Throwback Photo of The Day: Tia & Tamera With Their Parents!

August 21, 2012  |  


In all the years that we’ve known Tia and Tamera and their brother Tahj, who really has seen their mother or father? Though their mother, Darlene, has been a manager of their careers, she’s done a great job of keeping herself out of the limelight, as opposed to other celeb moms (think Sonja Norwood). Well, Tia decided to showcase her parents and an adorable baby pic of the two sisters through her Twitter page. Good luck figuring out which one is Tia and which one is Tamera though…Tia didn’t reveal that little tidbit.

As a caption for the photo, Tia said, “Freaking Hilarious!!! Cree looks just like me! Wow!” If you didn’t know, Tia and Tamera Mowry were born in Germany and were army brats, as Darlene (who was also a security guard) and their father, Timothy Mowry, were in the U.S. Army. The family moved to California once the girls were trying to get into TV and film, and the rest is history! The family is said to be close-knit and seem to keep certain aspects of their lives private (like their other brothers), even if the girls do have their own reality show nowadays. Check out the adorable photo and tell us what you think, and if little Cree looks just like his mom! And for the record, we here at the office think Tia is on her dad’s lap and Tamera is with her her mom. You?


Which baby do you think is Tia and which one is Tamera? Does Cree look just like them or what!?

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  • LiiSH

    There parents are a cute couple! Lol it makes even less sense how offended some were by one of them marrying a white man… smh.

  • Amber jambs

    Their DAD IS HOT as L

  • ella

    Ha tia is on mom and tamera is on dad.

  • Tracey

    definately tia is on dad’s lap cz its like its cree………OMG…thts the only way culd tell them apart….must say love this pic…..

  • Tay

    No Tamera is on her dads lap and Tia is on the moms lap. And yes Cree does looks just like Tia.



  • Rina

    They look like there Dad

  • I think Cree looks like both of them.

  • kickash

    their dad is hot.

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Taj looks just like his dad and the mama looks like a darker Tamera. So adorable!

  • Dichu eba realy lub mehSteebie

    Yes daddy could get the biznezz and mama has such pretty skin

  • Kayo

    Tia and Tamera definitely look like their dad.

  • gmarie

    wow they look a lot like their mother. For some reason I always thought it was the father who was black. Their parents seem to be very private, this is the first photo or appearance I’ve seen of them in all of the Girls’ career!

    • Kayo

      Would the reason be because Black men are more likely to interracially date?

  • shar

    Their dad was HOT!

  • disqus_WfmNqv9gsC

    Tamara looks just like her dady when she smiles

  • Kuteboots

    He is so cute looking like his mommy and auntie! Look at those tiny shoes! Too cute.

  • Kelly

    Look carefully and always remember one has a fuller face than the other, Tamera is with her dad and Tia is with her mom and they actually have two brothers.

    • Kelly

      ^their dad and their mom

    • meka

      Yes Kelly you are right. Tamera has a fuller face than Tia

  • colliz

    The dad is hott!!

    • TANTAN78


  • Kandice

    Cree definitely looks just like them. And I think both girls look like their parents. I think Tamera is on her mom’s lap.

  • Phyll

    yeah their dad is hot lol. they look like half their mom and half their dad

  • laila

    The one on the right! lol

  • Infamiss

    HA! Their daddy got a Justin Bieber bang! LOL

  • WhatIMean

    So cuuuute!!

  • Is It 5:00 Yet?

    I see their father’s features in them definitely…precious!

  • Mytisque

    The dad is cute. Mother is pretty. They resemble both parents. The father moreso.

  • karen

    Wow, this is the first time seeing their parents….since they chose not to be on their reality show…Tia”s words to Wendy Williams

  • Anonymous

    See, Cree looks just his mom. He will end up being a cutie pie. Tamera has her mom’s face. I notice a lot of white men in the military go for black women, looking from the many of the interracial relationships I see around.

    • MLS2698

      Yep. That’s what I said when they were talking. Cree looks like his mama’s baby pic. And yes, the military often will bring people together. This was close to forty years ago, so they were still going against the grain. Looks like they did what they wanted.

    • OhSoNice

      Cree is a cutie pie now!!

  • gracie


  • Too cute!!

  • Anon

    Their dad was a Q-T-PIE! lol yeah Cree looks just like…. one of them. Idk who is who haha.

  • Chanda

    They ended up looking just like their father.

    • Tia looks like the dad Tamera looks like the mom

  • TeahMonae

    Ok, I am so slow because I never knew they were biracial…I just thought they were fair skined! Very cute picture and yes that lil boy looks just like them.

    • MLS2698

      Wow! Really? They sounded like valley girls when ” Sister Sister” first aired.

      • What does voice have to do with enthicity?

        • maggie

          people don’t want to admit but a lot to times it is telling. I am articulate and have decent-sized vocabulary but you will be able to tell I am a sista in a word here or there. Even among colleagues, video, seminars I attend . . the soul comes out somewhere.

          • Meggers1288

            I think it basically depends on how a person was raised to speak. I get teased all the time because, even in person, I sound so called white. I think it has more to do with the fact that people are used to black people speaking Ebonics, rough, and sounding uneducated. I was never even accepted by other black kids because of the way I talked and presented myself. But that is because my parents brought me up to speak and act that way. Not everyone falls into the stereotypes. The same can be said of different cultures as well. People like to identify Germans as well as Russians and the surrounding countries as speaking roughly and having a rough language. However I have known many people from those countries who make their language sound soft and beautiful. Speech is learned, not inherited.

        • MLS2698

          Whites are more closely associated with nasal sounding voices, and blacks are often more monotone. Dialects are more closely related to regional areas, and this applies to cities, states, and countries. It was once a desire for TV and movie actors to have a speaking voice that resembled those of middle Ohio, and hence actors had to attend classes to get rid of their dialect, or tongue ( still do in some cases). So, voice and dialect have lots to do with ethnicity.

          • thinksyourdumb

            Where do you get your information? Please stop. Your post is laughable. I am a black woman who has been told that I sound “white”. Yet my brothers never had that problem. We grew up in the same house. Same friends, regions etc. It has NOTHING to do with ethnicity.

            • MLS2698

              You should read more/google, watch the history channel. And Your name basically states what you are on this site for. Why don’t you use a more grown-up, appropriate name? And just a little side info: your President and his wife sound like black folk…….. no nose whistling from them.

            • MLS2698

              Start with the word ” Phonation ” and keep reading until the rocks in your head fall out.

        • Anonymous

          Is sad but true, you can tell the race of a person on the phone 9 times out of 10 by their VOICE! You can tell if the voice belongs to a White or Black person even a Hispanic…

          • TrueColors98

            Not exactly. There is a thing that goes around in the minority groups,called using a telephone voice. It has been proven that African American People tend to sway to a more of a “White” sound in there voice, on the more professional basis. It just comes out naturally cause, it’s what’s funneled into the brain by the media. As an African American women in my teens, I have been know to have a more “Whiter” sounding voice on the phone ; business related and even in person on an interview. Cause, I don’t think in my head “Use your white voice” it just subconsciously comes. But, in reflection I do have a more ‘formal’ dialect then the stereotypical “Black’ voice…So in a nut shell you can’t keep putting ANY race in a box and think its going to be okay, cause it will always be defied!

    • really….with that hair?

    • Lulu

      Lol how could u not know they were biracial lol the hair there skin there features they look biracial u can tell they are half white they look half white or puerto rican or east African mixed middles eastern features!

      • Darena B

        As a baby I looked pretty much white, like straight white. Alot of people thought I was adopted, because both my parents are black but I get my coloring from my mother who is fair skinned. It’s funny how both my brothers are way darker than I am. I guess it just runs in the family. 🙂

    • mixedguy

      if you are fair skinned. you are of mixed raced. you cannot “african american” with fair skin exhibiting european features.

  • WhoMe

    Yup Cree looks like them. But I saw their mom on an episode of celebrity wheel of fortune back in the day. And there was a pic of their father giving tamera away at her wedding on their tv show.