Got A Bad Case Of Baby Fever? Check These Signs That You’re Not Really Ready To Be A Mom

January 31, 2013  |  
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Maybe you think it’s your duty as a woman to reproduce, or maybe you’re feeling left out as all of your friends are skipping your late night drinks for an early morning Jamboree. Whatever the reason, no reason is good enough to bring a new life into this world if you’re not ready to take care of it. Here are the signs you may not be ready to be a mom, you’ve just got a case of baby fever.

You won’t get a pet because it’s a lot of work

You often think it’d be fun to have a pet, but decide not to because of all the work it would be. Connect the dots there…a small human would be ten times the work.

You like pets because they’re quiet

The reason you considered a pet in the first place is because it’s an easy, agreeable creature that requires nothing but two meals a day and a nice walk to be happy. If you’re going for an easy, predictable responsibility, a baby’s not it.

You can’t talk about bodily functions

You refuse to talk about what goes on in the bathroom with anyone, and have to run away when a friend asks you to hold her hair as she vomits. News flash: babies are living, breathing factories of poop and vomit.

When your friend becomes pregnant, you think about the fact that you’ll lose a friend

Instead of getting excited for a pregnant friend, your mind instantly goes to all the things you two can no longer do together. If you couldn’t even appreciate what would be joyful about a child for your friend, how can you appreciate it for yourself?

You can’t stand gushing parents

When a parent goes on about how being a parent is the most meaningful job they’ve ever had, you cringe and laugh inside. You don’t see how nursing could possibly be more fulfilling than being a CEO.

There’s nothing you would wake up early for

Not to see your favorite band play, not to get 50% off a car during an early morning sale—nothing. You treasure sleeping in in the morning above all else. You better switch your thinking about that before a baby who cries at 5 am comes into your life.


Every morning is a rough morning

You wake up and put your shirt on backwards without realizing it, eat cold pizza because you forgot to buy breakfast food and are (again) thirty minutes late for work. You need to organize your own life before you can be responsible for another’s.

You go with the flow and are unpredictable

You wake up in places you didn’t mean to, you never know where the night will take you but are happy to find out. You go with the flow, never worrying about responsibilities, or perhaps what the benefits would be of waking up not hung over, and actually in your own house for once. And you love that about your life.

You’re trying to replace a man with a baby

If you don’t have a partner, you might feel tempted to fill that void with a baby. It’s sort of an “excuse” not to look for a partner anymore. But when you’re sleep-deprived, nursing a crying baby and haven’t seen your friends in weeks, you won’t be thinking, “Take that men!”

Your life revolves around your figure

You better get over that. You can’t be exercising and sticking to extreme diets when pregnant or when mothering. Your baby needs nourishment and so do you. Plus, you’ll always choose a nap over a workout when you’ve been up all night nursing.

You become very irritated at crying/screaming kids

You don’t ask yourself what they’re upset about. You don’t feel for the poor mom juggling a baby and a grocery basket. You instantly think, “How annoying for me.”

You’re nearly broke

Replacing your laptop might break the bank right now. How can you afford a nursery? Baby food? Baby clothes? Or how about taking time off work to, you know, be a mom?

Your future is uncertain

You don’t know where you’ll be working or living next year and you’re barely trying to figure it out. Having a baby requires all of your focus. You can’t balance any other big changes at the same time.

Your job takes everything out of you

You work 18 hours a day, you bring your work home, you have to work on the weekends, but it’s worth it because you love your job and are working towards a fulfilling goal. You’d have to give that up to have a baby.

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