dont blame her. she didnt have any family or father to talk about.
    We met at an exceptionally low point in my life. And may be even a lowness, has its advantages, because at that time i could be with her. Today i cannot be anywhere near her.
    Sad. but life give us bad cards sometimes.

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  • toyasg

    @wepo1:disqus these baby mamas on her are a lost cause. The knowledge u have is almost wasted on babymama’s ,they dont see the light. Keep up the word there are black women who value themselves enough to carry the title of wife, not babymama

  • Babydoll 70

    Why in your piece about men do you refer to them as possible “good fathers” but the women are referred to as “baby momma”? Can we stop this please?!

  • Babydoll 70

    Why in your piece about men do you refer to them as possible “good fathers” but the women are referred to as “baby momma”? Can we stop this please?!

  • I’ll save you ten clicks. Don’t have a baby with a woman you haven’t and wouldn’t marry. Keep the snake housed safely in your trousers until you meet a woman worthy enough to have your child.

    • blkrazor

      Nothing more needs to be said.

    • roo08

      nah, too hard for grown adults with no self control.

  • Marion

    I am sorry to bring the race card into the issue. Just because she is bi-racial, Arabian, White, Asian, Mexican, Brazillian, or any other race, or that you think that she is “fine” with a banging body, that does not mean the person will be a great mother as well. Brothers, I know this is a bitter pill to swallow you think all black women are crazy, bitter, angry, has a foul mouth and likes to fight baby mamas. You have crazy baby mothers in other races as well that falls into the above criterias. But sadly some of these people refuse to see it. I guess when you are in the heat of passion, or have money, they don’t care. If you see these signs and you still have sex with her, just like the author indicated you deserve every thing that comes to you and I don’t have an emphathy for you.

  • SM

    Yvette said, if she was insecure (the source of her crazy behavior), it was because Jody made her that way! Lol. J/k… However, honestly, if you don’t want your woman to act crazy then stop constantly giving her reasons to be insecure in the relationship. Some people have trust issues b/c they’re nuts. Others have trust issues b/c ur a$$ ain’t trustworthy!

  • DeeFknCee

    First 2 signs. Is she black? Does she wear weave? Sorry pal. You’re screwed

    • Herm Cain

      Don’t forget f****d up names or ratchet tats always give it away

  • Jen

    What matter of hoodrat wrote this article??

    • Babydoll 70

      Don’t know but I hate the terms baby moma and baby daddy and it may be even worse when someone outside of the teen realm uses it. They just sound illiterate. I’m my kids mom. Period.

    • Babydoll 70

      Don’t know but I hate the terms baby moma and baby daddy and it may be even worse when someone outside of the teen realm uses it. They just sound illiterate. I’m my kids mom. Period.

  • Machone

    9. She has a negative relationship with her father…..Well considering most black kids are born out of wedlock, it’s going to get worse….

  • anon

    first….most of these examples could probably be avoided if men simply learned how to stop running games, being deceptive and learn how to treat treating women respectfully. Second…most black men arent even in a position to worry about if a black woman is crazy. She’s prolly crazy because of you. BMen need to first worry about learning how to be trustworthy and respectful, learn to commit your parts and heart to one woman, stay out of prison, develop healthy relatioship skills, elevate your educational, career and income potential…ergo being a good provider, and being a good mate and parent generally. Start with yourself…the women’s behavior will follow your lead.

    • hollyw

      I’d add that the women’s behavior prob wouldn’t change much, b/c you’re not gonna change a bird into a housewife simply off of acting right…but his prospects will sure get better!

  • minny

    I definitely don’t condone being a “baby momma” but these are problems you may have to deal with regardless if your married or not. Just because your married do’sent mean that your not going to face these same problems.

  • flyer27

    #10. should’ve come first.

  • love

    My ex husband got his jump off pregnant. He was cheating a few weeks before I married him. Two years into my marriage. He gets a summons for a paternity test, He didn’t even know this chick that well. He met her at a gas station. She was absolutely nuts and pissed he didn’t marry her. What’s worse is he didn’t bother to use a condom and he started sleeping with her again after he found out about this now two year old child. Glad I’m not a part of that mess anymore, i moved a thousand miles away. No chance I’ll ever see either of them.

  • FromUR2UB

    Bride of Satan? That’s what they get for messing around with married chicks. ; P

  • Michiko

    SMH at this article.

    • KamJos

      Same here! The one geared toward women was not as negative as this. I mean the women are told what to avoid for a FATHER. The men are told what to avoid for a CRAZY BABY MAMA. Really? So I guess are regular ol’ baby mama is fine.

      • Michiko

        The writers on this site seem to have very low opinions of women.

  • Plumbline

    Make sure you check out the family of your possible future spouse. How did they raise them? Spoiled, or responsible. How does your future spouse treat their parents? Respectfully, or with contempt. How does your future spouse handle their money? Wastefully, or wisely. The apple does not fall far from the tree. If you notice any of these things I have mentioned in the negative column, it is most likely you will endure the thorns and thistles of their poor upbringing. Run for the hills…………….

  • Sagittarius81

    My cousin is dealing with a crazy baby mama. He has a 15 year old son by his crazy ex, but 6 years ago he gotten married to his attorney wife and that made his ex crazier. I was one the bridesmaids at their wedding and his baby mama crashed the wedding screaming “you can marry that fat nappy headed h0 but you can’t marry a strong dime like me!” and tried to destroy their cake and my cousin and his uncles stopped her and held her down until the police arrived. He has sole custody of their son and has a restraining order out for his ex. My family members and I asked him what he was thinking planting his seed in that woman and his only answer: he was sprung at the time.

    • SunshineBlossom

      …Wow… Y’all have my sympathies. We have crazy birds like that flapping in my family nest.

    • Done

      What doe his wife occupation have to do with the story?

      Sounds like your cousin married who he thought had a better social status.

      • Sagittarius81

        Excuse me, but I don’t see nothing wrong with me describing my cousin-in-law, she happens to be HIS attorney during the custody battle of his son from the crazy bird and they fell in love. Social class ain’t got nothing to do with it because he happens to be a fire fighter as well.

        • Bean

          Hmmm, wasn’t this the story line in Daddy’s Little Girls or whatever that Tyler Perry movie with Gabrielle Union and Idris Elba?

        • yeahright

          That’s is the same story line in Daddy’s Little Girl. Looks like someone likes to take story lines and pass them off as their own. Someone isn’t telling the truth. lol

        • Jen

          Wow. It sounds like he went from one bird to the next!

    • wepo1

      Any black woman that choose to be a man’s baby mama instead having the child in wedlock has a ghetto crazy mindset and will make a crazy baby mama!

      • Michiko

        Any Black man who chooses to be a woman’s baby daddy, instead, having the child in wedlock has a ghetto, crazy mindset and will make a crazy baby daddy.

        • wepo1

          As a woman the most valuable thing you can give a man is a child!

          So, black women need to stop giving men wife benefits for free, because baby mamahood only decreases the black woman’s value!

          What you said maybe true but the woman is the one left with the child and no value!

          • Michiko

            And you think men who have multiple children with multiple women who they were never married to have value?

            • wepo1

              Puffy vs. Nia Long, now tell me who has more value?

              • Michiko

                That is not a good comparison. ‘Puffy’s’ value as a person comes from his business ventures.

                • wepo1

                  Ok, what about those men in Tennessee with all those kids and baby mamas that knew those men had other children and baby mamas!

                  What about Shawty Lo, because all his baby mama knew he had baby mamas and children but they still procreated with him!

                  Shawty Lo is a good example because he has an all those baby mamas and kids but he still can’t get above average women to be his girlfriend or possibly new baby mama!

                  None of his baby mamas are married and probably only a few have boyfriends!

                  So, it looks like a man with 10 children is more value then a baby mama with one child!

                  See, you black women think you can do what men do, but you cannot change the double standard of tradition!

                  • RAVENS GANG!

                    Those men don’t have value. They just have multiple children by multiple women. The women who they have multiple children with have just as little value as they do. Your argument doesn’t show how a man with multiple children has more value than a woman. It just shows that low value men have children with low value women.

                    As far as your last statement – It only proved to me that you are probably sexist and only interested in double standards being in favor of men. Thank you and goodnight.

                    • wepo1

                      I didn’t not make the “double standard” nature with natural selection did!

                    • RAVENS GANG!

                      Of course you didn’t, and neither did natural selection. I see that the rest of my comment was ignored.

                    • wepo1

                      I understand you comment but the fact is in the real world beyond that of black women’s scope women that act in the same manner as men have no value!

                      So, you are wrong because a man can have one baby mama then turn around and marry the woman of his dreams just like that!

                      A baby mama does not have it like that!

                      My point is not to brag about a double standard but to show black women that thinking like and acting like a man will only hurt them!

                      Black women keep fighting for a way of life that does not work!

                      You called me “sexist” and that is what white feminist have put in the black woman’s head while white women stick to tradition!

                      Yes, some are baby mamas but not at the high rate like black women!

                    • hollyw

                      I think you’re using social status and value interchangeably. Social status of those w/ children outside of wedlock has changed drastically between the two last generations, but it’s still pretty much left to judgmental people in society to define…(case-in-point). That’s not to be confused with a woman or man having less worth or being valueless. You can perceive w/e ‘value’ you want on a person, but their worth is determined by themselves and their Creator.

                      For men and women w/ common sense, who know what true worth is (a person’s education, spirituality, care-taking ability, etc.) and get ready to settle down, whether they’re single or divorced, having a kid shouldn’t matter that much.

                    • I know quite a few white baby mommas; 9 out of 10 of them date black men. I wonder why that is.

                      *whistles out of argument*

                    • Babydoll 70

                      That’s not what natural selection means. ijs Back to your conversation with Raven’s Gang.

                    • wepo1

                      Humans choose the best of the best to mate with is natural selection!

                      Black women just choose any nugga to create life with and that is why the black community is filled with bastards!

                    • Babydoll 70

                      That’s not what natural selection means. ijs Back to your conversation with Raven’s Gang.

                  • He’s a king amongst pigs. Golf claps for him.

                • Guest

                  You have got to be kidding me

          • Michiko

            And you think men who have multiple children with multiple women who they were never married to have value?

    • blkrazor45

      All I can say is damn.

    • JA6180

      “…and if anyone objects, please speak now or forever hold your peace.”
      Lol…man I hope your cousin is still happy!

  • Ms. Kameria

    I actually agree with this (from what I see)……If she was a “sane” baby mama, as opposed to a “crazy” baby mama, then she really shouldn’t have time to be and act like the rest of this list…….*glad I’m not one*