Magazine Cover Curse: 9 Couples Who Shared Their Love With Us And Ended Up Yesterday’s News

September 25, 2012 ‐ By

If Beyoncé and Jay-Z have taught us anything, it’s that it’s best to keep your relationship on the low-low. The details of it, the pride and happiness surrounding it–the less the public knows and sees, the better. But as always, some people just need to learn these things the hard way. So many celebrities jump on and in magazines displaying their love and affection for each other for the world to see (and to get publicity). Sadly, this is often the kiss of death for celebrity relationships. While they may not last, these images, somewhat comical at this point, last forever–especially now that we have the Internet. Shall we?

Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson

What a mess. The tattoo loving, reality-TV promoting couple jumped on the cover of Urban Ink and were picked as a “Hot Couple of 2012” by EBONY for their love, which was sparked by following one another on Twitter. Hell, we even know that these two “lovebirds” were slated to appear on a reality show together, the infamous and now defunct, “Ev and Ocho.” But when an argument over condoms turned ugly and violent a few months ago, and ended with Evelyn rocking stitches on her head, divorce papers were filed and they were no longer one of the “Hot” couples of 2012.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Unel

    You forgot Paula Patton and Robin Thicke

  • blackdolphin

    Why does MN post stories that are old news? Some of theses folks haven’t been together in a very long time. One of them is deceased. All are major fails!

  • Na Na

    Um she should have known by the Dream’s wedding “suit” that he wasn’t serious about that thang.

    • tybaby


  • Ay

    That Kim and Diddy article was the funniest, with her talking about Diddy’s lil “puerto rican gf” (JLo) lol bet she felt stupid later………..

  • dbatt001

    these were the most corniest pictures I have ever seen in life lol. The fact that none of them are together makes the pictures even cornier.

  • JustSayin

    I’m sorry.. I think this article is rude. Most (If not all) of this relationships were long lasting. Kim & P. Diddy were together for 10 years. Usher & Tameka had a long lasting relationship. I think this is just a rude article. you are literally pointing out the negativity in celebrities lives. Let’s do a quick survey of all the relationships this writer had. How about the boy in fifth grade she gave pushed in the sand and thought that was going to last until she found out he ate paste and liked the chick who gave him cupcakes? I think that if anything an article should be released on how these individuals have grown since these relationships. What has changed. Focus on the positive… Be different especially since every other media outlet is focusing on the negative. If all you’re doing it to pay bills then Madame Noire is no better than the celebrities they sell their relationships to get “paid.”

    • ms lady

      Did you say Kim and P. Diddy wasn’t he dating Jennifer Lopez during those suppose ten years and has been dating Cassie for so long. Also it was reported that she was sleeping around with him while he was still with Misa the motehr of his first child. Please I think they have a mutual understanding and are just friends with benefits.

  • Lisa

    How many of those mentioned failed couples weren’t about fame and/or a financial come up? When’s the last time Jay-Z and Beyonce or Denzel and Pauletta were pimping off their relationship to the highest bidding magazine??

  • Nonni

    Who is really checkin for Urban Ink magazine? Never heard of that one before. As far as the curse–considering the unlikelihood of these celebrity couples lasting these days, so many will fall into this category.

  • IllyPhilly

    Yeah, that’s why people shouldn’t get emotionally invested in celeb relationships.

  • Ann

    I don’t know why Essence, Ebony, continue to put these “hottest couple clowns” on their cover? Some of these folks know that these relationship was a train wreck waiting to happen (Hello Lozado and Chad O or Johnson) what ever his name is now. The only sad reason I can think of them putting these celebrities on the cover just to sell magazines. Especially P Diddy and Kim Porter on Essence,(Essence should have been kicked up their behind for putting those clowns on the cover. That really was a joke.