Siohvaughn Wade Speaks Out: “Now I’ve Overcome Fear”

September 14, 2012  |  

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This must be the week of celebrities speaking out. Though we all know what’s gone down between Dwyane Wade, his ex-wife Siohvaughn, and Gabrielle Union in some form or fashion from the outside, lately the conversation has been dominated by D Wade and Gabby. But now Siohvaughn is adding her voice to the mix and speaking out for the first time since she filed those lawsuits against Gabrielle and since she lost custody of her sons.

NecoleBitchie caught the exclusive interview which aired on “Real Talk With Kietta,” in which the mother of the Miami Heat player’s sons talks about her tumultuous relationship with her ex, his new relationship with Gabrielle, and everything in between. The recent visitation drama and the associated issues which are currently playing out in the court room are about the only thing Siohvaugn didn’t touch on, but she did speak on not getting a fair day in court, in her opinion. Here’s a bit from the interview:


Why She’s Speaking Out Right Now
Well, I believe now I’ve overcome fear.

Meeting Dwyane Wade
We met when we in like, the 5th grade.[…]No, I didn’t ‘like’ him then, but we were friends.[…] I think that I probably was 15 or 16-years-old when we actually started dating. I think he was pretty outgoing, very funny and we were friends. Although I was a female and he was a male, I was able to interact with him like one of his male friends, one of the guys. He was loving then, he was very soft-spoken, very humble at that time.

Dwyane Wade moving in with her mom at 16

Siohvaughn: When He finally did confide in me what was happening in his home and what happened with his mom — he wasn’t living with her at that time — about drug use and her being in and out of prison, the abuse was pretty bad in his house. One night it had gotten really bad and him and his sister, his younger sister, had came to my home probably at like, 3 o’ clock in the morning and I opened the door and that’s when I had to tell my mom that I knew what was happening in his home and what was going on. I had to explain to her why he was coming to the door at that hour at 16-years-old. I had spoken with my mom and I had asked her is there any way he could stay with us and not have to live in that kind of environment.

Dwyane Getting Drafted
I was happy because it was a dream of his. His dreams had somehow became even my own, so I was very happy.[…]I saw him set a goal and I was proud of him. I was happy for him, but when I realized that we had gotten this fortune in exchange for our faith and our family, I was destroyed at that point. It started to get really bad the summer right after he’d been drafted. I was over the phone with him and he had said something to me very, very, angrily, and I had something to him about speaking to me  and being disrespectful and he told me, ‘Do you wanna go and live in your mother’s house? ‘Cause that’s what’s gonna happen. You’re gonna end up back living in your mother’s house.’ I was very shocked. It was a very, very awful feeling. We stayed together but now that I can look back, from that moment it went downhill.

On Men in the NBA being unfaithful
First I’d like to say that I’m not an NBA wife. I’m not an ex-wife, I’m not a basketball wife, thank God. I finally know who I am and I have my own identity but at that time I certainly was married to him and the game and the lifestyle. I do think that that’s the expectation. Absolutely. You’re seen, but you’re not heard.

Dwyane being violent
I was pregnant with Zion. Shortly before being hospitalized I was in Florida and I woke up in the middle of the night because I was sick, obviously with the pregnancy. I noticed that Mr. Wade wasn’t in the house. I was calling him and calling him because it was probably like, two or three o’ clock in the morning and we went to bed together which means he must have gotten up out of the bed and just left in the middle of the night without telling me. I was looking for him. I looked around the house. I was calling his phone he didn’t answer. He finally got back several hours later, it was well into the next day and I was very upset. I was asking where was he and why he [would] just leave without saying anything.

His response was at first to be verbally abusive. He was cursing, he was calling me names, he was telling me to shut the ‘f’ up.[…]He picked me up and held me over his head literally in midair and threw me down in our bathroom. We had an ottoman in the bathroom and he slammed me down so hard that when my back hit the otooman it broke into four pieces and my back and head hit the concrete, the marble floor, excuse me, in the bathroom. After that I got up and immediately went — there’s a cordless phone in the bathroom, I immediately went to that phone and I was crying, I was hysterical, I went to go call the police. At that point more hell broke lose because I suppose he was in fear of being exposed because I certainly was going to call the police. I picked up the cordless phone, he snatched it out of my hand and he threw the cordless phone against my body so hard that the phone literally broke into pieces.

Dwyane’s relationship with Gabrielle Union
Separated and divorced are two different things. I’m not certain when it happened or when she happened but I know that I was very married. I know that me and Dwyane at that time had talked about reconciliation going back and forth. I was still even intimate sometimes with my then husband. So, does that constitute sleeping or having an affair with somebody’s husband? Yes. To me, divorce and separation are always two different things.

The lawsuit was about her having a negative effect on my children. That’s what that lawsuit was about. Her behavior and the things she did and said began to effect my sons, that’s when I opened my mouth and did something about it.

You can check out the first couple of segments from the interview below, including one with Siohvaughn’s mom. NecoleBitchie has the rest. What do you think about what she said?

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  • DLB

    Watch all 8 segments first before making your comments and just going by the tidbits posted in this article. The truth is going to come out about DWade. He is not innocent, nor his Chicago attorneys, nor the Chicago judge, & nor Gabrielle. Siohvaughn has fought for her kids, if she hadn’t, all of this trouble would not have happened to her. God is in control and DWade will reap what he has sown, as well as his Chicago attorneys, the Chicago judge, & Gabrielle.

  • LadeeTJ

    you reap what you sow.. Wade will get everything back for what you did to that girl.

  • Reese

    She needs to let it go. Dwayne may not have been perfect, but she needs to move on and heal for herself. Being angry with him is only hurter her case and making his case stronger.

  • FromUR2UB

    I know from personal experience, how it feels to hurt that way. It’s an unrelenting pain. But, I never gave him the satisfaction of knowing I was thinking about him, especially years later. I never called him or contacted him. I didn’t spend my time dragging him to court. As far as he knew, he never crossed my mind. The sympathy train only takes you so far. It doesn’t take people long to grow tired of hearing you talk about a situation, despite how legitimate your pain is. This is one of those times when you have to remind yourself that some relationships were only meant for a season and reason. If people aren’t growing together in the same direction, then they usually grow apart. She has benefitted from the marriage financially, even if she’s not enjoying the lifestyle she had when she was with him. At least, she was able to care for her children, and is fortunate that their father wants to be involved in his children’s lives. They would still be in hers if she had at least acted like she’d let go of their father. The result was not worth all the trouble. I don’t believe he threw her around like that while she was pregnant. I just don’t believe she or her unborn baby could have survived that much trauma to her body. But, if he treated her shabbily in their marriage, then she should find consolation in knowing that people eventually reap what they sow.

  • Nubian Princess

    It’s really
    convenient that when he starts his book tour she suddenly has some
    unknown person interview her. They went to court she lost custody
    because she switched lawyer 10 times! She didn’t agree to the terms of
    the visitation agreement by not returning the children when she was
    supposed to. She filed absurd lawsuits saying he gave her an STD then
    took it back. She claimed her sons said Gabby and D wade were having sex
    in front of them (Puhleez!) and now she is still on this D wade abused me tour. I understand she’s hurt because if I took a man in
    when he was at his lowest and he became rich and famous and moved on I would hurt too
    I’m human But in order for her to get her kids back ( which should be
    her top Priority) she has to let it go, straighten her self up, have
    some dignity and prove all the things he says about her are not true.
    Her agenda seems to be to slander his character rather than get her boys
    back and that speaks volumes about her personality. Hope fully she can
    go on Iyanla fix my life and heal properly because she just won’t let it
    go and it’s sad and painful to watch

  • lalah

    i am in shock of her testimony…the wade dude needs help for real…her story is so sad..she and her mom took that man in and he betrayed them…well good news is that god can giveth and he can taketh away…God will deal with the dude wade…God bless her and her mom’s heart…

    • I don’t believe you!

      The funny thing about this is what she is not telling. Yes her mother took him in and when he signed his contract he bought her Mother a huge house and what ever else she wanted even while they were divorcing her mother was still being taken care if by him. He actually said in a interview with her mother he would always be there for her whether they were together or not because she said his life. I am not a D Wade fan but I can’t stand when someone try’s to slander a black man that is trying to do the right thing by his children. There are not enough brothers out here doing what he did to get his kids. You don’t need a million dollars to fight for your kids. She is bitter hurt and mad and it’s understandable but she is selfish because everything was about her and not her kids and she is still not thinking about those kids. That is why the better parent has custody.

      • D

        In the interview, Siohvaughn’s mother stated she wouldn’t allow DWade to buy her a home because she had her own home, job, etc. She stated, even Shaq wanted to know why DWade didn’t buy her a home. Siohvaughn’s mother is not lying. It is in the interview segments. Watch them. Dang!

    • jesus


  • lalah

    she should write a book

  • miamac63

    I agree that marriage, legal marriage, is exactly that – marriage. Even if separated but still legally married, any relationship outside of this union constitutes adultery. PERIOD. Persons, mostly women, can try to justify it all day long. Desperation or a selfish desire to ‘have it your way’ doesn’t change the truth. You may not have ‘broken up the marriage’ but you certainly infringed on it and too left a negative imprint on that family.

    • Coco

      Men separate from women all the time…why on earth would you want to cling on to a man who has been abusive and cheated on you. What about all the other ladies he messed around to..she’s not looking to sue them.

  • Siohvaughan Wade
    Yeshua/Jesus Christ would tell you to stop giving interviews!

    Marriage is intended to last for the lifetime
    of those involved (1 Cor 7:39; Rom. 7.1-4). To enter into marriage with any
    other intent than “till death do us part” is to pervert a divine institution.God hates divorce (Mal. 2:16), and there
    should not be the putting asunder what God has joined (Matt. 19:3-8). The will
    of Jesus Christ regarding marriage was what God designed from the beginning.Yes, God will allow divorce, but only when one
    of the partners has been guilty of fornication (Matt. 19:9). This is the only
    grounds on which God will accept divorce. Many have divorced their mates for a varie­ty
    of reasons, many even trivial. Today, there is even what is called a “no fault”
    divorce. You do not even have to have a reason. Just divorce! But even though
    such are the ways of our world, it is a violation of the way of God. People who
    think that everything that is legal is also acceptable to God are grossly
    misledWhen one has the misfortune of having their
    husband or wife be unfaithful to them and “defile the marriage bed,”
    they are per­mitted by the Lord to divorce the sinful one. Of course, they
    should consider forgiv­ing their wayward mate if he or she is penitent and
    seeks forgiveness. But God does not require one to live with a mate who has
    broken his or her vows and given the body to another.The one who divorces a fornicating mate may
    remarry if he or she wishes (Matt. 19:9), but the one who has committed the
    tran­sgression has forfeited the right of mar­riage (Matt. 19:9).

    It is a
    tragedy of our time that so many people are behaving as if they were nothing
    more than animals, swapping marriage partners, living in adultery, taking to
    themselves whosoever they will without respect for the sanctity of the body,
    the in­stitution of marriage, or the integrity of their vows. No one should
    marry unless they understand and appreciate God’s in­tent and design for
    marriage regarding the source of it, purpose, duration and expec­tations. It is
    the height of folly to expect a marriage to be what it ought and can be if God
    and His will is left out of it.11:43 9/14/2012 PM

  • News

    I believe Siovaughn aboutthe abuse. People need to remember Dewayne can from a very dyfuctunonal family and their probably were many forms of abuse going in that house. People change when they get money they become truly who they are good or bad. Dewayne can from nothing and you enter that type lifestyle you can change and usually for the worst. Sure Siovaugh is hurt and emotional damaged but any woman would be that has known this man since kids. It will take a lot of time but siovaughn can heal and become a better person and mother to their sons. The marriage could have ended better because they have known each other for so many years but what does that say about Dewayne.

  • Nicci

    Whoever Keitta or whatever her name is need to in my “Madea Voice” go somewhere and shut the _ell up, She is the worst interviewer on the planet, However, I feel sorry for D. Wade’s ex-wife, I am so glad that she exposed his “Queen Behind”. Apparently he forgot about a little old thing called “Karma”.

  • tiffanyann

    Okay so, now the EX is pulling the abuse card. It’s a shame that when you are no longer relevant that a women would pick something like being abused to get attention. I always thought this women was not dealing with a full deck, and this interview just cleared that up. All this talk about her getting it out, and letting it go…tuh! Actually we haven’t heard a word from or about DWade, and GUnion since he won custody. So now she is going to do EVERYTHING she can to throw shade because of what she did for him? I’m sorry could you repeat that, what exactly did you do for him but let me sleepover. Why not talk about what he did for you when it made it to the NBA? No comparison! Who knows what went down between her and GUnion, and DWade, or if DWade really put her hands on him like she said he did way back when, but all of sudden NOW is the time to talk about it? I wonder if the reason she is speaking to a blogger instead of REAL media outlets is because nobody is buying into the act………GIRL BYE! Hope she was smart and has a HEFTY secret stash! If not, GIRL BYE, again!!!

  • gmarie

    I don’t know about any of the other allegations but I believe her that they were still intimate after he was with Gabby. The only time women act out (crazy) the way she did is when they are still carrying on a sexual relationship with the man.

    • Anonymous

      True but the sad part is a lot of times women interpret sex differently than men. The fact that they were still intimate doesn’t mean the same feeling for the man. The woman might interpret is as we are still good but the man is already checked out mentally, emotionally he’s just there physically.

      • D

        You are right.


    is she really talking like this or did the “interviewer” reworded it….it’s terrible, i couldn’t hardly read it…..

    • IJS

      Well then, you know how we feel as we traverse the minefield of bad grammar that is your comment.

  • gracie

    SMH I kinda feel her pain!

  • Anonymous

    I’m certainly against domestic violence against women but some women have used it in such a way that it’s becoming a joke. I don’t know what happened personally between her and Dwayne but all I can honestly say is, it’s time for her to move on. She should work on herself where the judge will see improvement and maybe she can eventually have full custody of her children. Until then, the boys are enjoying being with their dad and she should stay away from the media.

    P.S That was a horrible interview, if that’s even a real one.

  • Anonymous

    I’m certainly against domestic violence against women but some women have used it in such a way that it’s becoming a joke. I don’t know what happened personally between her and Dwayne but all I can honestly say is, it’s time for her to move on. She should work on herself where the judge will see improvement and maybe she can eventually have full custody of her children. Until then, the boys are enjoying being with their dad and she should stay away from the media.

    P.S That was a horrible interview, if that’s even a real one.

  • You know people think they know someone because of the talent that has been given them, but they dont know personally that person. Because of his talent he has been blessed to live a good life, but the Lord says touch Not my Anoited, so he better watch out whats ahead for him/

    • Natasha

      Sounds like the Lord ha already made his decision! He has custody, He’s won another championship, He’s a NY Times bestselling author, got a lady that loves n adore him…I would say God has spoken very clear. What does she have? Hurt, Anger, Bitterness, those aren’t things of God! For has many times she n her mother called themselves christians and having Faith, I see no fruits of that! But I’m not God, so I’ll wait!

      • Natasha

        *have* *as*

      • Fhl

        ” He’s won another championship, He’s a NY Times bestselling author, got a lady that loves n adore him…I would say God has spoken very clear.” Those are things/trappings of this world, not of God. Further, just because it’s here today, does not mean it cannot be gone within a millisecond. Faith moves mountains, and there is no thing bigger than God.

  • Nicole

    I am not under the impression that she is mentally unstable. She is hurt. It’s easy for others to say get over it but when you are hurt and betrayed, it takes time to heal. I’m team Siovaughn. People that take D Wade’s side (even the judge in court) do so because he is a NBA star with money & blinded by the truth.

    • Anonymous

      C’mon now, people were initially team Siovaugh, people felt sorry for her that D wade left her for another woman. But later on, her mental instability started getting in the way, going through so many lawyers and so forth. My thing is, even if you are hurt and feel betrayed try to focus on the children not D wade. If she had her priority right, she will have the kids now but she was acting up. No excuse for that. It’s nothing to be mad about those boys look very happy and healthy. I’m somewhat biased because if she had the kids she will keep them away from their dad and it’s time for black fathers to be involved in their kid’s life and D wade seems like a responsible father.

    • Nubian Princess

      I believe women who take her side can Identify with her and the are reliving their bad break ups vicariously through her. Any person using sound judgement can tell by her relentless pursuit to defame his name she is bitter and vindictive. She is not focused on getting her kids back she’s just focused on telling the world how bad he was to her. If she loved her self and wanted her children she would have never tried to reconcile with a man that “abused her while she was pregnant” for her own safety and the safety of her kids. women kill me siding this woman she’s a fraud and needs counseling. The sad part is by the amount of thumbs up you received it shows that there are so many women out here just like her. I pray for all my sisters and I hope you all can let go of the vengeance you seek and that your heart heals from these broken relationships. Men are humans not Demigods life goes on after them. God will send you someone better if you remove the hate and bitterness from your hearts and let love in again. And that goes for Siovaughn and all the women who “feel her pain”

      • Anonymous

        lol…it’s okay if I get thumbs down because many women love to pull, “Miss Innocent card” all the time. They never have self reflection, and take some form of responsibility bcos it takes two to tangle. “She is not focused on getting her kids back, she’s focused on telling the world how bad he was to her” Seriously? is that something to be proud of, shouldn’t her children be her priority. She’s not helping the situation at all. Bitterness and being vindictive is a choice. Like I said, I will say it again, I’m glad D wade has the children bcos her behavior and the way she’s handling is not the best way. She would have used that to stopped her boys from seeing their dad to get him back and claim he’s a deadbeat dad when she’s clearly behind it. One thing I admire about SOME non black women, they try to keep it cordial between their ex, so the children can have a nice relationship with their father, even if they are hurting bcos they understand the children should be the main focus.. I’ve seen it so many times, but SOME black women, it’s the other way around. They go out of their way to sabotage the relationship between the child and father to prove he’s a bad guy. People might say, Elin Wood is dumb, but she’s handling her whole situation well, that’s what you call maturity and class. But, D wade’s ex has been from day 1 trying to prove he’s this bad guy. Grow up, man. I feel her pain but she needs to deal with it privately.

        • Coco Black

          Agree…..completely agree!!! She should be fighting to get her kids back. But ohhh no…shes more concerned about how he did her wrong!! Grow up and move on!!!!!

      • inessa

        AMEN! To that! women here are so emotional !It’s almost frightening how naive they are o think that she is such a cute and innocent wife! as if wade is the first celebrity and rich man to get a divorce..and usually , rich men lose their kids and money in her losing the kids has nothing to do with Wade having money!

    • DoinMe

      I agree. I never thought she was “crazy” either, at least not the way DWade painted her out to be. Losing her family and then having to see them flaunting around with Gabby, especially after everything she has gone through with him, has to be extremely painful. Not only does she have to heal from that, but if he was abusive to her, she has A LOT of healing to do. That explains why she snapped. I’m glad she’s voicing her side because personally, I don’t like the way the media is portraying him as some stand-up Father of the Year. I never thought he deserved the accolades. It one thing to be a great father due to amicable circumstances, but to put those kids in the middle of chaos (ie an affair, painting their mother as crazy and snatching them away) is not honorable to me.

    • askabrotha

      Y’all are some bitter, angry sistas. Other women go through bad breakups but y’all take it too far. Brothas, don’t let these bitter bw have it their way. They just mad they can’t control the man how they want especially his money in this situation. They mad they can’t turn the kids against their daddy just like what they do all the time. Sistas, always making it difficult for brothas for no damn reason. But we stepping up, it ain’t happening no more.

      • klynn

        yeah you brothers are stepping up alright??! right to jail. so i guess bw made it difficult for bm to sell drugs, act disrespectful, cheat on their women, give them std’s, & physically abuse their women. i guess bw also made it difficult for bm not to go to school & get a degree. i guess bw made it VERY DIFFICULT for bm to get more than one women pregnant & walk away from their responsibilities. so that explains why bw are creating their families & buying homes by themselves at 64% more than other women in other races??? YOUR bitter delusional a** needs a LONG nap

        • askabrotha

          There are good brothas out there who want to take care of their children but some sistas make it difficult. Some of my homies going through the same thing. Y’all will rather hear we are deadbeat, and tell the kids, see what your daddy did to me. We just have to fight harder to be in our kids life. There are many educated brothas, responsible men including myself out there, y’all need to stop falling for the wrong type of men.

      • DLB

        All women can take bad breakups too far. It is not just BW. Stop the rhetoric.

  • Space

    siohvaughn acts like she mentally unstable! Just move on with your life

    • child

      no just hurt

  • Chayes

    The interviewer is horrible!!! It’s sad how these women want to take it back to this….they look very petty! Talking about the time before he came into his money and how he lived and what you did for him-LOW BLOW. Speaking out is good…but make it a more crediable source and stick to the FACTS…when they were living GOOOOOD of DWyane we heard nothing regarding abuse, adultery, NOTHING!! Ladies a bit of advice-no one owes you anything…like the moma kept saying God provides and he DOES!!! YouTube-really!!

  • I don’t believe you!

    You can’t make me believe for one second that he picked up her pregnant self and threw her down on her back or threw a phone into her. Women need to stop using abuse as a publicity stunt. Had all that happend while she was pregnant there would have been issues in her pregnancy! SMH go sit down somewhere lady!

    • Likklebit

      I didn’t believe that part either. I think she embellished what went down. Wish her all the best tho.

    • Common Cent$

      I’m glad someone so not only are we to believe that he picked her up while pregnant but was able to raise her above his head and throw her. Now I don’t care how in shape someone is that is no easy feat. And after throwing her across a room and using her body to brake an ottoman and a cordless phone he managed to do all that without injuring her and I mean the type of injuries that would require medical treatment. Now I’m no doctor but I don’t see how that is physically possible. I do believe she is still hurt over the end of her marriage and anyone would be but she needs some psychological help. This is no way to get her kids back because if it were me I would be seeing a therapist and having my attorney send records of my progress to the judge to try and get my kids back!

      • Common Cent$

        *said it

    • DatsLife

      So all women who are abused must seek medical attention? You have people who do drugs while pregnant and the child is okay.

      • Jaeda

        Yeah but she she he broke a cordless phone by throwing it at her pregnant body which for 1 I dont see possible and 2 this happen right after he held her up and through her across the room making her break an ottoman in fours. Anyway why didnt she go the the doctors???? and since she ended up suing him and telling it all anyway why didnt see got to the police????

        • Natasha

          She did go to the hospital, however the only diagnosis was abdominal pains! R hello, I’ve had 3 kids that’s normal! Where’s the bruising, the blk n blue marks, give me a break. I get bruised just by bumping my leg on the bed. Sing another song Siovaughn

      • Common Cent$

        Please don’t understand my comment as somehow attacking victims of abuse. My grandmother was a survivor of abuse during a time when abuse by your husband was widely received as the norm in society and there was no one to report your abuse to so that isn’t it. And for that reason I will not tolerate when a woman pulls the abuse card to receive sympathy. So to answer your initial question no not every woman who is abused seeks medical treatment. However, it would take extreme force to break something like an ottoman and I don’t see he would have done that without causing her to go into early labor if not miscarry altogether. Did something happen on the night she was referring to maybe, was it the story she just told I don’t believe so.

        • I don’t believe you!

          Exactly my point there would have been damage i she were thrown with the amount of force she is claiming. My sisters twin died 21 days after she was born because or Mom was kicked in the stomach by her father when she was pregnant. No everyone doesn’t report because she did not but she went into labor and the result was the loss of my little sister. So no I feel the same way don’t use abuse or rape for sympathy is just makes it hard for real victims!

      • I don’t believe you!

        You cannot compare doing drugs while pregnant to being beat how she described. Not only that this is the same woman that sued this brother for giving her a STD. That ended up being a lie. Then she sued Gabby for messing up her marriage she lost that battle. I’m not saying D Wade was right in things he did. Here is my thing if this man was mister abuse like she is claiming I would have screamed that from the roof tops when he was trying to get custody of the kids. That is All!

  • Stephanie

    Good for her for speaking out & up … let’s hear her side of the story … say your piece Siohvaughn & let it go … take it as a lesson learned & move on with your life!!!

  • aokolue

    Both of these ladies need some serious media training. This is what happens when bloggers who don’t have formal or innate journalism chops to jump into a realm outside of blogging. This would have been a good Oprah Next Chapter interview.

  • jenn

    This is an awful interviewer…still watching ….stay tuned..

    • aokolue

      I couldn’t make it through. Please let me know how it went.

      • Jenn

        I refused to continue to watch! I just read the article MY GAWD!

    • Drew Smith

      I only wanted her to say, “ask.” That’s it. It’s with the force of a thousand nails down a chalkboard does hearing someone say, “ax” pierce my eardrum. It’s sad, really…