Baby Mama #4 Speaks Out: I Will Not Bash Terrell Owens Because He Is Still The Father Of My Child

July 19, 2012  |  


When three out of four of the mothers of Terrell Owens’ children went on Dr. Phil in May to confront the former NFL pro about being an absentee parent both physically and fiscally, Samelia Miller was noticeably missing. The Los Angeles celebrity makeup artist and mother of T.O.’s youngest child and only son, Atlin, opted not to appear on the talk show and at the time people could only speculate as to why. Now Samelia has out put a concrete statement on her choice and her overall dealings with her son’s father in a blog post on her website. Here’s what she said:

As the mother of Terrell Owens’ youngest child, Atlin, I have watched and listened to the public and media conversation about my son’s father throughout the past several years. I have heard both the positive and the “less than favorable things” said about the one who calls himself [B]”T.O.”[/B] watching his rise and fall in the public spotlight.

By no stretch of the imagination have I been happy with Terrell’s past actions as it relates to my son. To see Terrell rise to the levels he did, yet not find it within himself to meet and develop a relationship with his son because of his so call “resentment toward me” and other excuses, to me is somewhere between immature, ridiculous and inexcusable. But I did not “put him on blast” in the media or go public with my story for a number of reasons. Primarily because…regardless of how I felt about his father’s actions, Terrell is still his father. Going on national television along with the parents of his other children and “confronting” Terrell about why he hasn’t been around, been supportive of his son, or (until he recently met Atlin) chosen to be a part of his life, etc., was not something I chose to do. Which I feel is not in best interest for my son — and he matters most to me.

One day, my son is going to watch, read, and hear these things from others about his dad. [B]So do you really think I want Atlin to see his mom and dad battling it out on Dr. Phil…?[/B] [B]NOT[/B]!

After five years, Terrell is now trying to be a part of my son’s life. Granted, I have not gone easy on Terrell and I struggle everyday with trying to forgive him for how he treated us, but I am watching a transformation take place as he spends quality time with Atlin. I see how he regrets his mistakes, some of his actions and making so much of his private life public. Watching it sitting across from him in the courtroom as well as at the table from him eating at Atlin’s favorite pizza spot. The pain on his face is evident. I can see how he longs to just “get it right,” to fit in his son’s life, changing certain things he’s done and working even harder for an NFL team to take a chance on him.

The rise and fall of public figures is something society seems to crave. We watch in awe and become huge fans during their ascent and on their descent; we tend to distance ourselves from the celebrity, politician or athlete in question. Although this is a forgiving country, I do understand that “forgiveness” usually applies to those who have fallen, seen the error of their ways, and work hard to rebound. After the fall, the ownership of the actions that led to the downfall, the humbling of a once arrogant personality, the sincere pledge to do better, the heartfelt apology expressed through the media, and the positive actions to back it all up; are the things that tend to allow society to “forgive” them and open the door to redemption. But those who have been known to have a “selfish” attitude and an “it’s all about me” approach definitely have a much harder time rebounding from a fall.

We’ve all watched the rise and now the fall of my son’s father, Terrell Owens. But I believe with the new path Terrell is on he can and will rise again. I see him learning to abandon the arrogance, checking the ego at the door, and watching what comes out his mouth. This man wants to do right, work in a profession he has done so well in for years, and show the world he can be not only a great athlete, but also a parent and a man! It won’t be easy and there are huge obstacles in the way but I am confident he will overcome them and rise again.

That was awfully big of her considering T.O. is still acting up when it comes to the mothers of his other children. Just today he narrowly escaped jail time after he skipped another $20,000 child support payment to Melanie Smith. Terrell showed up ready to pay the money he owed and a judge also ordered him to pay his baby mother’s legal fees which adds another $12,000 to his tally. Considering he has no ends he’s definitely going to have to up the quality time he spends with his children if he wants to be any type of father.

What do you think about Samelia’s letter?

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  • Shaun.

    Crap! If she cares so much about TO how about not agreeing with TO not to pay chid support. TO knew this woman only mixed with him for the sake of having a baby and thus a lifetime of ‘child support’ – gold digging money would be appropriate. But she only got money far a few years and now that TO is broke she is trying to give a good impression of TO thinking teams will pick him up. She does not geniunely care about TO, it is just about money. TO being the fool that he is retweeted this blog. TO hated this woman for treating him badly. Due t the hatred for this woman he ignored the child. But it looks like he has realised it is his own child and thus is connecting again. I hope TO can learn to connect with his kids and continue to hate these gold digging harlots. Who would want their kids to grow up undr these gold diggers? TO should meet his kids often and instill right values or these kids will grow up with the same moral looseness as these gold diggers.

  • nainai

    everybody keeps worrying about child support but she clearly didnt care for his child support or his help cause not once in this letter was there one word about money for the other baby melanie she wanted the money and went for it ok well maybe she needed but the other mother one wrote this letter
    Samelia didnt care she stated it was hard and not gonna be easy letting him back in thier child’s life but she did it anyway and took care of there child when he was absent and didnt care to be present and but she did it anyway without complaining and i dont know how the other mothers can get up set when it was pictures and clearly shown and stated that he bounded with their kids and i give props to the 4th mother she didnt ask for anything and kept a clear mind and heart and she was treated the worst of them all sadly…..

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  • CA Pullen

    He should pay the other 3 baby mamas. I still don’t feel sorry for him. There other athletes and entertainers that are following behind him. I am waiting to see who is next on the list.

  • kami wilson

    I feel for this lady, cause I’m going through the same drama as these mother’s the difference is my son is 21 yrs. old and his father owes back support. The only thing that I can say to this is be strong cause I have been holding my son down for 21 yrs. and I will continue to do so. No matter what. And now my child is in college studying to criminal justice so he is on the right path. and I am proud of him. I don’t talk bad about his dad cause he sees it himself so I don’t have to. I will not sink to that level.

  • Why are these women “shocked” by his actions? Clearly if you are someone’s 2nd, 3rd, or 4th baby mama you should take a little of the blame. Did you see him with his children while you were dating or sexing? Nope, so why would your child be any different? You didnt want a father for your child, you wanted a check. OAN: How did she not put him on blast? Granted, she did it in a much more mature way, but she still went public with their business. A blog post is hardly keeping it in house.

    • SalliP3O

      Actually, T.O. was seen with his 3 other children (his daughters). It was only her child (his only son) that he refused to see & it was out of resentment towards her. He even stated on his reality show his son was his only kid that he did not have any kind of relationship with & had never met. That of course has changed now…5 years later. But, better late than never. He obviously has issues to work on.


    4 Baby-Mamas . . . SMH.
    That’s a lot of unprotected sex with women he doesn’t want to bothered with. The “He-don’t-do-right” accusation is so, so old. It’s become the battle cry of black women. Child support aside, just once I’d like to one of these chicks take a dude to court to demand an HIV test and full STD spectrum screening. It’s as though AIDS is just a minor inconvenience; chidren grow up and leave, AIDS robs a person of their life. So beyond being surprised (or sympathetic) to these situations *yawn*

    • DeepThinker

      It is so disheartning to see so many women in this position only blaming the man and not taking more responsibilty for themselves. Playing the victim only works so long. I wish more black women leaders would take a stand and demand we take more self-control over our sexual reproductive health.

  • DeepThinker

    She still put him on blast, a blog is still a mass communication device. Just because she did not go on Dr. Phil does not downplay the alternative platform she has chosen.The public does not need to know about your differences and whether or not you think he is getting it together. However, I do like that she appears to be mature enough to set her past pain to the side and allow him to have a part in their son’s life. Most women in this situation use the child as a pawn and all it does is confuse and make the child angry. T.O. is a very broken man and this painful cycle needs to end with his kids.
    I understand the other bm’s expecting him to take financial responsiblity, but agressively pursuing these giagantic amounts in child support is just crazy, especially because they know he’s broke. What is putting him in jail for back child support really going to solve? When he gets out nobody is still getting paid. SMH

  • misskaywill

    I think she just put him on blast in a classier way. It is evident that the other 3 baby mothers are after money and may have been for a while. Simply becuz they were at one point hunting for a tv network to pick up a show on them. There is no way in Terrel’s life right now that says he can pay 20K per month. He has openly admitted to money being mismanaged and stolen from him. They all need to get they life together for the sake of their children.

  • sammi_lu

    Stealing Gabrielle Union’s favorite claim.. this is what the saying “taking the high road” really represents. I just hope this isn’t a front or a band-aid fix for T.O.’s image and that he keeps up appearances even if he gets back on professionally.

  • olivia

    Good for her. Wish more people would stop bashing their children’s fathers. It is counterproductive.

  • RJA

    Am I the only one who remembers when T.O. was on cribs and he claimed he was a single father to some little boy that also appeared on the show??? Or maybe I’m mistaken?? Someone please help….

    • misskaywill

      You may be mistaken. Becuz on t.o. tv show he says how he has 3 girls and the youngest of his children is his son. However, if he did say it, I wouldn’t put it past him.

      • RJA

        Maybe I am mistaken but could have sworn… And I cant find that episode anywhere online. This has been racking my brain every since all this child support drama has been going on…

    • you_of_m

      RJA, u may be rite. On TO’s wikipedia page it does mention that he has two sons: Atlin & one who was born in the late ’90’s I think his name is Terique. Hope that helps ease ur mental anguish. LoL Check it out.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    It’s good to see that despite his wrong doings, a black woman chooses to to put the past behind her for the sake of her child, but attempt to uplift and see to it that he becomes a better man for his sake and that of his child . . .

    • Kayo

      If she had been of any other race, would you have mentioned it?

      • Ms_Sunshine9898

        Let’s not play games. It’s common knowledge that some black women hold grudges to their baby daddies. This is a website about black women for black women, why would we not discuss black the actions of a black woman that differ from the typical actions of black women?

        • Kayo

          And it is common knowledge that some women of other races hold grudges to their ‘baby daddies’.

          If you are able to identify that this is a site about Black women for Black women, then there doesn’t seem to be a need to mention race unless the person isn’t Black.

          Likewise, who said the actions of Black women could not be discussed? And if you are not a woman of another race, how do you know what their typical actions are?

          • Ms_Sunshine9898

            Ok clearly you like to take a comment and dissect it thoroughly and nitpick at redundant details vs paying attention to the overall message. unless there is some thought provoking dicussion about the main point or my response, answer is not necssary from you. . .

  • Mrs. Moore

    She is good person and understands the principle of reaping and sowing….when people in relation to you like that treat you that way….it is the time to go and be a person of integrity and compassion…Owens should now know he screwed over probably the strongest person he will ever date or be romantically involved with…she ” heaped hot coals on his head” proverbially speaking…LBVS