Wait, How Did You Get That Role? 14 Of The Crappiest Casting Calls in Black Films and TV

September 25, 2012 ‐ By Renay Alize

Source: hbo.com

When it comes to the movies casting is practically everything. Why do you think people are in such a tizzy trying to figure out which actors are going to play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the inevitable “50 Shades of Grey” movie. The chemistry, the delivery, even the associations with a particular actor are all very important. Check out the times when things didn’t go so well.

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  • Dreen

    #12 is the truth

  • PleaseDOBetter

    Just Wright was horribly written. It didn’t matter about the acting. When a movie has a line stating the movie title, you know it is a flop.

  • GloriaGovansStretchMarks

    I guess it was THAT bad that i blocked out the memory of Tyler and Gabby! i dont even remember it in the movie! and yes, the wig in DOAMBW was to take your mind off the fact that Shemar can NOT act! and NOTHING, i mean NOTHING good comes of anything that Ray J is associated with…

  • WestIndianGyal

    Are there really no Caribbean actors out there?

  • truthHURTS

    I could have brought that chemistry to the set of Just Wright. Common is fine. Queen ain’t about that life….ijs

  • Solo40

    AJ389 is right, the director commentary does state that Tupac turned the role down.

  • bigdawgman

    Sorry, but I liked the 2nd mom better on Fresh Prince. Much hotter, and if you look at the family, she actually looked more like the rest of them (especially her sister). Janet is probably a better actress though, but she should have remember what the title of the show was. #ITSNOTABOUTYOU

  • C

    *DEAD* @ accents on “struggle mode”. The guy from Living Single was OK.

  • lenabugg

    Tee Hee Hee…Shemar’s hair in that movie made me loathe him to this day…I was upset about that for a long time after seeing that movie–no one on the set noticed? And…Madea getting it in? Yuk. As far as intimate scenes go, Queen Latifah and Tyler Perry should have reversed characters–keep it real. I don’t care for Cuba Gooding in ANYTHING! He is terrible, boring and always has that stupid look on his face.

  • i cant even finish this article i am laughing too hard at tyler perry giving the D to gabrielle union and shamar moore’s hairrrr ah hahahaha who ever wrote this is hysterical.

  • Jaleesa

    I agree with Queen (King) Latifah and Common. All of their scenes made me uncomfortable. Clearly Queen (KIng) was more attracted to Paula Patton

  • wepo1

    All the roles black women play are propaganda!

  • pure_igenue

    That picture of Fantasia with that little girl on her lap is cracking me up…she’s looking straight into Fanny’s mouth like she needs to close it!

  • ej1988

    Leave Cuba alone!

  • AJ389

    If you actually watch the dvd director commentary, John Singleton says he turned it down, he was killed weeks later.

  • AJ389

    If you actually watch the dvd with director commentary, John Singleton says Tupac turned it down.

  • LMAO… I cracked up at this whole list, but it’s so true!!

  • kierah

    Sondra’s character was an afterthought on the show and it showed. Originally the Huxtables only had 4 children (they say that in the pilot). We didn’t even get to see the drama behind planning an Huxtable wedding for her.
    I saw an interview with Sabrina near the end of the show’s run and she teared up about wanted more opportunities on the show.

  • I’m having a hard time even going through this list when the first thing that pops up is Cuba Gooding Jr. in what I believe was a good performance. Even in hindsight.

  • kansasfan

    As someone who does actually watch Single Ladies (I know I’m cringing too). Denise Vasi is HORRIBLE! For Real…Not only could she use an acting lesson, but maybe a groupon of acting lessons may do the trick. Not to be mean but for real though. Not only did the hair stylist need to be given their walking papers but so did half of the cast (the men actually did amazing!). And the problem that I have with it is they billed it up to be the “women of color version of Sex and the City”, which only irritates me more! I love me some Carrie!

    • Peep

      Yeah they would have done better without comparing it to a show with a cult-like following. Now people are looking at Single Ladies like Wha???
      If they cast wasn’t so pretty, I doubt that I would ever watch the show. Denise is gorgeous but she is too stiff and fake. Now it makes me curious to see what she was like on that soap opera for all those years… and yes, honey, that hair has been a mess lately. Weave looks terrible if it doesn’t look natural.

    • oscardgrouch

      I actually like Denise Varsi better than Stacey Dash and that horrible acting Lisa Raye. LisaRaye is the worst. The best things about Single Ladies are the storylines and the men.


    OMG! I was just telling someone yesterday how overrated I thought Cuba Gooding was and I used that exact scene as an example. I would honestly rather watch his brother who gets no real recognition but I loved him in Baby Boy.

  • baddvixentype

    yes Denise Vasi is horrible! after epidsoe 1 of season 2 i threw the d#mn remote away lol

  • Observing

    I do not watch black TV shows or movies. They’re the worst. Seen one seen them all.

    • TheLovliest…

      Oh, be quiet.

    • Ms. Chocolate

      Yet your on a Black Entertainment Blog taking time to comment about Black Shows….. Yeah ..

  • Love The Wood, but never understood the Melinda Sanaa thing.

  • Mel

    It felt like ALL of Black Hollywood was so grateful to have a good Black movie that they wanted to be in “Think Like a Man”. It was a really good one too, until they let Wendy Williams’ non acting behind steal the light. She felt SO out of place, just loud to be loud. I know it was supposed to funny, but it wasn’t (for me).

    As for Single Ladies, they should have kept Stacey Dash and let Lisa Ray go, IMHO. And finally, I TOTALLY agree on the West Indian accents! the only show that had good ones was the Cosby show, and that’s because those people REALLY had WI background.

    Btw-I always liked Sondra. She was the quiet one, and every family has one of those. Can’t have everyone being loud and extroverted…then there’s no shading.

    • NSimonefan

      Don’t forget about Nephew Tommy in Think Like A Man, also, LOL. Nephew Tommy is Steve Harvey’s Nephew. Stacey Dash was let go because she had a bad attitude. Wendy Williams manly tranny looking behind was such a distraction that people were yelling “man” and “ewww” when she first appeared on the screen when I saw it in the theater.

    • sista2sista

      am I the only one who remembers Sondra wasn’t even in the pilot of the Cosby show? she was added later, well into the show. and although i liked Lisa Bonet, why isn’t she on this list when you reference color? no way she could have been Cliff & Claire’s kid.

  • classyblklady1979

    LMBOOOOOOOOOOOOO<============= Shemar Moore’s Hair Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Tyler Perry love scene in Good Deeds was so on point too

  • Negress

    “Fanny” did not have to act for that role. All she needed to say was, “Tinaaaaay!” You know why the chemistry in Just Wright wasn’t just wright the same reason the deed in Good Deeds rubbed you the wrong way.

    • B Cooper

      You are so right! LOL I think the roles should have been switched in both movies. Paula Patton should have played the lead and Brian White should have played Wesley Deeds. To be honest neither movies really needed Queen or Tyler.

      • A_Goddess

        Paula Patton annoys me. I’ve yet to see her in anything where I like her.

  • AJ389

    I totally agree and have a couple of my own. Joy Bryant in Get Rich Or……., Christopher B. Duncan in Original Gangsters and Moses Gun on Goodtimes.

    Just for trivial fun, Lawrence Fishburne auditioned to play Michael, but Ralph Carter got the role, Whitney Houston originally won the role of Denise on the Cosby Show but withdrew before filming choosing to sing instead. Originally, the role of Tashaun in Set It Off was offered to Brandy but she turned it down and so did Tupac for the role of Jody in Baby Boy.

    • DILLIGAF98

      Actually I think Tupac was killed and production was suspended. I don’t think he turned the role down.

      • toya

        Yep, that’s where the big Tupac poster in Jody’s room stems from, it’s an homage..

  • Several Seats Taken.

    What? I thought Russel from Living Single was spot on. I actually had no idea that he did not have a real accent. It was convincing to me and I’m actually of Caribbean descent. Maybe it’s cause I’m not Jamaican? I dunno.

  • Natalie

    When the serious scene comes on and Tre is mad and fighting the air, I know it ain’t right, because it’s a serious matter, but I was dying laughing! That isht was hella funny!

    • bigdawgman

      And it was so obvious what was going to happen. I told my gf at the time when that scene came on, “Watch, he’s going to get some now.” She was like “You don’t know what you’re talking about… d0mn!”

  • JLJ

    Maybe Fannie would have done better if she could read the script…I’m not right

    • NSimonefan

      I agree with the list except Fantasia. Seriously, I think she did a good acting job.

      • what?!!!? were u drunk while watching it?

        • NSimonefan

          No I wasn’t, fool.

  • IllyPhilly

    LMAO @ Sandra part. Even though it’s ignorant I swear I always thought they brought her in to counter Denise out of place self. Somebody made a joke about it on a cartoon.

  • JLJ


  • msgeegee

    LMAO @”the foolishness that was atop Shemar Moore’s head”

  • Suchalady

    Ugghhh, this! All of it. Original Aunt Viv will forever slay, whoever thought Sanaa Lathan could play an adult version of Melinda Williams should be beaten, and Tyler Perry love scenes make me cringe.

  • YES on Shamar Moore’s hair. Good Lord, who allowed that to be OK?
    YES on Tyler Perry giving the business to Gabrielle Union. Highly unbelievable scenario given that 99% of Hollywood thinks the man is gay, including myself. Not hating, but hard to imagine Mr. Perry smashing anything with a vagina.
    And YES on Denise Vasi. She’s just a terrible actress. Very pretty, but absolutely terrible.

  • dbatt001

    that casting blunder from fresh prince was a travesty
    Shemar Moore’s hair…dead!

  • Kay

    Ray J’s Breast milk deprived tail never shouldve been in
    Moesha!Brandy should’ve
    gave him the boot way back
    then! Ruined a good show.
    Just this summer I was
    watching some reruns and I
    realized that long befor ” D-
    money”*side-eye* ray j had
    like 10 cameos as different
    random dudes through out the seasons… Dude is a professional coattail rider..

    • Ms. Chocolate

      Wow, so Brandy wasn’t supposed to look out for her brother and give him a job?

      • Kay

        Yes and no. Yes she could’ve looked out for him butane gave him a part but not the main wack asss part he did have that made no sense and helped ruin the show

    • C

      While I’m sure Brandy was just looking out for her little brother, which anyone who has followed her career knows she always does– I’m gonna agree. Moesha was one of my favorite shows and it got so corny when he was on there. By that point the show was winding down anyway, but I agree.

  • Danes

    Ray J should have never been casted in Moesha. Imma need for him to stop riding his sister’s coat tails or piggy backing off some other women’s fame, i.e. Whitney Houston, Kim K.

    • DILLIGAF98

      I agreed all the way up to Kim K. I think she’s actually only famous because of him.

      • Peep

        Yeah but it’s funny how she’s now more rich and famous than he is. It’s all about your hustle and he doesn’t seem to have any. Nobody is checking for Ray-J. Period. lol

  • FAMURattler85

    While Tyler Perry’s, ummm, unholy scenes made me quite uncomfortable, I still loved him as Wesley Deeds. I’m a huge fan of Single Ladies and was skeptical when Denise Vasi came in but she doesn’t really bother me. LisaRaye takes the cake for bad acting on that show but I love me some Keisha and Malcolm.

    • sista2sista

      malcolm is the worst actor on the show

  • clove8canela

    Totally agree with this list, especially aunt viv, sondra and shemar moores hair. I remember seeing the commercials for that movie not being able to understand what was going on up there.

  • Reese

    I totally agree with this list. I rented Good Deeds from RedBox a few months ago and that “love” scene made me cringe. I do not understand why Tyler Perry insists on being front and center in all of his movies.

  • SickOf Ridiculous

    I agree with the author regarding the addition of the Vasi chick to the cast of “Single Ladies”. As if LisaRaye’s “Playa’s Club” Diamond-esque acting wasn’t horrible enough on its own.

    • bigdawgman

      Nobody on that show can act! I don’t care how fine they are, I just couldn’t watch it anymore. Vasi is actually not as bad as the original girl. And the temporary guys they get for the love interests are THE WORST! You can tell some of them are reading the scripts off-screen. The casting director needs to be fired ASAP! And get rid of the writers too…oops! That’s the creator. Good concept of the show, but terrible execution!

    • Like the author of the article, I too could not make and assessment about them adding this Vasi lady to the cast of “Single Ladies” since I thought the acting in the first episode was hoe-damned-rific enough that I NEVER watched another episode.