From Dropping It Like It’s Hot To Oscars: 10 Celebrities Who Got Their Video Vixen On Before Making It Big (Fellas Too!)

September 26, 2012 ‐ By Clarke Gail Baines

It’s not easy getting to the top. Or heck, near the top for that matter. And before some of these celebs could do very big things, they had to pay their dues and do what they needed to for experience, and of course, money. When you’re trying to hustle in Hollywood, nobody’s too good to do a little somethin’ somethin’ in a music video to pay the rent. Especially when you’re a so-called “model.” Check out these 10 celebrities who got face time in music videos before they could move to the big screen.

Boris Kodjoe – “Red Light Special”

Before he met and married Nicole Ari Parker and had two kids, had a defunct TV show, and was named one of People‘s “Most Beautiful People In The World,” Kodjoe was a prostitute.

In a music video. Ha! I had you fooled didn’t I? But seriously, the former model-turned-actor showed up in the TLC video, “Red Light Special” to lick T-Boz’s foot and make the boa look on a man fierce! I also wasn’t mad at the ab action and striptease he tried to pull near the end of the video. I can’t see Kodjoe doing this now, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to get back out there and drop it like it’s hot in a video. What else does he really have going on?

MadameNoire Video

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  • Dru

    I think the 3rd girl in “Frontin” is Mimi from LAHHA

  • Neressa Petrah Lea

    Thats not Halle Berry…that’s Joseline Hernandez ..why yall

  • Erica Whitfield

    Mimi is also in Kelly Price’s video “It Will Rain”…..shes the chick on the side the husband talked to on his phone…..

  • Titan

    Wasn’t Gary Dourdan in Janet’s “Again” video?

  • meme

    2pac in whatta man video of salt & pepa

  • msmix2u

    Omari hardwick in floetry say yes video. tlc in pebbles backyard video. djimond honsou in janet jacksons video. i dont think that is halle berry either.




      In the “Frontin” video…Pharell



  • Lennie

    Was Lauren London the “Scorpio” in Signs of Love Making?

    • KJ23

      Yeah, and she was in the “Damn” video with the YoungBloodz.

  • Jesse Williams was my favorite on Grey’s BEFORE this video came out. I remember saying Rihanna was so late on scooping this guys up. He don’t owe her nothing, he was already the man.

  • Cory

    OMG I hate when black blog sites get information wrong. That was NOT Boris licking T-Boz’s foo it was Bryce from Groove Theory who also played in Beauty Shop with Queen Latifah and that was NOT Halle Berry in Honey Love. Geesus.

    • NVAdamzz

      Well Boris Kodjoe was in the video and I think that’s pretty much their general point, but you’re right. That DEFINITELY wasn’t him licking T-Boz’s feet. Now I do need to know, if that’s not Halle Berry in the Honey Love video by the fence and the refrigerator then who is it? She looks just like Halle to me.

      • Cory

        I stand corrected. After extensive research Halle Berry is one of 3 actresses/ladies in this video. Exactly where you said she was.

  • jason

    Megan Good in 50 cent 21 questions

  • Man, I used to think Dalvin & Devante were so dang on fine!!!! And I remember I got cable the day BET world premiered Usher’s “My Way” video on Planet Groove!! HA!! Throw-all-the-way-back!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Na Na

    Thats also Mimi in the Pharell video!

  • RJA

    Vivica Fox in Klymaxx’s “Meeting in the Ladies Room” is one I’ve recently discovered 🙂

  • all the people who was in the video was great
    I love it.

  • lateshia

    I remember Nia Long was in Chico Debarge “iggin me” video back in 1996. Stacey Dash she was in a rap duo named MJG “that girl” video.

    • LaLaLaMeansILoveYou

      Nia Long was also in BBD’s “Do Me Baby” Video

  • adee

    Can’t forget Elise Neal. She was in a boatload of videos in the ’90s, including Chubb Rock’s “Just the Two of Us” and Aretha Franklin’s “A Rose is Still a Rose.”

  • Keke

    Yep Definitely Mimi.. Stevie J in there too.

  • ALOT of these you would have to be blinder than ray charles to have missed them…

  • Danes

    I love 90s Janet. She looked the most comftorable in her skin, then.

  • Nici

    I spy MiMi form Love and Hip Hop in the Pharrel video ..girl with shorter hair in green shirt walking with Lauren London.

    • Tam Tam

      Omg You’re right that is Mimi!! Girl you got some good eyes!

    • OMG, you’re right!! That’s her!! I wonder how old Mimi is. She looks like the same age as those girls in the video but looks way older than them now.

      • 12 years of stevie j im sure is not easy on the nerves or frown lines

    • Tamz

      Girl you have great eyes!!! Right at the 40 second mark!!!! Daaaaammmmmnnnn time has been doing the Crypt Keeper walk on that face….

  • kissy99

    I dont think thats halle berry

    • I think you’re right. There was a dancer back in the day who had the same haircut. They looked a lot alike.

      • yushook

        you’re both right. that is NOT halle berry.

    • Nappturalbella

      I think that is her. her nose is just different there.

      • kissy99

        if she was in boomerang at the time, why do “honey love”?

        • Iris

          Yea she had that haircut in the last boyscout with bruce willis and damon wayons i dont think thats halle she was a working actress no need for her to do this