Make Me Over: 10 Notable Black YouTube Makeup Gurus

October 10, 2012 ‐ By Alissa Henry

"Black woman applying makeup"

Tyra Banks once said, “I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” Like Tyra, many women love cosmetics and won’t leave the house without being fully made up. Others like the thought of wearing makeup on a regular basis, but don’t have a clue to where to begin. For women looking to learn from scratch, step up their makeup game or just add a few tricks to their existing knowledge, Youtube is packed with tips and tutorials from “makeup gurus”.

While text tutorials are nice, there’s nothing like someone actually sitting down and showing you how to beat your face. This is especially true for beginners. These makeup women are the big sister or knowledgable friend you’ve never had that will show you how to do a smoky eye, apply foundation, and suggest good drugstore buys  – all at your convenience.

There are tons and tons of makeup artists on Youtube, but often the lists of notable gurus leave out the Black girls. Of course, you can learn about makeup from a woman of any color. However, if you’re looking for an expert who shares your complexion then you must check out this list of 10 Black Youtube makeup artists (with one honorable mention). It’s in no particular order and definitely not an exhaustive list, so leave a comment to let me know who else should be added to this list!

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  • TyraE

    AaliyahJayy on YouTube is the best mua ever!!!!

  • Joline

    JamaicanMakeupArtist!!! she’s really good!

  • Jennifer Willis

    One of the up and coming beauty Gurus I found today on youtube is Heaven Writes. She even has a Website dedicated to fashion and love advice. Her youtube is – f

  • CloaknBraggart

    KellsterMakeup should be on the list… she’s amazing! And I thought the Fancy Faced would be on the list as well, she’s really good.

  • Stephanie V

    I watch so many YT gurus but only subscribe to a few bc I’m so picky. Other FANTASTIC black beauties with great videos: lover4fashion, msroshposh, itsmyraerae, lizlizlive & uglyfaceofbeauty. beautycrush is like YT royalty & represents for the biracial ladies out there.

  • HJC

    beatfacehoney is great too!

  • candygirl

    i learned so much from beautybyjj and lilpumpkinpie05! and yes adrianna thomas has great hair videos. I recognize everyone of the guru’s except the last 2 and they all have been beneficial. You know you have watched too many youtube videos when you recognize on the list and can suggest more gurus to add lol!

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  • YouTubeDestinyGodley

    Thanks for the Love Madame Noir!

  • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

    omg I left a comment and I guess I didn’t post it afterall! Grr, anyhow. Madame Noir just wanted to say thank you for the feature, I just did a blog post about this and will be sharing this article with my subscribers. Thank you so much for sending love my way, and kudos to the other beautiful women featured. Thank you for giving back to black women what some of the negatives in our community take away from us. Thank you thank you, thank you!!! <3

  • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

    Thank you so much for recognizing me Madame Noir :-* Will be posting and sharing on my blog right away!!

  • cojane

    Where is Bisa Nation? She is British and has a myriad of tutorials and product reviews

  • Ifuaskme2

    This is a great list but Ebony rocks for those of us without the time or desire for face painting

  • Adrianna Thomas

    this is soooo nice of you all! I didn’t even expect to be on this list i love all the ladies on the list also and many others who didnt make the list! thanks again! :)

    • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

      congrats girl!

  • Shirley

    I don’t really wear makeup except for occasional lipstick, but I am LOVING this! Why? Because it showcases how beautiful, fierce, brainy, talented and creative our Black women are! And you know what…I’m going to have to revisit this post in the future because they’ve inspired me to try makeup…probably in 2013! Work it, girls!

  • Kimberly Shanae

    island beauty is from JAMAICA but resides in japan!!! just saying!!!

    • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

      Love her too

  • Real

    Shirley is my favorite on this list; her videos are high quality & she’s really engaging & has a great personality. But how could you forget britpopprincess? Both are youtube stars. The rest are kinda B-list in my opinion.

    • CloaknBraggart

      Shirley’s videos are like watching her do her makeup right in front of you. The quality of her videos is just amazing.

  • marahvee

    you guys are missing fabulosityisme!!!!! She’s one of the best!

  • Redbonegoodgood

    Love Nitrab!!! I think prettygyrlangie should have also been added to this list as well as Traycee!!

  • Tam Tam

    Lovee Jackie and Ebony and Island Beauty!!

  • labellapoka

    well another notable Guru is BEATFACEHONEY…the girl is on point…werrkkkkk!

    • slimmsopretty


    • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

      cosign! Love her, she’s so underrated as an artist and deserves to be recognized much more than she is

  • chanela

    YEAHHHH YOU GO MAKEUPD0LL!!!!!! thomasandrianna is bomb too! her hair is always on point!!

  • MzHandlingit Alexander

    I am not a fan of any of these women, maybe because this is my first time finding out that they even exist. But I would like to inform you of Black China Bear. She is the BOMB!!! you can request something from her and she does it to perfection!!! She gives tips on keeping money in your pocket rather it’s pertaining to makeup, to hair, to clothes, and yes, she is in school for COSMETOLOGY!!!!

  • Rebecca

    Im a subscriber to Jackie, Destiny, and The Island Beauty’s youtube pages. I was a former subscribed to Nitraa but I had to unsubscribe because her voice is annoying and I couldn’t take it anymore. LizLizLive (youtube name) is another favourite of mine on youtube. Please check her out.

    • psylocke_2001

      i had to unsubscribe from ulovemegz for that very reason. her videos are informative but i just couldn’t listen to that voice.

  • Ashley

    Oh and my girl Angie is definitely my go to guru! She’s prettygyrl83!!!

  • Ashley

    They also forgot AllThingsFabulous101 and TymetheInfamous!

  • Sabrina

    I love Jackie!!!! Lilpumpkinpie05 yallllll!

    • Jackie Olayiwola Aina

      thank you so much Sabrina <3

  • DivaRia01

    Lover4Fashion, FabulosityIsMe and Tierra Monet! I can’t believe they are not on the list.

    • miss89

      Yes, Yes, YES for Tiarra Monet!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chassie

    thomasadrianna for the win! Hair and makeup stay winning!

  • Meyaka

    I love beauty by lee

  • vanna j

    Beauty by Lee has been the go to girl for me. Her makeup tips are so easy to follow. Im addicted.

  • Ann

    These women are so gorgeous and very pretty. I want to see more beautiful black women like these especially the pretty dark skinned ones.

    • Gia

      well nitrab isnt :/ but the others are.

  • sheena

    Who told this Nitraa girl to sing though?

  • Island Girl

    Check out Queen of blending mua on youtube…she did the makeup for Sean Paul’s bride..She’s pretty good!!