Nothing Dries Up Panties Faster Than A Man With Bad Grammar

September 28, 2012  |  


It’s amazing the stuff we’ll endure in the quest to find what Mary was singing about all those years ago: “Real Love.” Even when we know with every fiber of our being that this beau isn’t the right one; some of us are so…thirsty for attention, affection or infatuation, that we end up putting up with things we could never have imagined, adopting friends like “Ignore” and “Rationalize.”

We all have that friend who consistently finds herself involved with men who are not about the right. My friend like that is the reigning Queen of rationalization and searching for the good in men…in cases where the good just ain’t there. A couple of months ago, she found herself infatuated with a tall, chocolatey, former football player/father of one.

Initially, he came off as a decent dude. Before their first date, they seemed to have quite a bit in common and he didn’t let her love of Harry Potter deter him from taking her out on a proper date. But the more they corresponded, she started to notice a pattern.

The brotha had terrible grammar.

He played football in college, so he met some type of educational requirements at one point or another. He even graduated. So why couldn’t he seem to construct a sentence free of spelling and grammatical errors? The thrill was starting to fade away. And I knew things were going  from bad to worse when my friend texted me with a rhetorical question/cry for help.

“Does MN need a guest post…’grammar is standing in between me and my boo’? lol”

Man! I knew immediately, where my friend was coming from. In college, I too found myself attracted to someone who, though he once taught middle school history, admitted that he always misspells words and always will. Yikes! (This is why our schools are in such a disarray.)

By now, some of you are thinking I’m some type of elitist. I know in my heart that no one is capable of avoiding the occasional typo every now and then. I know that some really good writers also happen to be terrible spellers. Even we here at Madame Noire are not above a slip up here and there. (Some of you have kindly…or rudely let us know.) My own mother, thanks to a subpar educational system in the ’50’s and ’60’s, misspells words she should definitely know. But whether it’s right or wrong, as a person who writes for a living and values words and the sanctity of grammatical rules, reading a message riddled with mistakes is not only distracting; but when I’ve just met someone, it immediately makes me question their intelligence. I know that’s probably a prejudice I need to work on; but when I’m in the “new” phase I’m constantly looking for the “stop” sign.

Bad grammar might not be a stop sign, but for me, and a couple of other learned women, it’s at least a “proceed with caution.”

So, I’m not saying bad grammar warrants an immediate dismissal. On the contrary, if everything else lines up and the person demonstrates their intelligence in other ways, despite the sentence struggles, then you should give them a chance. But as was the case with my friend and the chocolatey one, the bad grammar was just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe she could have worked with the terrible grammar had there not been an unflattering, premature package pic and a hidden girlfriend.

Ladies, now is your time to sound off. Does bad grammar bother you or is it something you can work with?


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  • Joellz583

    From my prospective. This article is a little one-sided and indignant to say that it’s only men, who exhibit poor grammar while texting. Beyond contrary belief. I have formed a concensus that there is a trend among women as well, that a few of you. Display the same traits here that you’re bashing. We all in general,including myself. Have been guilty of sending a less than superfolous text to a potential love interest. My only point is to say. “If a jeweler can find regal in a flawed diamond,which makes it unique. You must do the same when it comes to finding love or the romance thrill you seek. Trust me, everyone has flaws this piece is superficial. It could have only been written by a bitter woman. Who goes home alone. Telling her problems to a cat about the one who got away. Then through the midst of her tears. Decides to break out her laptop typing this garbage while sipping a glass of wine.

  • mimi2

    I think that the way you speak English is definitely an indicator of your intelligence. My… Boyfriend *sigh* now, is terrible at English. He told me that he had speech problems as a child and had to attend speech classes, so I took that into consideration when he couldn’t find the right words to say to express himself. After a while of us being together, I began to crave intellectual stimulation, of which he could not provide. It was frustrating, because conversation is soooo important in a relationship and we couldn’t even communicate because of his poor English… I would be speaking simple, standard English to him and he would either miss the point or completely misunderstand a simple sentence, or go off topic. You would think that with how terrible he is at English, that it wasn’t even his first language. It doesn’t help that he hangs around ghetto people and have adopted some of their slang and poor speech patterns. I’m not the BEST English speaker in the world, but when you can’t speak your first and only language well enough to comprehend basic English, then there is a problem. Have you ever spoken to someone, and they didn’t understand what you were saying because your vocabulary is more advance than their own? So you have to dumb down the sentence and reword it for them to understand? That’s what it’s like with my boyfriend, except I’m not even using large vocabulary because I’m aware of his lack of English comprehension. I speak standard English to him, the way I am typing right now and it confuses him. Simple, standard English confuses him, and this is the version of English I speak specifically for him, a simpler form of the English I use with my intellectual Equals, that still confuse him. The English I am using down should be able to be understood by those with at least basic intelligence… Like I said before, I am NOT the best English speaker, but it’s a turn off to speak simple English to someone, basic, standard English and they don’t understand a word that is coming out of your mouth, and neither can they express themselves for lack of English talent.

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  • Kelli

    Perhaps you should review your own grammar before judging other people’s…

  • CarlaKah

    It definitely does!!! If he doesn’t understand grammar, how the hell will he show our future kids how to write and speak? What if I die and he is the ONLY caretaker? Nope, Jesus doesn’t want me to abuse my blessings like that!

  • Kayo Halana Malie

    Poor grammar does bother me, especially when I have to read something several times or ask someone to repeat themselves because their poor grammar distorts what it being said.

  • CharmW

    I thought it was just me *BIG SIGH* Misspelled words and bad grammar definitely earn no points with me. If you dropped out of school in the 9th grade, hell, use spell check, a least try to put some effort into what you’re typing or writing.

  • bay220

    It’s so unattractive.

  • mia

    TO ME: being a writer & lover of learning, it absolutely bugs me when someone can’t spell or uses bad grammar 24/7. I once talked to a guy who I was having a text conversation with, no bells in whistles, just normal writing, and he responds you are so sophisticated. TURN OFF!

  • chanela

    it pisses me off how people do it so much on facebook or on blogsites and then complain “it’s just the internet i hate when people judge grammar! it’s not an engilsh class” but guess what? those SAME folks are the ones who are post memos or signs up on their job and spell it all kinds of wrong! SMH people wonder why their job resumes aren’t doing the trick for their job. people wonder why they aren’t getting accepted into colleges. they can’t spell!

    the part is that they STAY on facebook and other internet sites. if you aren’t sure of a how to spell a word (you should know at least how the correct word LOOKS) the look the word up on google to be sure before you embarrass yourself! SMH not that hard

  • WhyDoIDoThisToMyself

    I didn’t even read this article. I need not. For anyone wondering why I phrased my previous sentence as such; it is undoubtedly deliberate that I select the most formal of verbiage to make my point. As a human being who has to check ‘african american’ on most applications (`guess our ol’ Census Bureau just don’t know how to categorize multi-ethnic individuals yet)—-most of ‘my people’ make me mad that I gotta. Why? Cuz when I speak in a way like what I wrote like above, I get ever-the-uproar from MY OWN FOLKS! For all the elementary-schoolisms called ‘comments’….I’m challenging those who are guilty of giving MORE grief to an articulate “Black” person than anyone frontin under the comforting and anonymous cloak of an internet surname (PLEASE know what ‘surname’ means!) to address THAT. “Shall we?” (I know how many would just like to call me a *i*ch, but ‘there-there now! mind your manners!)

  • Diamond

    My ex boyfriend graduated from Grambling and he mispelled and used bad grammar. It turned me off and annoyed me (and I let him know) but I overlooked it. And he was a complete jerk! Immature, MADE me pay for dates (leaving his wallet in the car and other lame ways to make me pay) and just had no class. Also, from other previous experiences with guys who were this way, they just were not serious. They were immature game players. There is 1 man I briefly dated after that and a man I am seeing now who uses correct spelling and punctuation at all times. And they are absolutely wonderful. Respectful, chivalrous, sweet and overall just more mature. Just thought I’d share my experience 🙂

  • Cinnamon71

    Amen! Stop talking like Eddie Murphy’s rendition of Buckwheat! It reminds me of nails going across a chalkboard!

  • MissRae

    A guy messaged me recently saying, “When you gonna be all minds?” I DIED. My major is ENGLISH EDUCATION. He should’ve known better! Lol.

    • CJD

      At least you weren’t texted “was up”. First time I saw that, I thought he was joking. But, he kept texting it everyday. What happend to (h), (t), (‘), and (?)? I wish I still had the poem he wrote me.
      Rule #72.
      Don’t write a poet poetry.
      Rule #72.5
      Don’t write a poet poetry with poor spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage.

  • get real

    @6485f73af821547eb8f2b25b2af88e5b:disqus.. Only young people text and Facebook like that but I totally understand were you women are coming from. I was kicking it with this chick and asked her ” so why don’t you have a significant other”? And I kid you you not she said ” Uh oh , Big words” Lmao. And you better believe that was the last I saw her. I could’ve tapped it but that turned me clean off.

  • Old School

    I’m trying to do better – trying not to judge – because using bad grammar will not stop anyone from gaining God’s kingdom but please. Just please. Someone tell me the difference between an accent and poor diction, bad grammar and flavor?

    Conjugate a verb why don’t you? He does, she does, their house, instead of he do, she do, they house.

    • chanela

      i don’t care! i AM gonna judge! there is no excuse for an adult who runs around all day long saying ” i’m grown!” to be spelling like their 1 year old! all they have to do it open another tab to get to google and check the spelling. or use the right click to select the correct word.

      people need to stop excusing fuckery by puling the “judgement ” card!

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      I think that sometimes an accent and poor diction go hand-in-hand, but sometimes it does not.

  • Candacey Doris

    I can understand if a man has bad grammar or bad spelling. But we know you have a spell check on your phone, computer, and tablet. Use it! I should not be getting messages that say “Yo waz ur nam? I got dat gud sh!t” If I get one more message asking me to “get at me” I’ll scream.

  • If I feel like a need a secret decoder ring to decipher your message before I can read it – BIG TURN OFF! If you can’t stimulate my mind (in a good way), then you can’t stimulate anything else!

  • Mel

    I hope it doesn’t come off as elitist, because we ALL make mistakes. However, I met a guy in college who I thought was a pretty nice guy. But once we started talking on the phone, I noticed this entire persona taking shape. He would use words like “the crib-o”, very seriously. “When you swanging by the crib-o”?

    Even though I listened to my hip hop like everyone else, I realized that I could probably not date someone who invited me over to their crib-o. It just sounds different on wax than in person.

  • thirtythoughts

    *dead* at the title alone!! It’s so true!

  • RJA

    Bad grammar irks my soul!!! I try to be patient w/ people b/c I’m an excellent speller and no matter who I’m with I get treated like a human thesaurus/dictionary, family and friends included. So I kinda look at like that’s one of the “things” I bring to a realtionship 🙂

  • Miss Rae

    So… I assume the guy with bad grammar must be Tyrese

  • NaturalJem

    That is a serious pet peeve of mine as much as I want to laugh in the dude’s face I can’t help but feel sorry for them…but I do laugh behind their back lol

  • Morena

    It ANNOYS the stew outta me & I cringe as I read some people’s posts on the social netwoking sites. If I have to read it in slow mo to gain clarity, I am MAD…lol! It absolutely allows you to realize who payed attention in English class back in the day! There is NOTHING worse than a person who appears to have it all together and then you receive a series of text messages that cause you to question what’s really good. ANNOYANCE to the 25th power!!! I have zero patience for those who do not understand that there is a very real difference between the words your & you’re, there, they’re & their, know & no, to & too, then & than, where & were and that IRREGARDLESS, CONVERSATE & MA (as in MY), are not mickey fickey WORDS! And, lets not talk about the str8 up ebonics that Sabrina indicated…INSTANT PANTIES IN A BUNCH! HOOKED ON PHONICS 4 the WORLD! It’s never too late… 🙂

  • Ms. VonnieG

    OMG!!!! I ended a friendship/soon to be boo-ship because his grammar was TERRIBLE! It was so bad I often had to call him to figure out what he was talking about! But what was even worst was after I told him I moved on he would still text me like “Hel (trying to say hello or hey), I was not reddy fo u to jus leeve me lik dat. I feel eptee wit out u.” I still have his text messages and still clown him to my friends to this very day.

    • MLS2698

      Still have the text….and who’s the clown?

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      You mean “But what was even WORSE…”, not ‘worst’.

  • FromUR2UB

    My peeves are college graduates who use poor grammar, and people who know they’re bad spellers, but won’t check a dictionary. I’d always been a good speller, but since I’ve gotten older, I occasionally find myself misspelling words I’d always known how to spell. Sometimes, I look at a word and think: that doesn’t look right. So, I check Merriam Webster Online. My photographic memory has begun to fail me. Now, I sometimes have to pronounce words aloud, to hear how to spell them. Enunciaton helps spelling. I don’t necessarily consider poor spelling a sign of a lack of intelligence, because I’ve known some very smart people, who just can’t spell. But, as I mentioned, that’s easy to remedy if they at least have an idea how to spell the word. In terms of grammar, it just bugs me when people say:
    1) “People that…” instead of people WHO.
    2) “It’s a lot of…”, rather than, “THERE are a lot of…” or THERE are many…”.
    3) “I seen it” instead of, “I saw it”. I guess they don’t hear the contraction when someone says, “I’VE seen it”.
    4) “It have been…”. Have they never heard the word ‘has’?
    In the grand scheme of things, maybe grammar doesn’t amount to a hill of beans. God probably couldn’t care less about our grammar. It’s just that while we’re on this earth, our intelligence is judged by how we communicate. People should correct children’s grammar so that the correct way becomes a habit for them. When people use poor grammar their entire live, correct grammar sounds “wrong” to them. Often, it seems that if a child can speak and be generally understood, people around them feel that’s good enough. Teachers used to correct grammar, but I guess they get in trouble for that now. I’m not so confident that many teachers know better themselves, these days.

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      I have an issue with people who know they have spelled a word incorrectly and go as far as to point it out instead of correcting the misspelled word. How weird!

    • Robb

      I volunteer in a grade school, until you go into a school and see what teachers have to try to over come, on a daily basis, you should not be so critical of them. Remember our education starts at home, these kids come into the school after learning from their parents for five years. i.e., 1 second grade teacher , 25 kids,, 4 disruptive students, all it takes is one of them to get the teacher off schedule. Teaching is a thankless job that is not done for the money.

      • FromUR2UB

        When my daughters were in junior high, I often had to use my red pencil to note mistakes on their papers, that their teachers seemingly missed. A teacher once gave one of them an ‘A’ on an essay, when I could tell my daughter had not done her best work on it. I used to be a parent who made unannounced visits to their school. I’d take a day or a few hours off work to do that. Although most teachers appreciated and respected that, there were a couple who seemed annoyed by my presence, despite the fact that I sat at the back of the room, quietly. Once, when I showed up at the school, and stopped by the office to let the school know I was on the property, the Assistant Principal refused to grant me permission to visit the classroom. She told me that I needed to make appointments for school visits. It wasn’t until I told her that if I couldn’t go to my daughters’ classrooms, I would use the time to stop the by Superintendent’s office and inquire why the school should object to a parent’s visit, that she finally relented. So, speaking from the experience of a parent, I can confirm that some kids are ill-behaved, because I’ve observed that firsthand. But, my criticism of some teachers is justified. All teachers are not there to help kids, but rather, only for the paycheck.

  • 305MovesLikeDagger

    Well it goes both ways!! I can’t stand when I am texting a woman and she has bad grammar or talk in slang. I am not the grammar king or anything but it annoys the ish out of me because it makes me feel like I have to dumb down what I am texting.

    • Morena

      NEVER “dumb down!” If you have to consider doing that, so that your message can be understood by the recipient, it is time to keep it moving in the progressive direction.

      • Miss K


  • Shonda Johnson

    It’s bad on both men and women. Nobody wants to converse with a man or females using incorrect words and bad spelling.

    • chanela

      i swear it lights up my world when i hear people say CONVERSE and not conversate. SMH hell even the computer just now tried to correct me for saying that evil evil

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      Do you have a problem with referring to women as ‘women’. You either say, “Nobody wants to converse with a man or WOMAN…” or “Nobody wants to converse with a male or female…”

  • maggie

    I really like this article and I so agree with the writer. And according to my professors, reading and spelling are on a decline. And on a tangent, how many times have I seen “loose” and “lose” used incorrectly??

    • mia

      !!!!!! The lose/loose thing irks me! I feel like it’s a new thing because I’d never noticed it misspelled so prevalently before lol

      • Marco

        What about: breathe/breath, sale/sell/sail, affect/effect, accept/except, lightening/lightning, passed/past, lead/led, forward/foreword, advice/advise, ant/aunt/ante/auntie, etc etc ,,,huh, what? LoL

        • chanela

          omg!!! YES!!! “reverant bobby past away” he did what?” “ooh girl! that weave in on sell!” *shudders*

          • JewelThompson

            “reverant” HA!!!!

    • Morena

      How about…”I’m sorry for your LOST,” not loss, but LOST??? ANNOYANCE! smh…

      • LAWD YES! That and “congrads” makes my blood hurt.

        • Lov3lyLady32

          Dayum! Your Blood Hurts?! LMAO Now that’s deep!!!

        • JewelThompson

          That too. 🙁

      • chanela

        RIGHT?!?! i wrote about that somewhere i HATE HATE HATE that! i hate how people don’t know how to end their words properly “in high school i was voted best dress” so you became a dress in high school or what? WTF “i woke up feeilng bless” UGH!

        • JewelThompson


      • JewelThompson

        OOhh OMG! I was amazed to see that several of my co-workers wrote “sorry for your lost” on a condolence card for a co-worker recently. I couldn’t believe it.

    • NaturalJem

      Or the word “mines”….smh

    • AnonyMiss

      Yes, yes, yes!

      I can’t *tell* you how many headaches I’ve gotten after reading/hearing someone say:

      “I seen,” “for sell” or, my personal favorite, using “drug” instead of “dragged.”

  • Jai

    This is a msg I got from my ex: ” if you love me you will not be dk this bs you no i love u and i do not want a women in my life but you i hope u no dot i do not want to stop being with u. ”
    Now that’s the worst! Had to dump him.

    • Marco

      Wow, Jai, you’re a tough one! Is it conceivable that maybe he was at a stop light when he sent the text? …or worse, being chased by a pack of rabid chihuahuas (hahaha), that’s commonly known to cause typos, right? …lol, you put dude on full-blast!!

    • Cinnamon71

      My brain and eyes are hurting trying to decipher that…SMH

    • TRUTH IS

      I felt my IQ drop few point reading his text.

    • TRUTH IS

      I felt my IQ drop few point reading his text.

    • Morena

      I have a headache!!! What the HAMSAMICH was that??? 🙁

  • mac

    Reminds me of a guy I used to talk to. This dude is a college student but spells at a 5th grade level at best, and that’s being generous.
    Sometimes when he would text me I would have to sit there and decipher his damn messages.
    I don’t know who allowed this dude to get past elementary school…in all honesty.

  • sweetness1

    my thoughts exactly …i always feel bad for judging people because of their bad grammar …Gosh i am so glad i am not the only one who feels this way .

  • I. Smith

    This article is spot on! As a journalist and writer it peeves me when I meet a guy and we communicate through text or BBM and his grammar is just the pits!!! I’m like, “Nooooooooooo!” There are a few typos I could live with but the consistent butchered sentences are too much. Simple words always spelled wrong, sentences jacked…it makes me cringe. I’ve had guys who innocently weren’t good spellers but were really smart guys so I overlooked it (although the two-time Spelling Bee champion in me was dying a slow painful death). But I loved this article! I’ve had a problem with this for so long and thought I was just being picky!

    P.S. I would love to write for you guys some day!!

    • MLS2698

      Spelling Bee champ in DC ?

      • I. Smith

        No I’m from The Bahamas 🙁

        • Miss K

          Why the sad face? And by the way, I met a couple gorgeous Bahamian men while on holiday recently – became FB friends – and the BAD grammar NEVER ends with them! No stereotype or anything, but dang!

    • Marco

      So, have we all grown to replace face-to-face, verbal conversations with text messages? Is there no end to this digital dichotomy we’ve become so enamored with?

      • I. Smith

        No way! That face-to-face conversation is still very much present in my life. But when I’m at work and they’re at work sometimes texting is best

  • Lady M

    Indeed! The men my age, born in the 60s, make me wonder just what the hell they were doing while the rest of the kids were watching Sesame Street, Zoom, The Electric Company, Carascolendas, Mr Rogers Neighborhood, PBS, Captain Kangaroo, etc. Screw Hooked on Phonics. Its not only the texts, but the speech as well. When an offense is committed, I ask if they know who Easy Reader was. If I get the Scooby Doo face and a blank cartoon quip bubble apears over their head, they get the Carol Burnette “I’m so glad we had this time together” speech and the Roadrunner theme music starts to play as I make my exit stage left. Reading, writing, AND comprehension are fundamental. #sideeye

    • MsMotherSister

      “When an offense is committed, I ask if they know who Easy Reader was. If I get the Scooby Doo face and a blank cartoon quip bubble apears over their head, they get the Carol Burnette “I’m so glad we had this time together” speech and the Roadrunner theme music starts to play as I make my exit stage left. Reading, writing, AND comprehension are fundamental. #sideeye”

      funniest comment of the night

    • Marco

      …hey, wait a minute, you forgot Romper Room, School House Rock and The New Zoo Review.

  • MsMotherSister

    Sweet baby Jesus!!!! I absolutely can not stand bad grammar from anyone not just potential suitors. The sheer laziness of some of the texts I receive (hey bby can u mt me aftr wurk at yur place/ wuz gud boo u wunna grb sumtin to eat on lnch) kills me. My mom was an English teacher for years and we were not allowed to speak slang, talk in broken English as she referred to it, and was the grammar Nazi when it came to our homework). The thing that kills me is that when its via email, there is a spell check button on the tool bar. Ugh!!!!

  • If I have to play cryptogram with the text, FB status or other,NO. I use to play guess the text from one of my guys from job because his text was just utterly ridiculous. That’s a guy that I work with, not a romantic. God, I wish I had a red pen.

    • Kayo Halana Malie

      “He is a guy who I work with…”

  • Thought I was alone. It’s not so much that he must use big,long, and eloquent words. But at least be able to form a coherent sentence.

  • Tralalal


    I am dating a guy currently and I thought that I could get past his misspells and poor grammar. It irks me each time he texts me because I for one can not stand poor grammar on a regular day.

    I don’t understand how a man with a decent job and a bachelors degree can not use question marks when asking a question via text.

    Poor grammar and misspellings is a complete TURN OFF for me in guys.

    Lord please continue to have mercy.

    • Mrs. Jones to you !!

      @b2012f834ba4cc6fc6bcb30dbfbe6865:disqus For one,”irk” isn’t a word,so please have a seat.

      • Hmph

        Umm, yes it is, so how about you please take that seat?

      • mia

        lmao personally before I try to correct someone, I make sure I’m right. Keeps you from looking foolish.

      • Marco

        uh uh uh …”irk” has a 7 point value in Scrabble.

        • Mel

          lol, I love you Marco. And I just *knew* this comment section would deteriorate into everyone pointing out any small grammatical errors.

          The point of the article wasn’t to nitpick, but to stress that CONTINUOUS and prevalent grammatical errors were a turn off. I don’t think texting one misspelled word is the same as a mouth full of garbage.

    • Miemie

      CANNOT! one word, since we’re on grammar subject :p

  • Miss D

    Yes it would be a huge problem for me. When I see someone writing with horrible grammar and spelling, I just imagine them drooling with a blank stare on their face. I don’t need a Shakespeare, just write like you have more than 4 brain cells. ‘Preciate it!

    • Lov3lyLady32


  • Hello_Kitty81

    Men with bad grammar is a total turn off for me, especially when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, it’s to the point that I use my Google Chrome language translator to figure out wtf are you saying!

    • Morena

      Hollerin’ at the chrome language translator. That would require too much energy for yours truly. NEXT!!!

  • Lola

    To answer your question, no, I cannot work with a man who has bad grammar. It is very difficult to respect a man of this ilk. Your article is great but I have a question: How else can a man “demonstrate” that he has a modicum of intelligence if he can’t formulate a coherent sentence?

    I always felt I was being ridiculous for being turned off by a man’s poor grammar but suddenly, I feel somewhat validated for I am not alone in this regard. LOL.

    • Frustrated

      Exasperated and frustrating. I just let him go as I would have been one angry woman trying to teach English and basic manners at the same time. He tells me that I need to except him instead of accept him and this was after several emails with examples of both of those words. He is 65 years old now, old enough to have gotten a tutor long ago.

  • sabrina

    YES. IT. DOES!!!!

    Especially when they have bad grammar, and on top of that, wanna write with misspelled slang.

    “waz gud girl? wanna kum thru 2mm 2 da ckrib? im tryna macc w. u derr doe.”

    HOW OLD ARE YOU?!?!?!?! (and I was being so generous with the
    question marks, because some of them don’t even know proper punctuation

    • Alexa


    • Lola

      Your comment better make the “funniest” list tomorrow; you are on point! LOL



    • xoxoxdivabonita

      lmao!!! I cant do bad grammar n all that slang- im not one of your boys!

    • ‘…2mm?’ 2 millimeter? Please tell me what that means…. ‘tryna macc w. u derr doe’ i have a headache from trying to understand this.

  • Alexa

    I say this all the time!!! Men with bad grammar wether its thought text or talking is such a turn off. I text a lot so when I meet a guy and we speak through text it can become a big disappointment if he types like he didn’t pass grade school.

    • Alexa


    • msgeegee


    • mac

      *irony bomb explodes*

      • Drew Smith

        … killing both pot and kettle…

  • L-Boogie

    Stay single.

    • MLS2698

      L-Boogie, she was not worth all of this. Forget her! Move on! Hearts mend…….well, unless it’s a heart attack. Anyway, you know what I mean…..

    • TRUTH IS

      LMAO ROFL….why get a heartache over her post….comical relief

    • TRUTH IS

      LMAO ROFL….why get a heartache over her post….comical relief

    • TRUTH IS

      LMAO ROFL….why get a heartache over her post….comical relief

    • TRUTH IS

      LMAO ROFL….why get a heartache over her post….comical relief

      • MLS2698

        No, LB has been going through some things and ALWAYS posts to stay single for EVERY subject.

        • TRUTH IS

          LOL…I noticed